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  • Infinite Crisis has shut down.

    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

    Hats off to you all. It was a pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.


    Infinite Crisis builds for Atomic Wonder Woman

    The Gotham Chainsaw Massacre

    An Atomic Wonder Woman guide by Alom
    Last updated: May 7th, 2015
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/2447-Atomic-Wonder-Woman-The-Gotham-Chainsaw-Massacre
    5,187 0


    Ability levelling order
    01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19
    Starting Items
    Core Items
    Offensive Items
    Defensive Items
    Situational Items
    Stolen Powers
    Hello Dawnbase user, this is Alom's guide to Atomic Wonder Woman. I main AWW and I'll try and keep this guide updated for as long as I play this character. This guide is intended to be as comprehensive as possible and hopefully I can teach you some neat tricks with my favorite character in IC.
    A big thanks to Dawnbase for awarding me with the Elite Pack for this guide!

    Atomic Wonder Woman is a jungler. In a lane, she does not have the range to farm safely nor does she have the sustain to stand up to harassment from the enemies. Additionally, you lose the ability to flank your enemies. The jungle remedies this by giving you a sustainable source of income and allowing you to assassinate enemies by ganking.


    Your passive. Every third skill you use lowers your cooldowns slightly and is empowered to have a bonus effect. This is the core of AWW, but I'll expand on how to abuse this later in the guide. An important aspect of this is that AWW does not use Will or Energy; she is limited only by her cooldowns. In fact, this passive gives her multiplicative scaling with percentage cooldown reduction, heavily encouraging building it in your artifacts, mods, and augments. Note that your Revved skills are not on a separate cooldown.

    Your mobility. This ability can be used a second time in a 4 second window after being Revved. This skill has an inordinately long cooldown, so be careful about when you use it. If you need to chase someone down or initiate, then escape (such as when diving turrets), this is the skill you want to Rev. The best thing about this ability is that it can be used over walls, making for easy escapes.

    Your single target damage skill and best Rev generator. This skill does incredible damage once you have some bonus attack damage. If you're trying to assassinate someone, this is the skill you want to Rev. Note that this skill resets your auto-attack timer. This means that it is always optimal to auto-attack then immediately use this skill; the only time lost is the time between your attack and pressing the button.

    Savage Sweep
    Your AoE damage and only form of CC (control). Best for clearing jungle and chasing people. The Revved form does not increase the range, slow, or damage, it only makes it so that it hits in a circle instead of a cone. I would recommend never using the Revved form of this unless it is the only thing you can do to secure a kill or you need to clear a large drone wave. It is important to understand the range of this skill; the tip of the cone does additional damage over time and slows. Maxing this first gives you nuking power to clear the jungle and slowing power to get off strong ganks.

    Huge range gap-closer and Rev charger. If you have 2 Rev, use W before using this skill. It's best to try and use this skill mid-fight, once the enemy has blown an escape and you have already cycled through your skills once. This allows the Rev to then lower your cooldowns.

    Stolen Powers
    Detonate is important for securing Elites, Raiders, and Doomsday Devices. However, if you have another jungler on your team with this power, it is not needed. Atomic Joker's Detonate is best if you are using it exclusively against jungle monsters. I would recommend using this immediately the first 2 times it's available, but once the Raider begins spawning, save it for that.

    Surveillance Camera is best taken on champions in the lane, but Green Arrow's Surveillance Camera lets you open up gank paths by killing the enemies cameras. Additionally, vision control is critical and you cannot always rely on your team to get this power.

    Super Speed was my preferred ability for AWW. It provides versatility in the form of aggression and defense. Generally, when you die late game it is because you cannot get to a target to lifesteal/burst them.

    Psychic Assault is a nice alternative, providing some additional chasing power. I would recommend Zatanna's Psychic Assault or Starro's Psychic Assault.

    Super Strength is harder to utilize than Psychic Assault, but has its uses as well. In general, using the small object is best as it allows you to stun a target long enough to close the gap. The fact that you can move large cars is less useful as you can just Vault over all but the thickest walls.

    No other powers are worth taking. I see other AWW players occasionally taking the following:
    Consume, Healing Wave, and Invulnerability are not needed; you are an assassin.
    Meteor Drop does negligible damage compared your kit and its zoning power is not needed because of your mobility.

