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  • Infinite Crisis has shut down.

    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

    Hats off to you all. It was a pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.


    Infinite Crisis builds for Flash

    Flash Jungle Guide- Connect with the Speed Force in Coast City

    A Flash guide by TheG14ntWaffle
    Last updated: Apr 10th, 2015
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/2534-Flash-Flash-Jungle-Guide-Connect-with-the-Speed-Force-i
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    Starter items
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    About the Author
    Yo Waffle here, I'm relatively new to Infinite Crisis in general but I'm very experienced at MOBAs like Smite (especially Smite in fact) and LoL. I played the beta here and there but at the time I wasn't really in to MOBAs so I didn't stick with the game. Sooner or later I got hooked on Smite, then League, and now here I am. Anyway, Flash was the first champ I purchased as he is my favorite DC hero of all time and I was dead-set on playing him from day 1 of the game's release. Needless to say, I learned Flash really quickly as he isn't too terribly difficult to get the hang of. This guide is going to help you do the same.

    Table of Contents
    1. Stolen Powers
    2. Mods
    3. Augments
    4. Itemization
    5. Flash's Kit
    6. Ganking
    7. Team Fights
    8. Champs to Look Out For


    Flash's Super-speed is a core stolen power for Flash. Its great for things like chasing, retreating, or rushing a power relay (or any objective for that matter), the faster your moving the less time they have to react.

    Next I recommend you pick up Atomic Joker's Detonate. Its shorter cooldown allows you to clear the jungle camps faster which is important early game because clearing speeds for most champs are pretty low. More detonates means more jungle clears which means less time you spend farming in the jungle which gives you opportunities to back, gank, counter-jungle, etc.

    2. MODS

    Here are the mods I'm currently running:
    -Empowered or Enhanced Deadshot's Visor (3)- Good for additional AD scaling (this will make your crits hit harder) or extra maximum Will.
    -Enhanced Deathstroke's Claymore (3)- A nice bit of extra AD
    - Empowered Velocity 9 Implants (4)- The addition of the Deadly 2 perk essentially allows this item to replace Joe Chill's Revolver (3) and is also cheaper.

    The mod for Deathstroke's Claymore (3) is essentially interchangeable with any of the other items from the recommended items section, but if your going to switch it out for another mod keep in mind that the Discounted or Optimized mods for other items. They'll give you better cost efficiency, which can dramatically improve your build times. As for the Deadshot's Visor (3) and Velocity 9 Implants (4) mod(s), those are core on this build and you'll want to keep those.


    Augments that increase move speed and some other AD aspect are important as well. You can use any that you like as long as they increase move speed (HEX would be an exception due to the fact that the increased critical damage is great for Flash and the AD is good too). The set I prefer to use is:


    So starting out the game you'll want to pick up Marauder Knife (2) and Modular Health Vial (2). Flash's start in the jungle is just like the traditional start. I wouldn't recommend an early invade as Flash's success when ganking relies on his E,W,Q combo. However if you have a good supp willing to help you out you can level your W first and go ham on the other jungler (just don't be surprised if it doesn't go well ALL the time). After your first clear in the jungle (or after you get 750 credits) you can either back or run by a friendly tower and buy Deadshot's Visor (1) (aka DV), this is the item you are going to rush before you start ganking. Deadshot's Visor is the centerpiece of the build because of its amazing burst potential and will regen. At Tier 3 it basically cuts the will cost of your W in half. Once you have T3 DV you can start ganking. At this point in the game your lanes might be experiencing heavy pressure because of your lack of presence so far, or even before you finish DV, but that's perfectly fine. You want the other team getting aggressive because the closer they are to your tower, the farther they have to run to escape, and your W will slow them down enough for you or your teammates to secure a kill. You might have to pause farming if your team needs a lot of help early game, just target the person closes to the tower. The next item you want to focus on building is Huntress' Crossbow (3), this is really good attack speed and attack damage mid game, likewise it allows you to target champs that are a bit more beefy health-wise. Just be careful because they will still take longer to kill. After that, the next item on your list is the Velocity 9 Implants (4). These are SUPER good on Flash because they increase your chasing efficiency. Your last item is up to you. To name a few options, if you still want more Will Regen, you can get the Blue Scarab (3). If your enemies are really tanky grab Atomic Axe (2) or Coda Blade (4) (which is also great for healing reduction). Enemies still a bit to fast? Then grab yourself Lobo's Chain (4).


