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Total Cost:
Deathstroke's Claymore (1)

+ 25 Attack Damage

+ 15% Attack Speed

Total Cost:

Deathstroke's Claymore

+ 50 Attack Damage

+ 25% Attack Speed

Slayer: Your Basic Attacks deal 5% of the target's current Health as bonus Attack Damage. (Max 200 vs Creatures)
A master of many weapons, Slade Wilson (aka Deathstroke) still favors this massive sword made with a near-invulnerable alloy of titanium, vanadium, and depleted promethium.

Modifiers available for Deathstroke's Claymore

Empowered Deathstroke's Claymore
Artifact gains ((Terminate:)) Activate to deal 10% of your target's maximum health as Attack Damage and increase further damage you deal to that target by 5%. (Tier 2)
Enhanced Deathstroke's Claymore
+9 Attack Damage (Tier 1)
Optimized Deathstroke's Claymore
300 Credits Off (Tier 2)


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Very good guide, it offers many great tips that can help in GH games but also GD games.
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Giving your guide a shot, as of now battles are one sided against my favor. Having a hard time saving up and getting Revolver followed by Claymore.
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The major downside of this guide as I see it is the late capping of the chains. It is a very effective way to chase down a feeling enemy, or give your carry time to escape, as well as keep your enemies inside AoE ults for at least a little longer.
on Arcane Green Lantern - Willing to Assist [GH]

Thanks for your guide! I had a hard time at first figuring out which items to get in the early game and your suggestions helped a lot. Will try this more and give my insights, but I can already say that I find Metallo's Heart is a must, no matter th
on Arcane Green Lantern - Willing to Assist [GH]

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