    Cooldown Reduction
    While the rationale behind purchasing attack damage and attack penetration should be obvious, focusing so much on cooldown reduction may be a less clear. However, this stat is important enough to warrant its own subsection.
    I see other AWWs build items like Joe Chill's Revolver (3) and sometimes even attack speed items such as Huntress' Crossbow (3). Critical hits are too unreliable, as your basic combos only use one or two autos outside of your Smite. In addition, the critical damage does not contribute to your additional W damage. Attack speed makes no sense whatsoever; you shouldn't be in range long enough to be constantly auto-attacking and your Smite resets your auto animation, which will go at the same speed regardless of how much attack speed you have.
    Cooldown reduction on this character is incredible. As your cooldown reduction stat and your level in Rev increases, your cooldowns go down at an exponential rate. This is because each proc of Rev will lower your cooldowns by a larger percentage as the total cooldown time decreases. While at the start of the game, your Rev can only lower your Smite's 10 second cooldown by .25 seconds (1/40 reduction) At max cooldown reduction, your Smite has just over a 4 second cooldown, with each Rev lowering it by another second (1/4 reduction). On top of this, more skill uses directly contributes to more Rev uses. When maxed out, you can quickly reset the cooldown of Reclaimer by simply cycling your skills on drones and jungle camps, turning a daunting 115 second cooldown into a reasonable 40.

    Core Purchases
    Nil Weapon is optional. It provides increased health and damage early, but delays your Marauder Knife (2).

    Upgrading Modular Health Vial (2) is not necessary; you have enough sustain from Marauder Knife (4) and you will sell the Vial late-game anyways.

    Marauder Knife (3) is needed to clear the jungle quickly and healthily, but upgrading to Marauder Knife (4) is optional.

    Coda Blade (3) is a very cost-effective way to get cheap attack damage and penetration. Do not upgrade it to Coda Blade (4) unless you feel you need the Wounding effect. In most cases, you can kill enemy champions before they get a chance to heal. If you need, you can sell this late game.

    Deathstroke's Claymore (2) is your big core item. It provides all the stats you need the most and gives an active that helps your burst. Personally, I leave it at level 2 as I find the active to be really weak. The money is better spent on other items until you have nothing left to upgrade.

    Mid-Game Purchases
    Rip Hunter's Time Pack (4) allows you to assassinate targets and quickly get out. Clever use of this with Vaults and Reclaimer can leave enemies feeling hopeless. Be careful of champions that can easily stun you though, particularly Controllers. If you use the Deathstroke's Claymore (2) cooldown reduction mod, my recommended augments, and this item, you won't need any additional cooldown reduction.

    Soultaker Katana (4) allows you to put your clear speed to good use to get a huge boost to damage and lifesteal. If you are dying often, this item is not useful as you will never build up stacks. Additionally, the lifesteal is only useful if you can actually get damage off in fights.

    Batman's Utility Belt (3) provides the ever-useful cooldown reduction and makes your burst a bit higher. Note that the bonus damage is only equal to your base attack damage, meaning that it doesn't scale with other items. If you use cooldown amplifiers, you should have enough cooldown reduction to reach the 40% cap without this item. On paper, this item is very good, but I find Atomic Axe (2) and Rip Hunter's Time Pack (4) to be more important purchases. If the enemy team never builds any defense, you can replace Atomic Axe (2) with this item.

    Sword Of Beowulf (3) is best if the enemy team has a lot of power damage. However, if you are getting locked down by controllers, Entropy Aegis (3) is a better choice.

    Late-Game Purchases
    Atomic Axe (2) This item allows you to keep up with enemies that are building attack armor. You're going to want this nearly every game, but you can delay it if the enemies have not built any defense. Alternatively, if the enemy team has a lot of Enforcers or is simply stacking armor, buying it sooner is best.

    Ra's al Ghul's Robe (2) provides mixed defensive stats and a useful passive effect. Try and Vault to safety before you die to buy yourself time to revive.

    Use modifiers for the items you buy the most.
    Modifiers that reduce cost, such as Optimized Atomic Axe (2) are always good. Additionally, those that provide attack damage, attack penetration, or cooldown reduction such as Enhanced Coda Blade (3), Enhanced Marauder Knife (4), and Optimized Deathstroke's Claymore (2) are perfect for AWW. Be careful not to use Empowered Marauder Knife (4) and Coda Blade (3), they don't stack.
    Do not use modifiers such as Enhanced or Optimized Coda Blade (4) as they require you to spend money and a modifier slot on the Wounding keyword.

