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  • Infinite Crisis has shut down.

    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

    Hats off to you all. It was a pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.


    Infinite Crisis builds for Gaslight Joker

    I'll Support - Just don't expect me to share any Cake!

    A Gaslight Joker guide by Fwob
    Last updated: May 30th, 2015
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/2951-Gaslight-Joker-I-39-ll-Support-Just-don-39-t-expect-me-
    2,154 0


    Ability levelling order
    01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19
    Starter items
    Core items
    Offensive items
    Defensive items
    Situational items
    Stolen Powers

    Gaslight Joker is an incredibly strong and underplayed tanky support/jungler. Currently Wonder Woman and Arcane Green Lantern are considered the strongest supports, but considering they are consistently banned in ranked, you can be sure Gaslight Joker will be available and severely underestimated.


    - Great CC
    - Very Tanky
    - Good Sustain
    - Good Gap Closes
    - Good Escape
    - Can easily 1vs1

    - Reliant on health items
    - E has a very short duration
    - Items to protect your AD carry do not
    synergize well with GJ (often have will)
    - Fear direction can be a bit RNG


    GJ's Q should be leveled first or second. I prefer it to be second to W, but it really doesn't make much of a difference. It reset's his auto attack, so be sure to use it just after an auto. Both his Q damage and heal will scale with bonus health, his damage also scales with AP but you won't be building any AP items with this guide. I like getting W level 1 for invades, though some may prefer Q for the lower cooldown.

    GJ's W is what GJ is all about. This is his main skill, an AoE fear that goes up in duration the higher rank it is, hence I level it first. It can get a little frustrating if the fear direction doesn't work in your favour but it still slows all champs to default speed and makes them unable to attack. Great ability!

    Also a nice ability if you time it right. It only lasts a few seconds so you can either time it well with an enemy cast, or use it defensively while retreating as a defensive precaution.

    I also like using this skill aggressively. If you manage to absorb an enemy skill, then this may be a good time to go aggressive. The speed up allows you to quickly close the gap on the enemy without having to waste W. It also means you've absorbed an ability that could have had a significant cooldown, hence a good opportunity to counter attack. By closing the gap without using W, you've now got W to use as further CC, ultimately winning any trade. If you're on a chase and you manage to get in melee range without using W, you can then save W incase they use an escape ability and still be able to close the gap again. I level this skill after Q & W. The speed increase at higher ranks can really improve your team fighting capabilities.

    Your secondary CC ability. Be sure to deactivate this if no enemy is within your AoE as it will then cause full health loss instead of 40% off. It's on a short cooldown so it can be activated again quickly. Note that it's only 30% slow if they have filthy on them, which is created by GJ's Q or W. Otherwise it's only 15%.

    Why do I level this last? Well I wanted to show you this option to bring light towards it, though I'm not saying that you should ALWAYS leave R to last. As I will mention several times in this guide, you're a CC tank at heart, not a damage dealer. Further ranks of R will only increase the damage of the ability, but this will also cause more health loss.

    Personally in skirmishes a higher rank may have a more detrimental affect on the outcome of the fight if you're losing health at a rapid rate. Different ranks of this aren't going to make much difference in damage considering you're buying no AP items, but it will make a noticable difference on your health loss. It's up to you if you want to level this early. If you're confident that you have enough health items to not make the health loss an issue then level it early, but consider its usefulness compared to other skills that you aren't leveling as a result.

    Knowing when to upgrade his passive has been a tricky one for me. At first I thought; may as well upgrade it only when you're about to reach the health cap, but then I realised the health you gain per coin increases with each rank, so it will speed up the process even if you're not near the cap. Tough one to decide on!

    In the end, I thought E was still more useful overall for team fight and general utility capabilities and the extra health was small in comparison. I would still personally level this every time you reach cap so not to waste any coin stacks and level it before R.

    Tanky Support



    Nil Cloak Modular Health Vial (3)

    Start with the default suggestions. Nil Cloak is a solid starting item, and health vials are clearly important for invades and sustain in lane.


    Diana's Bracers (3)

    A good first primary item. Although it doesn't have health, everything else about it is great for an early support. Health is not important before 6, health regen and armour is assuming you're against an ad carry at bot. Mounting Defense and the 30 resilience is also very good in 2vs2 skirmishes and ganks from both teams.

