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The upcoming September Update is set to be a massive content patch which overhauls a lot of the game's content, including large changes to Gotham Divided mechanics, artifacts rebalancing, and responsiveness.

In this article we'll take a look at the changes coming to Gotham Divided.

Jungle and Base Deployables

Currently on live, when a jungle camp is killed they unlock a deployable back in base for Health or Speed (based on the camp destroyed), and killing both camps of the same type offers an upgraded Tier 2 version of that deployable.

With the September Update, camps now spawn and activate two deployable generators - one at the camp, and one back in base. Simply running over the deployable generator grants that buff in the same way that activating the deployable dispenser works currently. Tier 2 versions of deployables have been removed.

With the update, deployables will also work in a similar fashion to abilities such as Speed Force Battery in that taking damage prevents use of the deployable for a few seconds.

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Here's Crs_koN's excellent guide to running a marksman midlane — when and why to do it, how to do it effectively, and overall game strategy.

You can find koN streaming regularly over at

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