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  • Infinite Crisis has shut down.

    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

    Hats off to you all. It was a pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.


    Ahoy! We're still very much working on this page as part of the Dawnbase overhaul. It'll look terrible until it's done. Sorry!
    Joined: Jan 23rd, 2014
    Last visit: Aug 10th, 2015

    Dawnbase rep: 1,619

    IGN: The_Dycer

    North American server

    Preferred role:

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    You can find me @TheDycer on twitter.

    Dycer's Coast City Guide

    10,905 12 5

    Many of you know me already as the host of The Coast City Nightly Games. All the info about that is here: link to Infinite Crisis' compilation of videos: BIG changes to Coast City in the March Patch: You start off with 1k gold, and the passive experi... Read more

    Dycer's Atrocitus' Jungle Fight Club Guide

    7,525 4 4

    To please all those people who I played with and against who wanted me to post a guide to how I play Atro, here you go. Why Atrocitus on Coast City?: He is a great jungler who has a kit great for disrupting the enemy during team fights. His ult also... Read more

    Amazonian Prowess: A PD Wonder Woman Guide CC!

    7,389 2 3

    Welcome to another one of my guides. Today you'll learn a solid way to build a strong, damaging Wonder Woman. Why PD Wonder Woman for Coast City?: If you have another very tanky champ on your team, this is fun to play around. The damage output she h... Read more

    Dycer's Flashy GH Guide

    4,518 1 0

    "Flash a-ah Savior of the Universe Flash a-ah He'll save every one of us" Sorry, wrong Flash. The change to AD, along with the return of on-hits on his W, has made Flash an extremely potent champion once again. Let's get started here... Read more

    Dyce 'em Up With MWW

    5,054 1 1

    Wait! Another Dycer ADC guide? In all honesty some of the next couple slated guides have shocked a few people including me. Why Mecha Wonder Woman on Coast City?: She snowballs harder than every other marksman right now. Her ult in a team fight com... Read more

    The Nightmare of the Jungle Jr.

    4,151 1 0

    Why Nightmare Robin on Coast City?: He is a very high output assassin you has CC built into his kit. End game he can destroy a marksman or blaster before they deal any damage to him.  Damian is here to rule the night much like his father before him... Read more

    Dycer's Gaggy Control Guide

    4,678 1 0

    Another Marksman guide by Dycer!? The world no longer makes sense! Yes, I share your pain. Trust me, I do. Why Atomic Joker on Coast City?: His long range makes for great play potential. He can widdle down an out of place enemy squishy before the f... Read more

    The Nightmare of the Jungle Jr.

    3,181 1 0

    Damian is here to rule the night much like his father before him. First, let's cover the mods. I run Empowered Marauder Knife, Empowered Deathstroke's Claymore, and +5 CDR Timepack. I use the Attack Pen augments Force, Slasher, Shrew, and Horsepow... Read more

    Dycer's Starry Night on the Coast

    8,914 1 2

    Welcome to the first Dawnbase guide on Stargirl! Wait, Dycer is making a lane blaster guide? Yes, I am getting chills too. Why Stargirl on Coast City?: Despite some animation issues, and the fact her highest output skill is rather easy to dodge out... Read more

    Dycer's Doom of the Jungle

    5,931 1 2

    All of the guides I am keeping up to date are now being tailored to Coast City: Why Doomsday for Coast City?: Doomsday is a top tier pick because of his counter jungle abilities. Even when he is caught out of position, he is tanky enough to survive.... Read more

    Dycer's Knight of the Round Table Guide

    5,606 1 1

    It was only a matter of time before I made a Arcane Green Lantern. Now let's get it started. Mods: I am back to using a general tank modset and build for Arcane Green Lantern on heights. This has nothing to do with game changes, but stems from what ... Read more

    The Jungle of Fear: A Sinestro Guide

    8,347 1 1

    This guide was made for the purpose of having fun with a corky, but viable build. Why Sinestro for Coast City?: Sinestro's clears are insanely fast, and he has enough damage to take any enemy out in a gank very quickly. The later is needed from a to... Read more

    The Atomic Poison Ivy Controller Tank

    5,112 1 0

    Now for a guide to a champ who has fallen well out of the rotation despite her great potential. She can play jungle, be an amazing lane controller, or wreck an unsuspecting enemy with an attack damage build. Here I am focusing on the most productive... Read more

    Dycer's Flashy Jungle Guide

    3,422 1 0

    This guide is made for the March update. Have fun in Coast City! Why no Marauder Knife mod for this assassin? I really feel you are wasting 500 credits building it when you will sell it at the first chance you get. Keeping it at 2 will allow you to ... Read more

    Conquer Your Lane with Starro

    6,949 1 1

    Bow down to the conqueror of lanes: Starro! I will cover both how to play him as support and in a solo lane in this guide. And as with all of the guides I am keeping up to date now, I am tailoring it to Coast City. Whether solo or support, I use the... Read more

    The Laughing Gas

    3,624 1 0

    Why Joker on Coast City?: His wave clear abilities are insane. He also can do a lot of AoE damage with his W+Ult combo making for easy wins. He also has a very good escape skill for when things get bad that doubles as a great AoE spell when hi with y... Read more

    Blue Beetle Beach Infestation

    2,638 1 0

    Why Blue Beetle on Coast City?: He is very versatile and can play as the carry in a duo lane, solo lane, or jungle. I will cover laning with him in this guide because that is the easiest way to pick up and play him. You also have to remember that des... Read more

