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  • Infinite Crisis has shut down.

    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

    Hats off to you all. It was a pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.


    Infinite Crisis builds for Starro

    Conquer Your Lane with Starro

    A Starro guide by The_Dycer
    Last updated: Feb 28th, 2015
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/conquer-your-lane-with-starro
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    Bow down to the conqueror of lanes: Starro! I will cover both how to play him as support and in a solo lane in this guide. And as with all of the guides I am keeping up to date now, I am tailoring it to Coast City.

    Whether solo or support, I use the same modset. It is shown

    Support Laning: Start Nil Ring and 2 health and 2 will pots. You want to harass the enemy carry as often as possible. I start Q so I can get early harass off while waiting to unlock your 3 main skills. Remember Starro is meant to be aggressive, and Zatanna is his only match when it comes to early harass. Once you get W at 2, latch it onto the enemy carry when possible. Most of the time it wise to wait until you get your second star to use it. Do your best to keep it on as long as possible. Duck and weave with basics in and out of stealth pads, and poke with your Q to keep them honest, and far back. If you are really good with maintaining parasite, try maintain 2 at once if the lane is rather pushed up to their tower.You want to use E to deal a large chunk of damage, and secure the kill when your jungler ganks, or the enemy is low. Once you get your Ult, use it to pull/secure enemies for a kill.

    If your enemy is passive, remember to use W to build up your minion wave. Manage your minion wave so that you are keeping the lane in neutral territory, and pushing when you have a major advantage.

    Your build path in this time should be T2 Abin Sur's into T3 Eye of Ekron. After you get to this point, rush Isis to T2. You don't need to cap this item until you and your team are trying to cover large stretches of the map fast unless you absolutely want the rest of the health and will. I then move onto Atlantean Royal Seal for the health, PD and slow. 

    Your finally item is up to you. If your enemy is PD heavy, Aegis is a no brainer, and Neron's likewise for AD. You can use Ra's for a sizeable armor boost and a chance to rise again in battle. Steele's Breastplate is a great way to survive being focused while adding a lot of health and will. Starheart just adds a lot of damage.

    Solo Laning: Starro is a very strong solo laner. My build is the same in solo as support.

    Once you get W, use it for constant harass on your lane enemy. They will either back off, or take a lot of damage as you duck in and out of stealth supplying damage through basics and your strategic use of Q and E. The use of this strategy early will allow for a lot free farm time. If your lane opponent is strong/smart, remember to maintain wave control. Add minions to your waves like I covered in the support section. Don't push too hard when you don't need to because you can get ganked easily. Q also helps you clear waves with ease while damaging the enemy when angled right.

    Conquering the Team Fight: Keep as many Parasites up as possible. If you can get a full 3 (minus ult), your E will act like a massive team disabler if you can maintain the right range. Your E+Q combo can be insanely effective in team fights when used right. You can score a lot of minnions this way. Use your ult to lock down the diving assassin/an out of place high priority target, or to pull an enemy carry through your ranks for an easy kill. So far my highest minnion total has been 4 (I will desperately try for that 5th).

    Parasites: Enemies affected with your W will take the bonus damage like those affected by Atro's Ult. With this build, your enemies will take 8% bonus damage from all sources when affected by the parasite.

    Q: Your Q has a very long range, remember that. It is an easy way to secure a kill on a fleeing enemy or one that does not understand your range.

    E: Your E is very strong, and knowing when to use it is key. It not only does a lot of damage (I mean it is a truly insane amount), but it also serves as a multi-target Zatanna's Psy Assualt when you build Royal Seal.

    Ult: It does no damage, but do not devalue it over that. It has my vote as the single target Ult with the most utility. Sure it doesn't do damage, but you can hold an enemy under your turret/in ally ults for 2-3secs, and if you use your skills right after, there is almost no chance for them to walk away alive. Also, it has a very low cooldown, and with the max CDR from this build, it will be up literally every time you would think about using it.

    I hope you guys are ready to conquer Coast City with Starro. Starro is my favorite control for lane pressure team compositions on Coast City so remember to pick him for those situations. 

    Remember to use the rate feature to help players find the most useful guides.

    All Hail Starro.
    Latest comments
    Very helpful... but I feel he is strongest as a support in a duo lane. It just feels more secure to have another guy with you when you're ulting
    5:20 pm, Jan 4th, 2015
    The ult is a small part of his kit when you look at it as a whole. You pick Starro for his wave management abilities. Even against champions who excel in wave clear, you will be able to keep minnions exactly where you want them. If mid you use your ult to lockdown an enemy under your turret when they draw aggro or to secure the kill on a gank. You can also use it to escape a gank.
    5:59 pm, Jan 4th, 2015