Total Cost:
Claw Of Horus (1)

+ 10 Attack Damage

+ 20 Attack Armor

Total Cost:
Claw Of Horus (2)

+ 20 Attack Damage

+ 30 Attack Armor

+ 5% Attack Lifesteal

Total Cost:

Claw Of Horus

+ 30 Attack Damage

+ 40 Attack Armor

+ 10% Attack Lifesteal

Kinetic Armor: Your Basic Attacks steal 3 Attack Armor for 5 seconds (max 5 stacks).

Modifiers available for Claw Of Horus

Discounted Claw Of Horus
100 Credits Off (Tier 1)
Enhanced Claw Of Horus
+18 Attack Armor (Tier 2)
Magnified Claw Of Horus
Kinetic Armor: 5 Attack Armor stolen per stack (Tier 3)


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The next champion to be released is:
Blue Beetle (April 30th)

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It forces you to keep the portal open till you have to go base, and create the other portal.. Since it only last 15 seconds.. Once the portal has been made it has to be used immediately.. Minus 10 from me.
on Bleed Portal

I like the build quite a bit. I rarely go negative with this guide thanks!
on LXIII's Gotham Heights Joker Guide A.K.A. OWN bot lane

It may have just been one of the early guides and gained a lot of positive rep then. I'm sure if you look around you'll find more comprehensive guides to your liking.
on Leaguer's Gotham Heights Flash Guide

And just so you know, NMS e is really bad when it comes to harassing due to the really long cooldown and relatively short range
on Defensive Guide to Nightmare Superman

the thing that i don't understand is, you said you wanna play him as support, but how does that have to do with playing passive?
on Defensive Guide to Nightmare Superman

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