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  • Infinite Crisis has shut down.

    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

    Hats off to you all. It was a pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.


    Infinite Crisis builds for Aquaman

    The Royal Jungle Guide

    An Aquaman guide by The_Dycer
    Last updated: May 18th, 2015
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/832-Aquaman-The-Royal-Jungle-Guide
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    Ability levelling order
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    Why Aquaman on Coast City?: He is a champ that can snowball hard when played right. He is versatile; he has an ult for every situation you find yourself in. Aquaman also can 1v1 nearly every champ in the game and win while still being rather strong in teamfights. I think he may be the most underrated champion right now.

    Mods: Aquaman is a damage oriented bruiser with great sustain and bonus damage provided through his passive. I like running the modset shown above on him because it will help me be extremely bursty on Aquaman while having some notable defenses. Flat penetration is very strong through the mid game against all the non-super tanky champions.

    The Build: Start off with Marauder 2 and 2 health pots and head into the jungle. There is no need to build knife passed T2 on Aquaman. Start building to T3 Coda right away. After that, grab T2 Claymore and build Batman's Utility Belt to cap. Once this is done, build up your armor. Use Booster Gold's against AD champs and for diving while Sword of Beowulf is great versus Power Damage. Cap Claymore before picking up, or jsut as you pick up your 6th item.

    Once you finish this main build, you have your choice from the optional items. Choose what you need the most for the game that you are in. I will leave this choice up to you!

    Jungling: When jungle clearing, E across the entire camp, basic attack the large creature, E back across the camp and basic attack the main camp again. Q the large camp, basic attack again, and then finish basic attacking what is left of the creatures. Never use W while jungle clearing. It does little damage, is a waste of will, and you always want it up to gank. Only use detonate on the big camps. There is no need to use it on the smaller camps because he has great jungle clear abilities. If you need help with jungle routes, and general things, check out my main Coast City guide for helpful tips and links.

    Be careful when invading the enemy jungle before you have utility belt. If multiple enemies converge on you, you will be rather squishy and an easy pick off.

    Ganking: You have to choose the ult you want to use when engaging level 6 and beyond. If you need the massive displacement from undertow, make sure to E, and then ult for your team to make the execution. If you need to make a solo execution, W then ult onto your target to do massive single target damage for a rather easy kill. If you just need to finish someone off after they are revealed, you can press R and Aqua dunk. I would only use this for long range kill secures though. Don't be afraid to do a quick tower dive once you started to build Booster Gold's. You will make it out alive if you go in with half health or more. Never dive if they have a massive hard CC champion ready to help protect them though.

    Your pre-level 6 ganks will always be E, basic attack, E/W, basic attack, (the skill you did not use last time), basic attack, Q, basic attack. This is the same combo you want to use when your ult is down. Make sure to land basic attacks in between skills even before you get Skilled Attack on the Belt because of Aquaman's passive. You will get bonus damage and a heal each time you do this successfully. It is very strong early-mid game. Only use your psychic assault after the enemy has blown their escape, or if you need it to close out a kill. If you can grab a kill without it, don't use it because it will be ready for when you really need it.

    Teamfights: You will have to make the same ult choice you did while ganking except this time I would never use the Q-ult combo in a team fight ever. You will never make up for that damage and utility lost in the fight if you do so. W+Ult is great for focusing an assassin out before they can destroy one of your carries. E+Ult is great for throwing a ranged champion into your team for an easy focus down. Communicate with your team, and use your better judgement when deciding which to use. A well executed Aquaman in a team fight is not something enemies expect, and when you pull your moves off, you will definitely win the fight for your team.

    You have made it through another one of Dycer's guides. If you like it, use the thumbs up feature. It will help other players find helpful guides faster. And always, if you have questions or comments, be sure to leave them.
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