Total Cost:
Cheetah's Claw (1)

+ 2% Attack Lifesteal

+ 2% Attack Speed

Total Cost:
Cheetah's Claw (2)

+ 4% Attack Lifesteal

+ 10% Attack Speed

Total Cost:
Cheetah's Claw (3)

+ 8% Attack Lifesteal

+ 15% Attack Speed

Total Cost:

Cheetah's Claw

+ 12% Attack Lifesteal

+ 20% Attack Speed

Desperate Speed: Upon falling below 50% health you gain 20% Attack Speed and 10 Move Speed until you do not deal or take damage for 5 seconds (30s cooldown).


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The next champion to be released is:
Blue Beetle (April 30th)

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Just why?  This guide is completely messed up and has such a high score, though. Pretty unfair.
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SS is Skill Shot, its an ablity which needs to be aimed.
on Language and Skills: A Guide to Understanding MOBAs

what is the combo that I keep hearing of? It would be awesome if the guides included the combos you would use so newer players understand how you play the build. Otherwise I'm keen to try this out. GL is my guy.
on Green Lantern: Bringing It Down!

There's a few more acronyms I'm seeing that I don't know. I'll keep posting here as I see them or remember them but the biggest one I see often is 'ss'. I have no idea what it means
on Language and Skills: A Guide to Understanding MOBAs

Will you guys ever have noob tutorials here again? PS: Dawnbase can't seem to send me a e-mail with my new password for my other account DPerete, I use on that one.
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