The patch notes for the April 23 update have been released! Links to the full patch notes are below, but here are some of the major takeaways at a glance.

Surrender is now an option. Stuck in a no-hope match? Your team can now vote to forfeit the game with /surrender or /ff, or by choosing a surrender vote from the options menu.

Matchmaking rules have changed. Instead of triggering a much wider matchmaking range after waiting in queue for at least eight minutes, the range of players you'll be matched against will now scale gradually over time the longer you're in queue. This should result in faster matchmaking in general.

New interface changes have been introduced. These are mostly quality of life changes, such as having your personal healthbar now in bold yellow to help distinguish your own health in teamfights; new, more complex achievements to work towards; and improved merit gains to help you earn and unlock new champions faster. Modifiers now have a basic text search function too, to aid building amplifier sets.

You can view the full patch notes, split into sections, here:
Dawnbase just reached a fantastic milestone: Our guides have received more than one million views!

To celebrate this success, we're rewarding ten of our best guide writers — those who have consistently written and updated in-depth, high scoring guides. We'll be giving you both in-game rewards and physical swag!

The winners are RavenousReptar, Supportive_Magic, asylumkonata, Danishperfection, Kuzon, Grommash, JesterdayDeLuder, Krashy, hellopanda, and DocteurV.

Your first prize is your choice of code:

  • Nightmare Superman
  • Aquaman plus Lord of the Deep costume
  • Green Arrow plus Achilles' End costume
  • Cyborg plus A.R.G.U.S Agent costume

a user uploaded image

Secondly, you can choose from any of the main Infinite Crisis t-shirts:

  • Pain Plane (green)
  • Martial Saw (blue)
  • Mecha Superman (navy)
  • Atomic Green Lantern (asphalt)
  • Go Ham (red)

a user uploaded image

Each of you can send Sacrilege a PM with details about which champion and t-shirt you want, t-shirt size information (medium, large, etc.), and an address to send your t-shirt to.

Thanks for helping make Dawnbase the number one Infinite Crisis community!

Blue Beetle revealed

by Sacrilege on Apr 15 2014 6
The next champion coming to the Trials has been revealed, and it's one of our favorites: Blue Beetle!

Blue Beetle is a hybrid champion. He begins as a marksman, blasting enemies from afar, but can swap to Infiltrator Mode via his ultimate to change into a melee assassin with new abilities. Once Blue Beetle gains his ultimate, he can toggle between ranged marksman and melee assassin at will.

Jamie Reyes wandered into a fight between warring super-human gangs and, desperate to escape, stumbled across the object which they were fighting over: a strange blue scarab. The scarab bonded to Jamie and instantly covered his body with battle armor. Protected, he fled to safety.

a user uploaded image

After his escape, Jamie was horrified to discover that while the armor wasn't permanent, his bond to the scarab was. Worse, he discovered the scarab could "speak" in his mind. It revealed to Jamie that it was called Khaji-da and it was a living tool of conquest created by the Reach, an alien empire bent on conquest. Designed to control its host's mind, Khaji-da intended for Jamie to be a tool of the Reach, paving the way for their invasion. However, the scarab was damaged, much to Jamie's luck, and he retained free will. Now he struggles as Blue Beetle, misunderstood teenager and hero.

a user uploaded image
The King of Phantoms, Nightmare Superman has been released! Leech power from your foes to your allies, and seal your enemies in the Phantom Zone for a user uploaded image 795 or a user uploaded image 7,050.

Starting today, all champions (including Nightmare Superman!) are also free and available to play for one week, as part of celebrating PAX East, so this is a great chance to try out some new champions that you've been considering purchasing.

Furthermore, augments, modifiers, and stolen powers are all discounted by 50% during this time as well, making this a great time to fill out some new amplifier pages.
The patch notes for April 2nd's update have been released. This is mostly a minor update, with a focus on bug fixes, although new art textures and improved lighting are being added to Gotham Divided, enhancing the overall appearance and fidelity of the map.

General Changes

  • Fixed an issue that was causing champions to spawn back at base after death in a stuck state.
  • Matchmaking level restrictions will no longer apply to the Practice Mode queue. This should result in queue times for Practice Mode dropping significantly.
  • Fixed a bug where turrets and dampeners wouldn't switch their aggro from an elite drone to an enemy champion.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the /ignore command to not properly ignore Protectors.
  • Fixed a bug where users were unable to use UltimatePay as a payment option.
Champion Specific Changes

  • Aquaman: Fixed a bug that caused Aquaman to gain a stack of Rising Tide, even if his skill was interrupted.
  • Atomic Wonder Woman: Fixed a bug that was causing the damage from her Savage Sweep to be applied towards the direction of her movement, rather than your mouse cursor.
  • Catwoman & Aquaman: Fixed an issue where if these characters switched basic attack targets during their windup, their attack cooldown would be triggered without the character ever having used a basic attack.
  • Green Lantern: Changed the health restore he gains from kills from 20/50/80/110 to 5/15/25/35 + 4% of Bonus Will.
  • Mecha Superman: Fixed an issue where Mecha Superman could get stuck in a basic attack animation loop.
  • Poison Ivy: Fixed a bug that would cause her to get stuck in her dance emote.
  • Robin: Fixed an issue where Vault Kick could sometimes do it's Bo Master and non-Bo Master version in the same attack, resulting in unintentional knockbacks.
  • Star Sapphire: Using Violet Harvest and Crystal Bomb together as Manifest expires will no longer stop Violet Harvest from working for the rest of the match.
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The next champion to be released is:
Blue Beetle (April 30th)

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Seems like it might work well for Superman's passive with the new changes to his passive's cooldown and the fact that it scales with attack armor. Anyone know if Superman's passive shield counts as a "temporary health shield" as the item
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I've changed the items and stolen powers, as well as add more readability to the guide. Hope you guys enjoy!
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A Tutorial is now available for new players to learn a bit about the game. A cool thing about it : it unlocks [[Gaslight Batman]] if you complete it (takes about 10 minutes)!
on Patch notes summary, April 23 2014

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