    Flash's Kit

    PASSIVE-Speed Force
    When the Flash uses a skill he gains a stack of Speed Force. Speed Force grants him 2.5% Move Speed for 2.5s, and can stack up to 5 times.

    The Flash gains Bonus Damage based on his Move Speed (+1% per 10 Bonus Move Speed).

    This is why you need Flash's Super Speed, the amount of AD he gets from piling on move speed from multiple sources can give you a HUGE advantage in a fight. You know the movement speed bonus you get in the fountain, Haste, use that to your advantage when your defending your power core and ult on the enemy team while you still have it to maximize your damage on them and get them to back off, all while at the same time dealing massive damage to the enemy minion wave as well. Also keep in mind that after you ult you will most likely have full stacks of your passive which is good for escaping in a tight spot.

    Q- Flash Attack
    The Flash rushes to target location, dealing 60 Attack Damage to all enemies he passes through. The cooldown of Flash Attack is reduced if he rushes less than Flash Attack's maximum range, down to a minimum of 40% at half range.

    If Hyper Vibration is active, this skill changes to a dash and can pass through walls.

    This skill doubles over as great initiation and an escape, try to use the least possible distance you can to get the job done. Doing so will ensure you always have it ready if you need to make a quick escape. And remember to take advantage of your ability to pass through walls with your E to spice up your ganks or make a quick escape!

    W- F=MA (Force=Mass x Acceleration for those who are wondering)
    Flash's attack speed is set to 3 (the maximum) for 3 seconds or for 4 basic attacks. His basic attack damage only deal 25% of the damage, but deal bonus damage of 20/30/40/50 + 20% of your attack damage. All hits from F=MA apply on hit effects.

    Flash's W is his most important skill that maximizes his dps. Keep in mind that this skill has a HUGE power cost that increases when you level it up, use it wisely.

    E- Hyper Vibration
    For 3s Flash Attack changes to a dash and can pass through walls. Damaging or touching an enemy Champion grants him a stack of Speed Force, and his target loses 20% Move Speed, which decays over 2s. Champions may only be affected once.

    This skill is an absolute must have when you gank or enter a team fight, make sure it is always active before you start a fight, even if you just poking and running. Also keep in mind its great for an escape if a gank goes wrong, very few people in the game can move through walls, use that to your advantage. On the flip side ganking from through a wall is a good way to go, most enemies won't see it coming, especially in a team fight! Just remember to keep in mind the distance of your target from the wall, if you can't close the gap then means they can escape easily, or turn on you quickly and you won't be able to get away (Flash's Super-Speed is a great way to close that gap).

    R- Speed Storm
    The Flash becomes invincible while he runs around an area for 2s. Every 0.5s, he gains a stack of Speed Force and deals 40 Attack Damage to all enemies in the area. At the end of this time, or if the skill is triggered again to end early, 60 Attack Damage is dealt to all enemies still in the area.

    Flash's Ultimate is a tricky thing to get the hang of. Its great if you have someone with lots of CC on your team like Harley Quinn or GS Joker (works best with Nightmare Superman's ult as i literally prevents them from moving anywhere for 2 seconds while sill taking damage), otherwise its very easy to get out of. Be very mindful of the fact that it is an instant cast and will activate as soon as you press R. As it has a very long cooldown of 120 seconds try not to fat-finger the button!

    Great times to ult as Flash are when you are defending an objective (like the power relays especially), initiating a team fight (you are invincible for 2 seconds, great opportunity for your team to come in and pour on the CC and damage), or even when tower diving. If your minions or your supp is nearby, you can run in and damage a low health enemy in a tower (because your diving they'll get more aggressive) then ult on them. If they get aggressive with low health they'll most likely die, and the turret will switch to another friendly target instead of you, even when you exit your ult. On top of that you'll ideally have 5 stacks of your passive and can dash out extremely fast. This maneuver takes a bit of skill and timing so be extra cautious when attempting it. Don't be too disappointed if your ultimate doesn't always get you or your team a kill, its really easy to escape from so be smart with when and where you use it.

