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Here's Crs_koN's excellent guide to running a marksman midlane — when and why to do it, how to do it effectively, and overall game strategy.

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The patch notes for the next game update have been released. We've included a summary of some of the most important updates below.

Turret damage is being updated. Turret damage is being increased, with slight increases in damage per level and attack speed, and adjusting turrets so that they no longer reset their outgoing stacking damage if their target changes from one champion to another. This should help with the current "turrets tickle" issue.

Collector keyword item effects are doubled on Gotham Heights. This helps stack these items on Heights, which is traditionally a much harder map to use Collector artifacts on. This affects Soultaker Katana (4), Phantom Stranger's Necklace (3), Ruby Of Life (4), and The Logoz (3).

Gaslight Catwoman is receiving some long overdue nerfs to scale back her instagib qualities and snowball potential. Base gains per level of attack damage, attack armor, health, and attack speed are being reduced, as well reducing the ratios on Sharpened Claws, Shred, and Predator's Grace, which is also losing some range. Bleed damage and base Shred damage are increasing to compensate.

Nightmare Superman is also being tweaked, with most of his Vortex damage being redistributed among other abilities. Notably, Vortex's max damage is dropping from 75/150/225/300 to 60/100/140/180, with a reduced ratio of 50% (was 75%). Condemn's cooldown has also been increased slightly.

Atomic Green Lantern's ultimate will now gain speed until it expires or hits it's target, making it far more difficult to escape from. Arcane Green Lantern is seeing some changes to his base will and will regen, helping him sustain more along the lines of other controller champions.

You can find the full patch notes here. What do you think of the upcoming changes?
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The major downside of this guide as I see it is the late capping of the chains. It is a very effective way to chase down a feeling enemy, or give your carry time to escape, as well as keep your enemies inside AoE ults for at least a little longer.
on Arcane Green Lantern - Willing to Assist [GH]

Thanks for your guide! I had a hard time at first figuring out which items to get in the early game and your suggestions helped a lot. Will try this more and give my insights, but I can already say that I find Metallo's Heart is a must, no matter th
on Arcane Green Lantern - Willing to Assist [GH]

I see you have kryptonian War armor as an essential, and my build for him is quite  like yours, save I sub Mirror Master's prism over the war armor, with the mod of 40% Power reflection, what are your thoughts on it? My reasoning was that t
on Dycer's Gotham Divided Solo Lane Doomsday Guide

Unloading Atomic Posion Ivy's damage takes a lot of will. Not building any extra will can be costly in those very long team fights.
on Atomic Poison Ivy: Flowers hurt! [GH]

Good build, but I'd switch Joker's detonate out with Harley's since your're building a PD heavy WW. 
on Amazonian Prowess: A PD Wonder Woman Guide (CC/GD)

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