    I focus on cooldown reduction followed by attack damage and penetration for the augments. Having these stats allow you to get a tighter rotation with your skills and burst enemy champions more easily. Some players try and get the most value out of their augments by only using G/G and G/S ones. However, I would rather have less total stats that are useful than lots of worthless stats.

    Early Game
    Atomic Wonder Woman has a particularly weak early game. Before you have all your abilities at level 3, it takes more than a full cycle of cooldowns to get your Rev up, severely limiting your options. Your goal is to simply farm the jungle as hard and safely as possible to get levels and upgrade to your Marauder Knife (3). Begin at the elite camp (to the left and right of the Doomsday Device) if you can, then cycle through the 3 camps either above or below it. Most games, people will try and invade your jungle and pressure you off your elite camp. You will be highly reliant on your team to stop the enemies if this happens. If your team fails to help you, simply leave the camp; your highest priority early is to not die. Quick use of Detonate can allow you to secure camps if they are being pressured. While AWW is awful level 1, it is possible that your team will successfully invade. If this happens, try and participate killing the enemies' elite camp.

    If you can find enemies that are overextended and/or low on health, you can attempt to gank them. Try and begin ganks with at least one Rev and by approaching from behind. Make sure you ping before you approach so your team members are aware of your intentions. The best time to gank is when the enemies are approaching the drone wave to last hit. Do not use Vault or Reclaimer immediately unless you are sure you can instantly kill them. Instead, wait for them to use an escape move, then chase them down with these skills afterwards. See the Combos section for specifics on which abilities to use. Unless a kill is guaranteed, it's not worth ganking until at least level 4, preferably after level 6. Stolen Powers such as Super Speed, Super Strength, and Psychic Assault are invaluable for securing kills and/or getting away safely.

    As your items and levels progress, your cooldowns will get shorter and your burst will become higher, making your role as an assassin easier. However, your enemies will become stronger as well. Thus, it becomes important to pick your targets carefully. Blasters, Marksmen, and Assassins tend to build straight damage and are the easiest to kill. Enforcers and Bruisers will be much harder targets to take down and generally take multiple skill cycles. Be careful when chasing these targets; fights can quickly turn against you. Keeping your Vault ready as an escape allows you to be riskier with your chases. Don't forget to look at your opponents' items and Stolen Powers. Enemies that are performing well and have a lot of credits (particularly if they are purchasing Attack Armor) are harder targets to fight, but are higher-priority for you to take down.

    Your priorities for mid-game are to capture Power Relays, take down high-priority enemy champions, and to keep farming. Keep a watch on the timeline for when Relays unlock and when the Raider spawns. You can solo the Raider at any level, and can use Detonate to secure (or even steal) the kill. If the enemy team is mostly dead and you coordinate with your team, taking the Doomsday Device is a great way to accelerate your lead. I would advise against picking up the Device yourself; you can get killed very easy if the enemy team focuses you.

    By this point, you should be able to obliterate low-defense targets within one cycle of your skills. In light of that, your goal is to be able to get in and out of fights as quickly as you can so that you can assassinate multiple targets over the course of a fight. Assuming you cannot pick off lone targets, AWW performs best if she can retreat back to her team before re-engaging. Smart use of Vault and Rip Hunter's Time Pack (3) makes this a breeze.

    This section will detail various useful ways to string your abilities together. * indicates the move. AA indicates an auto-attack. ^ indicates the second Vault leap.
    Rev: 0
    a. > > AA> *. Gap close into single target damage. Useful for jungling.
    b. > AA > > * > ^. Damage into mobility. Can be used for escaping or chasing.
    Rev: 1
    c. > AA > * > > AA > * > > . As your level, items, and timing improve, the delay between the Smites will become shorter.
    d. AA > > * > > > AA > * > ^. This one requires tight timing after the first Vault.
    Rev: 2
    e. * > > AA > > ^. Simple chase or escape.
    f. * > > AA > * > > ^ > AA > . You can use Smite to consume your Rev, Reclaimer to close the gap and recharge your Rev, then hit them with the Smite AA and still have 2 Rev.
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