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Total Cost:
Cheetah's Claw (1)

+ 5% Attack Speed

Total Cost:
Cheetah's Claw (2)

+ 10% Attack Speed

+ 4% Attack Lifesteal

Total Cost:
Cheetah's Claw (3)

+ 20% Attack Speed

+ 8% Attack Lifesteal

Total Cost:

Cheetah's Claw

+ 20% Attack Speed

+ 12% Attack Lifesteal

Desperate Speed: Upon falling below 50% health you gain 15% Attack Speed and 10 Move Speed until you do not deal or take damage for 5 seconds (30s cooldown).
A broken claw from Cheetah, a woman possessed by the Goddess of the Hunt. To be wounded by this monstrous creature can cause a kind of lycanthropic transformation and drive the victim to bestial rage.

Modifiers available for Cheetah's Claw

Discounted Cheetah's Claw
100 Credits Off (Tier 1)
Empowered Cheetah's Claw
Artifact gains Desperate Speed: When you fall below 50% Health, gain 25% Attack Speed and 15 Move Speed. (Tier 4)
Enhanced Cheetah's Claw
+4% Attack Lifesteal (Tier 3)


I have 2 stupid questions to this item: 1) After Mod of "Empowered Cheetah's Claw" is there no need to deal or take damage for 5 seconds in order to have timeless speed boost after losing 51% HP ? True or false ? 2) "12% Attack Lifesteal" - What exactly is steeling by this ability? Attack power or HP? Can it be used for healing by dealing damage to enemy or not ? P.S. Russian version of this game still has problems with correct translation :(
4:00 am, Jul 14th, 2014
Basically when you fall below 50% health, you will gain 15% attack speed and 10 move speed until you stop dealing or taking damage for 5 whole seconds (so this ability could last forever in theory). Once you have had 5 whole seconds of not taking/dealing damage then it will go on cooldown again and you will need to be 51% health or above for it to activate again. And "attack lifesteal" is where you gain hp for dealing attack damage. So if you have 100 attack damage and you have 10% attack lifesteal then you will gain 10 hp with every basic attack
10:50 am, Jul 14th, 2014
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2 SoundByte: - "Basically when you fall below 50% health..." I understand how it work's without Mod's, but my question was about modificated item, where is no words about any cooldown or "5 seconds of dealing or taking damage" in order to make this ability works (except of losing >50% HP of course).  
3:23 am, Jul 15th, 2014
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2 Workshop_: It's too bad that the only way to read the full description is to buy this Mod and read the description during the game in shop :( I bought a lot of useless Mods because of this :(
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