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  • Infinite Crisis has shut down.

    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

    Hats off to you all. It was a pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.


    Infinite Crisis builds for Batman

    I'm the Goddamn Batman, I can't die!!! (Top-lane Dmg Focus/Dominating Lane build)

    A Batman guide by MonkeyLord83
    Last updated: Mar 9th, 2014
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/im-the-goddamn-batman-i-cant-die-top-lane-dmg-focus-dominating-l
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    Stolen Powers
    Hi Guys, It\\\\\\\'s MonkeyLord83, coming at you with my third guide, another guide on BatPrime Divided. This build will focus on building a dmging Batman rather than a Full Tank/Off-tank like my first guide, so if you\\\\\\\'re a new player who can\\\\\\\'t catch a break as Batman Prime, I\\\\\\\'d suggest you follow my other guide: http://www.dawnbase.com/guides/im-the-goddamn-batman-i-cant-die-top-lane-tank-off-tank-build. If you have enough experience with BatPrime, and wanna start having some fun with him, risking your life and not just focusing on being defensive all the time, this guide should get you started.

    So basically, the skill leveling is pretty much the same as my other guide, so you can just click on the link above if you want analysis of skills... This guide, however, follows a different set of amplifiers than the default one, as it\\\\\\\'s for people who have played BatPrime long enough, and want to start exploring. The items build is also dmg focus, not defensive tank, so your playstyle will also have to adjust. Stolen Power is still the same and suggested alternative is also the same as my first guide, so check that if you want.

    Alright, let\\\\\\\'s begin!!!

    Mods and Augments:

    Queen Industries Mods: Empowered Nil Weapon: Gives Recycle (Deals more dmg to drones at low health): Great for last hitting, getting you more money faster, important since you\\\\\\\'ll need lots of money to be strong. Plus it helps defend turrets and clear waves faster.

    Queen Industries Mods: Capacity Soultaker Katana: 10 extra stacks, More Dmg, more lifesteal, good for BatPrime as you\\\\\\\'ll surprise a good number of people who think they can gank you... Full Stack + Ultimate + Shazam\\\\\\\'s Invulnerability (often) = you walking away from a gank with double or even triple kill... I\\\\\\\'m not kidding, build him right and he\\\\\\\'s still that good.

    Wayne Enterprises Mods: Magnified Claw of Horus: +5 armors each types instead of 3, still stack up to 5 times. You can either go with this one, or the discount one for [[Joe Chill\\\\\\\'s Revolver (4)]] or mods that makes any gear in the build stronger, tbh.

    Wayne Enterprises Augment: LANDSLIDE +3.01 Health/lv, +1.62 Movement speed (Page 4/12)
    Holt Holdings Augment: ARROW +2.51 Health/lv, +1.08 atk speed (Page 4/12)
    Wayne Enterprises Augment: BREAKER +0.9% Lifesteal, +1.62 Movement speed (Page 6/12)
    Kord Industries Augment: DIVER +0.25 atk dmg/lv, +0.75% Lifesteal (Page 8/12) OR Kord Industries Augment: FORTYTWO +0.75% Lifesteal, +2.31 Health/lv (Page 7/12)

    Why these Mods and Augments? Because they help you last longer in a fight, and still dishing out high dmg. The movement speed come in handy early game when there\\\\\\\'s not too much cc, and later when you\\\\\\\'re chasing, etc.

    Now, to Gear Building and Playstyle:
    You\\\\\\\'re not building tank, and your augments haven\\\\\\\'t kick in early game, so you will HAVE TO turret hug and farm early game in MOST cases if you wanna not feed. But once you have either Soultaker Katana (2) AND Claw Of Horus (2) or Soultaker Katana (4) and started on Claw Of Horus (1), you can start risking it and going out, trading some dmg, scaring your opponents. After fully build these 2 items, check how far ahead (or behind) you are to everyone else, to determine your possible preys. Push the lane up or destroy first turret top b4 start roaming around, having fun killing or at least punishing and scaring people, return to lane when your lane is either balance or pushed. Farm jungle once in a while, free money, free exp, free health regen even since you\\\\\\\'ll lifesteal faster than drones can hurt you and it won\\\\\\\'t take you long... Get EMPs for your team whenever possible.

    Oh, and since you know what you\\\\\\\'re doing as Batman now, have some fun with your Ultimate, place it infront of you while chasing for a quick Stamina regen to pick up a kill, place it on top of opponent defending turret just so they\\\\\\\'re confused, jsut don\\\\\\\'t waste your ultimate just in case you got focus and need a way out...

    Now about your lane opponents, just don\\\\\\\'t mess with Shazam until you can lifesteal faster than his lightning field, after that, have fun killing Shazam. For Doomsday, harass but never underestimate him and go in too hard or you\\\\\\\'ll die a horrible death, he packs A LOT OF dmg, yet still freakishly tanky with high natural armors and armors from skills. For Superman, have fun at lv1-3 when he doesn\\\\\\\'t have all skills, be careful at lv4-5 since he\\\\\\\'ll do more dmg than you in these 2 lv for sure, and you have no way out or can\\\\\\\'t make comebacks. From 6 on, still be careful since you\\\\\\\'ll tie him for a while unless you can get far ahead in lv or gears. For pretty much anyone else, if you can harass and get ahead, you\\\\\\\'ll kick asses.

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