    Flying High Jungle Guide

    3,825 1 0

    Why Hawkgirl on Coast City?: She is a disruptive bruiser that can do a lot of fast damage onto a target. She is a blaster's worst nightmare with her empowered silence which will stop them from using their skills for 2 seconds. This also works wonders... Read more

    The Atomic Light Jungle Guide

    7,532 1 0

    Atomic Green Lantern is a solid pick as a  jungler, and can be devistating in the right hands. First let's talk about the Mods. You have some choices based on your prefence on how to build. The set-up I have listed is for the best raw stat combos I... Read more

    Dycer's Laning Green Arrow Guide

    13,387 1 5

    Green Arrow is my favorite Marksman. He has the abiltiy to go deep, and get back out while dealing massive damage on the way. Build Your Own Adventure: Green Arrow Mods: Your choices are the same three that all marksman have to choose from. The Ful... Read more

    A Purrfect Toplane: Coast City

    5,448 1 2

    Well the present is always the best time to catch up on things you let slide. Now on to posting one of those many guides on my back log. Who's ready for some Coast City? One major change from the GD midlane guide is that you absolutely need to take ... Read more

    Dycer's Gotham Divided Solo Lane Doomsday Guide

    8,730 1 5

    Time for a guide to who I think is one of the most fun solo laners in the game. Doomsday has a great lane clearing ability and you can land lots of fast skill damage without using a basic attack to draw minnion aggro. He is also the ideal candidate f... Read more

    Dycer's Guide to IC_Frelorn on GH

    6,918 1 0

    IC_Frelorn changed quite a bit statistically this September. He is now a pure assassin, and very powerful in the right hands. I hope this guide gives you a better understanding on how to save Gotham now that your role has changed. Let's get starte... Read more

    Beach Magic with Zatanna

    3,192 1 2

    Why Zatanna on Coast City?: She works wonderfully as a solo laner or support. Her wave clear is insane so she can help a team push, or hold a turret for a good amount of time. And finally her team fight abilities are amazing. She will nuetralize your... Read more

    All Aboard the Pain Plane

    4,779 1 1

    Why Green Latern on Coast City?: For teamfights, Green Lantern is up there in effectiveness with Joker and Star Sapphire. You can both setup and finish off a wombo combo with a good amount of CC and damage. If you can avoid dying to camping junglers ... Read more

    Super Spy Cyborg

    2,809 1 0

    ... Read more

    A Gotham Heights Guide for Doomsday

    7,148 1 0

    Gotham Heights, and it's guides, are still popular so I decided to make one for those who still haven't found a setup they like. The problem with making a good Gotham Heights guide is that it's mainly a fast paced PvP capture map. You need to be able... Read more

    Supermanning It!

    12,234 1 4

    First I would like to say I play Superman a little more on the tanky side than most. I use a custom amp set which is for Superman that consists of Enhanced Suit of Sorrows, Skilled Attack 2 Psi Scimitar, and Enhanced Claymore. Use Gold labeled healt... Read more

    Dycer's Shazam! Roller Coaster Jungle Guide

    9,293 1 0

    Shazam isn't what he used to be awhiile back, but he is still a decent jungle pick. Also remember to count to 3 when using your skills. Every third skill is in empowered. Your ult may not be empowered, but it will count as a charge to it.  Why Shaz... Read more

    Top rated comments
    Posted: Jan 23rd, 2014
    I was going to ask you in-game to describe your GL build (seemed awesome on the map I ran with you). My question is what happens when you lack a good damage soaker? Most of the time I play Green Latern, I am the first targetted, and therefore first dead unless I dump way too much into armor/health, or have a decent bruiser/enforcer. The later seems all too rare for me.

    Other than the choice of armor, we have pretty much the same build (I use the one that grants Iron Will because it adds to attack while drawing enough of the damage elsewhere to keep me alive when needed).
    Only thing I see wrong is that his passive is being ranked too late in this guide.
    The major downside of this guide as I see it is the late capping of the chains. It is a very effective way to chase down a feeling enemy, or give your carry time to escape, as well as keep your enemies inside AoE ults for at least a little longer.
    How did this guide even get a score higher than the base line? It shows the worst ability leveling order for Doomsday I've ever seen. Not to mention some questionable item choices.
    Mecha Wonder Woman has no PD scaling!

    Newest comments
    Posted: Jun 1st, 2015
    Why would you tell people to mod Royal Seal over Prism. Until 2.0 sometime in the distant future, it is broken and should be modded in every tank set until it is fixed. I would also put priority in E since it has such a long cooldown, and is probably the most essential skill to use on Grundy. If use E and max the supression time then W to keep them in the one spot for AoE or massive focus, you will certainly kill the target. 
    Posted: Mar 28th, 2015
    Posted: Mar 8th, 2015
    Will there be something special for those who have massive amounts of Rep as we transition into the new site? 
    Posted: Feb 4th, 2015
    For assassins, you should have the +10AD modset here. Build each item up to its mod and then move onto your other items. You want to build up as much AD as possible with assassins as quickly as possible, and that modset does the trick. I would stick to gold Attack Pen mods though. They help soften up jungle camps and champs. This will further increase your chances of snowballing out of control early. Also I would look at your leveling of W. It is key skill in ganking, clearing and focusing a low health enemy down. The cost is higher, but Flash has the highest base will regen in the game so you will earn it back fast, and the reduced cooldown means you have to wait a shorter amount of time to pummel someone again.