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Guide Author Score Views Updated Freshness
Language and Skills: A Guide to Understanding MOBAs RavenousReptar 72 1643 2014-03-31 Toasty fresh
Poison Ivy: The Will To Support. GD Supportive_Magic 64 7472 2014-04-10 Toasty fresh
Ultimate Item and Stat Overview asylumkonata 57 6170 2014-04-07 Toasty fresh
Green Lantern: Bringing It Down! Supportive_Magic 56 3503 2014-04-02 Toasty fresh
A Nightmare From The Jungle Danishperfection 55 4423 2014-03-20 Toasty fresh
Z0Ds Guide on Cybeezy (March update) Z0D 54 5885 2014-03-17 A little stinky
How To Toplane With Batman ~ Done Right! [Gotham Divided][In Progress] Danishperfection 53 5307 2014-04-08 Toasty fresh
hellopanda's Gotham Divided Wonder Woman Guide hellopanda 49 1447 2014-04-06 Toasty fresh
Ivy Bot - 24/7 Offensive Flower Support! (Gotham Divided) Milohiro 49 343 2014-04-08 Toasty fresh
The Escape Claws: GH&CC&GD Kuzon 47 3856 2014-03-24 Toasty fresh
hellopanda's Gotham Divided Robin Guide hellopanda 44 1869 2014-04-06 Toasty fresh
Jesterday's GH Joker JesterdayDeLuder 44 714 2014-03-29 Toasty fresh
Grommash's Gotham Divided Aquaman Solo Mid Guide Grommash 44 1754 2014-03-31 Toasty fresh
VexX_Krashy's Jungle NMB Krashy 44 336 2014-04-03 Toasty fresh
Arcane Green Lantern:The Will Of A Lantern. Supportive_Magic 41 1799 2014-04-01 Toasty fresh
Kal-El - Its ok to be scare HalfDead 38 997 2014-03-24 Toasty fresh
DrRockzo2487's Gotham Divided Gaslight Joker Guide - Top Lane DrRockzo2487 38 474 2014-03-26 Toasty fresh
blazinA's General AD Gaslight Batman Guide blazinA 38 421 2014-04-06 Toasty fresh
SilentKillingS's General Gaslight Catwoman Guide SilentKillingS 38 288 2014-04-01 Toasty fresh
Lord of the Seven Divisions Aquaman (Gotham Divided) robber570 36 576 2014-04-12 Toasty fresh
A New Way to Play Gotham Heights ShazamFan 36 1858 2014-04-15 Toasty fresh
Gotham Divided core batman build. Bixle 36 2120 2014-04-03 Toasty fresh
Mecha WW ADC FaSy 36 272 2014-04-02 Toasty fresh
Mwah! Gotham Divided ain't ready for this jelly Ratatagie 36 657 2014-04-07 Toasty fresh
BaBaFuFu's Gotham Divided Gaslight Batman Guide BaBaFuFu 30 298 2014-03-20 Toasty fresh

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Will you guys ever have noob tutorials here again? PS: Dawnbase can't seem to send me a e-mail with my new password for my other account DPerete, I use on that one.
on Blue Beetle revealed

He looks great! I can't wait :)
on Blue Beetle revealed

I love your guide, but have a comment about an odd hero and item combo. I have found Rip Hunter's Time Pack useful on EXACTLY one hero: Harley Quinn used as a Support. It grants her a bit more damage, cooldown reductions for her heal, and allows her
on Ultimate Item and Stat Overview

Can't wait for the yellow health bars and BB! :D
on Blue Beetle revealed

Looks like a fun hero, but I have a question: Where's Atomic Joker?
on Blue Beetle revealed

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