    Olympus Gambit (4)

    A great second primary item. You're now gaining some health to help you with your skills and you are also gaining some very useful team bonuses that will help your ad carry in lane and give that slight advantage in early team fights. This item should be bought early to maximise the use of the team aura. Bastion is also a great activation against ganks and for aggressive advances. Remember you are more of a controller than a damage dealer. So the added tankiness is much better than the missing damage in many situations. Plus Bastion can synergise well with Rat Swam.

    Kryptonian War Armor (3)

    Time to start building some AP armour for those team fights. Great stats, perfect for GJ. Vitality 1 (+20% healing received) works with GJ's Q heal, Health Vial's and the Health Regen stat. The more health you get the more affective this passive becomes.

    Ruby Of Life (4)

    I love this item. It's very under used and it feels like it was made just for GJ. It synergizes perfectly with his skills. Is it worth the slot? I think so. If the other team lacks AP you could consider getting this before Kryptonian War Armor (3).

    Metallo's Heart (3)

    I often lean towards this once I've got the 4 core items instead of Fragment Of Mogo (3) simply because the passive is so good in team fights. Again, I don't think it's your job to be the damage dealer and the -20% attack speed is just so good. If someone else has it on your team you might then want to consider Mogo. Even then I would go for another defensive item like Booster Gold's Power Suit (3) which allows you to sustain the 10% cooldown.

    Oa Gambit (4)

    Often my final choice of item. Even with all your health, ad carries will have substantial damage and some penetration by this point. They are all likely to have Huntress' Crossbow (3) too. This item offers armour over health. Oa Aura also allows for some penetration for your AP carry and for you to do a bit more damage (you may need it in late game fights where speed of kills matter).


    Fragment Of Mogo (3)

    I haven't used this much, but I can understand its uses. If for example they have a team who counters your cc and simply are able to ignore you, then damage over tankiness maybe the option. I can't see that being the case in many scenario's though. You may want to consider this in non ranked games where you're forced to carry and kills need to be made by yourself.


    Suit Of Sorrows (4)

    If the team has heavy AD and you're the front line who is getting focused.

    Booster Gold's Power Suit (3)

    Again if the team is heavy AD this is a great item because it gives Cooldown as well as it's bonus. If for example your team's 5vs5 capabilities are much stronger than the enemies, but the opposing team is turtling at their own towers, AND they have strong pushing capabilities so you can't destroy these towers, then a dive might be essential! This item is great for that.

    Atlantis Gambit (4)

    If your main role is to protect the AD and you're not the front line tank then this could help save the AD carry. In late game the heal they would get would be substantial and the added slow is useful. Also Atlantis Aura is a nice bonus for your team.

    Stolen Powers:

    As a support you should be the one with wards. I think Robin's Stolen Power is the best as it allows you to destroy the enemy wards and reveals any stealthers such as Gaslight Catwoman. This will put a fair bit of pressure and doubt on the enemy AD and Support if they have no vision of your jungler.

    It only holds two charges, but you can only have 2 wards out at once anyway. It's easy enough to go back at a suitable time to refill your charges. 1 extra charge isn't going to be very useful when you often want 2 wards out at a time.

    Again as a support you should have heal, it may keep your AD carry or any other team member alive, not just yourself. I suggest Kypto's even though I haven't got it yet... It just seems better to have that bit more healing than that bit more attack or armour, though I'm not sure about this one, so don't take my word for it.


    Your mods should be on your core items only, not situational ones. They should also boost early game for that advantage rather than changing anything for late game.

    Awesome mod. First item with additional armour at bot lane, seems perfect to me!

    More bonuses for your team, can't fault.

    More healing for yourself that synergizes with all your items, a nice one to get.


    This is really nice if you definitely intend to get this item, the other Ruby of Life mods should also be considered. I can't really tell if this is worth it or not and if you should take it over one of the ones above. I guess it's personal preference!

    Also optional, again depends if you're sure that you're going to take this item. Should also consider the other mod variant +15 attack armour.


    I've gone for early Health and Armour boosts here rather than anything else. It seems to be the thing to do for supports; you want some tankiness early in lane so you don't get harassed out. I would have quite liked some additional cool down reduction but I couldn't find any decent amplifier combinations with this in.


    I've done enough in one day, I'll do this another time!

    Additional Comments

    I would quite like to show some video footage of GJ at his best, but that won't be for a while. If I think of anything else I want to add I'll be sure to update the guide regularly as long as I keep playing the game.

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