Total Cost:

Nil Weapon

+ 75 Health

+ 5 Attack Damage

Attack Syphon: On Basic Attack, regain 5 Health.

Modifiers available for Nil Weapon

Discounted Nil Weapon
100 Credits Off (Tier 1)
Empowered Nil Weapon
Recycling: Increased damage to Drones at low health (Tier 1)


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Blue Beetle (April 30th)

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Seems like it might work well for Superman's passive with the new changes to his passive's cooldown and the fact that it scales with attack armor. Anyone know if Superman's passive shield counts as a "temporary health shield" as the item
on Booster Gold's Power Suit

I've changed the items and stolen powers, as well as add more readability to the guide. Hope you guys enjoy!
on Attack damage for laning : a DocteurV's General Superman Guide

A Tutorial is now available for new players to learn a bit about the game. A cool thing about it : it unlocks [[Gaslight Batman]] if you complete it (takes about 10 minutes)!
on Patch notes summary, April 23 2014

You only level passives 3 times not four. And if you E is used for farming you should level it sooner.
on Ride the Lightning into their @$$

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