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  • Infinite Crisis has shut down.

    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

    Hats off to you all. It was a pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.


    Infinite Crisis builds for Batman

    I'm The Goddamn Batman! (Work in progress)

    A Batman guide by Absimiliard
    Last updated: Aug 14th, 2013
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/im-the-goddamn-batman-gotham-heights
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    Batman, The Dark Knight. There's good cop, there's badcop and then there's the Goddamn Batman.

    Batman is really strong at the moment and really satisfying to play. He's a great duelist and can go toe-to-toe with all the other bruisers.
    Your opponents will underestimate your mere human strength, that's when you remind them that you're the freaking Batman, batarang to the face! 


    Table of content:
    The Basics.​
         2. Abilties.​
         3. How to build him.
         4. How to play him.


    1. The Basics:

    Batman is a Energy based Attack Damage Bruiser. 

    He doesn't have Will like Green Lantern or Gaslight Batman. But he's limited to work with what little energy he has, this makes for some interesting plays. 

    He deals Attack Damage with his abilities & attacks. Pretty self explanatory, Attack Damage items will increase his Abilities damage output.

    As a Bruiser your mission is to be tough, heavy and punishing. You're a good duelist, you can take a beating and at the same time give one. Your damage output is greater than that of Enforcers. Punish the squishier foes on the enemy team such as Joker Gaslight Batman etc. They'll rue the day that they faced the adorable princess.. I mean The Dark Knight! 


    ...Now where were we? Right. 

    2. Batman's Abilities:

     Passive: Watching, Waiting. 
    Batman gains addition Attack Armor & Power Armor while stealthed. These values are doubled while on a stealth pad. On entering stealth or a stealth pad Batman will regain health over time. This healing will stop if Batman is no longer stealthed.
  • Pretty straight forward. This is a pretty good passive, it'll help you get out of a through rough spots and allow you to stay on the battlefield longer.

     Q: Batarang.
    Batman throws his Batarang at an enemy dealing Attack Damage and applying a Mark. Batman's next basic attack will consume the Mark restoring energy to Batman and stunning the target briefly.
  • Always start an engagement by applying Batarang, then dash forward with Martial Arts. That what you'll get in a quick stun and restore some energy.

      W: Martial Arts.
    Batman dashes toward the target enemy dealing Attack Damage and applying on-hit-effects. Each time Batman lands a basic attack the cooldown of Martial Arts is reduced.
  • This ability is Batman's bread and butter. This is your main damage output and you should start maxing it. You can make a nice comeback if you're retreating from a foe, taking cover in stealth for the stealth passive, then you retaliate with a quick Batarang and Martial Arts.

     E: Cape Sweep. 
    Batman sweeps his cape around him. All enemies are dealt attack damage, are slowed and lose attack speed
  • Sweep your cape when you're hunting someone down, I'd recommend that you combine this with Psychic Assault/Zatanna's Psychic Assault for maximum chasing potential. You'll stomp all the squishy heroes that'll try to kite you. Feel free to add Super Speed/Flash's Super Speed as well.This is useful in 1v1 match ups against Attack Damage heroes as well. The AS debuff will limit their damage potential.

     R: The Dark  Knight.
    Batman creates a cloud that blocks enemy line of sight in and out of an area and makes enemies in the cloud visible in the Fog of War. While inside the cloud Batman gains Energy per second, Move speed, Attack Speed and Watching, Waiting is active.
  • This ability is really great. It's great for team fights, it's great for duels. When Team fighting you'll limit your enemies sight of your team and yourself. You'll be able to deny their carries of attacking your team by placing it on top of your enemy or your team. Other than that it's just a crazy steroid. You'll get really strong so try and place it strategically and fight inside of it. 


    3. How to build him:

    You'll want to build him with lifesteal so that he outsustains bruisers & enforcers in 1 on 1's since he'll start with lower health than Doomsday or Gaslight Joker

    The stats that you'll want to prioritize are Attack Damage, Health, Lifesteal, Attack Speed, Cooldown Reduction. 

    Start the game with Nil Weapon & Claw Of Horus (1).

    Early Game pick up Soultaker Katana (1) & [[Batman's Utility Belt (1)]] 

    Mid Game try finishing your Soultaker Katana (1) so that you'll get stacks on it.

    Late Game just finish your existing items, [[Lobo's Chain (4)]] Is a good option if you are getting ktied  by the likes of Gaslight Batman.

    For your last two slots, depending on the enemy teams composition you have a few options to pick. 

    Situational Items for Batman:
    Health & Power armor.  Fragment Of Mogo (3)
    Really nice with some resillience. [[Diana's Bracers (2)]]
    For those AD heavy teams. Suit Of Sorrows (4)
    For that extra Oomph!  Sword Of Beowulf (3)

    But honestly a Gotham Heights game will never last long enough for you to finish your build!

    I've tried playing him solo top and bot a couple of times and it can work really well depending on the different team compositions. ( i.e sometimes you'll be facing a terrifying double lane ) 

    If there's good synergy with the junglers. Your Q > W are great for giving or getting ganks.


    4. How to play him:

    The most important thing with Batman is knowing when to engage. You'll be picking off enemies trying to hold strategic points and you'll be starting the team fights.

    In team fights make sure to focus the enemy teams damage dealer and be all up in his face so that he'll either focus you or back off. Either way he's too busy to be able to hurt your team. 

    Always engage with [[Batarang]] followed up by Martial Arts. You always want to proc Batarang's passive stun & energy restoration. If you're chasing someone down now you'll be able to afford [[Cape Sweep]].

    In a team fight make sure to throw down [[The Dark Knight]] in the middle of the fray, whilst standing inside it.
    You'll gain bonuses to attack speed, health regeneration and energy regeneration while your enemies lose line of sight of the area. This is especially great against their carries since they stop being a threat to the rest of your team.

    [[Cape Sweep]] Is also great for making an escape and your ultimate [[The Dark Knight]] will block their line of sight. These two have saved my butt more times than I can count.

    I'll be updating this guide as Batman and his abilities evolve with the game and eventually add different builds, playstyles and approaches to the different maps. 

    In the mean time if you have any questions, critique and/or suggestions feel free to comment! That would make my day.
    Thanks for reading! 

  • Latest comments
    This is a really good guide on building the Dark Knight. I have had a lot of success running a similar build. After you get the utility belt maxed it is a real tossup on what you want to do after. I usually go for Atomic axe or Deathstrokes to really destroy people. Batman is a lot of fun to play. Keep the updates coming!
    11:43 am, Aug 28th, 2013