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Total Cost:
Hawkman's Harness (1)

+ 65 Health

Total Cost:
Hawkman's Harness (2)

+ 125 Health

Total Cost:
Hawkman's Harness (3)

+ 225 Health

Total Cost:

Hawkman's Harness

+ 275 Health

Refundable: You can sell this Artifact back for full value.
A harness worn by Hawkman to which artificial wings are attached. Both the harness and the wings are comprised of Nth metal. The unique properties of this metal give the harness' wearer the ability to fly. The harness itself is tremendously resilient, again thanks to this remarkable metal.


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LMAO !, i know right! you still get the gist of it, and you build the same way in the new patch from what ive been building him. Thanks  Bozzy :D
on Nightmare Superman Support - Crs_FatalUno

2 Workshop_: It's too bad that the only way to read the full description is to buy this Mod and read the description during the game in shop :( I bought a lot of useless Mods because of this :(
on Eye Of Ekron

10/10 would read again. also Great timing on this guide.
on Nightmare Superman Support - Crs_FatalUno

Question about Mod (Shrapnel): Will it add splash damage to all green lantern skills? Or it works only whith basic attack?
on Eye Of Ekron

I am one of those people that don't know exactly what to do after they capture top. Ganking bottom seems so obvious now. Thanks!
on Gotham Heights Guide

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