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  • Infinite Crisis has shut down.

    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

    Hats off to you all. It was a pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.


    Infinite Crisis builds for Green Lantern

    All Aboard the Pain Plane

    A Green Lantern guide by The_Dycer
    Last updated: May 18th, 2015
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/832-Green-Lantern-All-Aboard-the-Pain-Plane
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    Stolen Powers
    Why Green Latern on Coast City?: For teamfights, Green Lantern is up there in effectiveness with Joker and Star Sapphire. You can both setup and finish off a wombo combo with a good amount of CC and damage. If you can avoid dying to camping junglers early, your natural will sustain and combo damage will lead to an easy win in lane. Besides, it is his home turf. He gets a 10% boost to DPS because of the "Home Field Advantage" buff.

    Mods: I like using +15 PD Lance and Skilled Power 2 Psi Scim. They are definitely the best mods to throw on him from my perspective. The final mod you should use to fight your playstyle and what you think will give the best build. Disintegrate 2 is a safe mod if you have not experimented with high success rates before with builds. You will get 2 great keywords, 70 damage and 10% cooldown reduction from the item.

    Augments: Since cooldown reduction is hard to itemize for right now specifically, I use the augments listed above. You will get 11% CDR end game which is very beneficial (every 10% cooldown reduction you get will reduce your max rank ult cooldown by nearly 11 seconds). You also get 5 flat power pen at the start of the game with 3.4% power lifesteal. Power lifesteal works on Green Lantern better than most other blasters because Green Lantern has massive single target damage. Lifesteal is only 1/3 as effective when used on multi-target/AoE skills.

    The Build: Start Energy Lance T1, 2 health pots and T1 of any of these 250 credit items: Dreamstone, The Logoz, or any gambit. Never upgrade this item. With your natural will sustain you don't really need will pots early if you are good at managing skill use. If you need them, take them instead of the 250 credit item. The 250 credit item is jsut so that you can have an early small stat boost that you can sell later for only a 25 credit loss.

    Now that we have the starting items set, rush Lance to T3 before rushing Psi Scim to cap. Now start building into Cosmic Staff to T3. (Unless you chose to mod another item in its place. In which case, use your discretion to which item you build here.) Once you have all those items built, rush Starheart to cap before capping Energy Lance.

    Now onto your options!: If you want to take advantage of Green Lantern's Will scalings, build an item like Logoz, Ekron or Isis. I like Isis a lot as a 4th item because it gives you will, health, move speed and cooldown reduction. It tends to be everything I need right then in the game before I build an item like Book of Eternity.

    If you are having major defensive problems even with Isis, and you don't really need that pen because of a lack of power armor on the enemy team, pick up one of the defensive items. Neron's and Aegis are both great items vs. the respective damages they counter. You can also use Mobius Core if you are having a lot of crowd control issues.

    Eclyspo's Diamond and Green Lantern: I have to cover this last item now in a special section because very few people understand it, and how the stats work. Eclypso's Diamond gives you 60 PD and 30% lifesteal as base stats. Desperate Power also gives you 1.5 damage for every 2% health missing (caps at 45 damage). Let's look at that keyword for a moment. You will gain extra PD as you take damage down to 40% of your health. From 40% down you will gain nothing more from this passive keyword. Even if you wanted to maximize the effectiveness of this keyword (please don't, there is no reason to, ever) you would still want to stop taking any damage at 40% health.

    Let's talk about the lifesteal now. I really think this what really confuses people. With this item you are healed for 30% of the power damage you do after mitigation. This is only for single target skills. For multi-target skills you get healed 1/3 of this value. You will only receive 10% of the damage you do as a heal. This means you ult and E splash only will heal you for 10% of damage done while your single target power damage will heal you for 30% of the damage dealt.

    Now you are wondering, "Why is Dycer writing all of this for an item that isn't in the core build?" My answer is so that you can be a more informed player. If you can fit more damage into your build, or you don't need Book of Eternity, this is an awesome item to build on Green Lantern. I truly love it on Joker and single target Blasters. AoE/Multi-target blasters can't take advantage of the lifesteal the same way.

    "The How", Laning : Don't overextend early. I don't know a knowledgable jungler in this game that would not love to jump you early in the game. Cams are a must to stay safe when you have no escape. Trade from the greatest distance possible, and remember your passive (that huge green fist) does a decent amount of damage. Use that to help poke, and re-position the drones in lane, especially very early. As a reminder, keep your cams up constantly. They last for 3 minutes. At 2:30, start making an effort to replace them.

    Once you get Psi Scim, you can use one rotation to knock someone out of lane. E/W, Basic Attack, (the skill you didn't just use), E, Basic Attack, E, Q, basic attack will decimate the enemy. Remember, Psi Scim has a 1sec cooldown on skilled power. A fast skill rotation to knock someone out of lane will only allow for 3 uses of the keyword. Using your basic attack when you can not use the keyword will slow you down and cause you to miss part of the rotation.

    "The How", Teamfights: In teamfights stand back from the front line and just decimate the first squishy that tried to break through with the combo covered above. Using your ult to interrupt your enemies is also a great way to go about a team fight. If the enemy is aggressively jumping, W the closest super squishy target and ult onto the enemy team. Unleash your combos now. During clean up remember to use your W so your team can jump on them to.

    You have made it through another Dycer guide. Remember to use the rate function to help newer players find the best guides faster. Also if you have any questions or comments leave them and I will respond. I've had a lot of success with him on CC lately, and once you learn to work around any major disadvantages, you'll see how strong he really is. I wish this same luck to you.
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