Total Cost:

Nil Weapon

+ 75 Health

+ 5 Attack Damage

Attack Syphon: On Basic Attack, regain 5 Health.

Modifiers available for Nil Weapon

Discounted Nil Weapon
100 Credits Off (Tier 1)
Empowered Nil Weapon
Recycling: Increased damage to Drones at low health (Tier 1)


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The next champion to be released is:
Blue Beetle (April 30th)

Latest comments

And just so you know, NMS e is really bad when it comes to harassing due to the really long cooldown and relatively short range
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the thing that i don't understand is, you said you wanna play him as support, but how does that have to do with playing passive?
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Just why?  This guide is completely messed up and has such a high score, though. Pretty unfair.
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SS is Skill Shot, its an ablity which needs to be aimed.
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what is the combo that I keep hearing of? It would be awesome if the guides included the combos you would use so newer players understand how you play the build. Otherwise I'm keen to try this out. GL is my guy.
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