    Flash's kit is exceptional for ganking. He has a way to not only slow his enemies, but also damage them quickly, and initiate quickly as well. When you gank look for the person that has the least health or is closest to a friendly tower or teammate that can do some follow-up damage. Activate your W, then E (or E then W late game when your E's duration is increased), then dash in with your Q and just melt them. If they are still alive and are trying to retreat then just stick to them like glue. Use your Q again as soon as possible for extra damage and to keep the gap between you and your target closed, as well as resetting the basic attack counter allowing you to attack again. Always remember that when you gank you won't always get a kill so don't get greedy. If your too aggressive then the enemy team can easily bait you into a deadly trap. If you need to peel back and wait on your cooldowns, then just leave and come back right away, if you can dash through a wall!

    Team Fights

    Flash is a very get in and out quick champion with low sustain, so keep in mind that prolonged fights aren't the ones you want to be in. In most team fights you want to pick out the target that has the highest damage out and remove them from the battle first. This will usually be the enemy marksman. When you think you have an opening, or your teammates create one for you, use your E and W then Q in and unload on them, if they're are still alive try to bait them into getting aggressive and then ult, since your immune during you ultimate they cant attack you and they will try to run (if they can). Make sure you always have and escape plan, the last thing you want to happen is to get caught with all your cooldowns or your will bar empty, you'll get locked down and killed immediately. Speaking of your will bar, pay close attention to it, DV increases your will sustain but when your unloading on someone you'll need it active, which means your going to lose A LOT of will REALLY fast. If your going all in for an attack, toggle DV attack, then fallback toggle it off and basic attack some minions if you can to keep your will bar up (don't do this if you have to put yourself in a dangerous situation, if you think you'll die trying this then just hang back and wait for your cooldowns).

    No champ is good against everyone, these are the ones in your danger zone:
    Atrocitus is very tanky and on top of that has a taunt. Be careful when you target people around him because in team fights he will just taunt you away from your target, meaning their whole team gets free damage on you and it reduces your damage output on them.

    Same as Atrocitus, Wonder Woman has a taunt as well and it lasts longer.

    Harley is one of the most difficult champs for you to gank because of her knock-back. She can kite you into her team or simply escape without too much difficulty at all.

    Green Arrow is yet another champion you should be careful around. He has lots of damage and can kite you, don't chase him too hard, especially on low health.

    Loads of damage + lots of kite capability= don't chase too hard.

    This guy is one of the most dangerous, his ult's surpression leaves you completely exposed to the other team. On top of that he has great lifesteal so you can't box him very well if he's fed. Try to dash in, unload on him, then dash out, but don't get too aggressive.

    I could go on but you probably notice the trend here, anyone with good enough CC to lock him down for more than about 1 second or can kite him you need to be careful around.

    On the flip side there are champs that work very well with Flash:

    His ultimate is godsend for you because allows him to isolate the enemy team's marksman for you and prevent them from taking action for 2 whole seconds (the entire duration of your ultimate). Time your ults correctly to deal some massive damage and remove the highest value targets from the fight.

    Wonder Woman's ult is really good for you because anyone caught in it is forced to attack her and can't move, perfect opportunity for a great ulti. If she is able, ask her to come with you to take the enemy team's relays, which is the most ideal time for you ults to shine!

    In lane, Gaslight Joker's rat swarm will slow your enemies even further, giving you and your marksman a higher chance to secure kills for your team.

    So as you can see, the rule of thumb for champs that work well with Flash are the ones that have lots of CC and lock down potential.

    I hope you've enjoyed my guide on Coast City jungling! Please give it a thumbs up if you found it helpful and drop me a comment in the comments section if you have any extra questions or want me to add something. I'll plan on updating the guide should any future patches require me to modify this build. As always, have fun and RUN FAST!
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