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  • Infinite Crisis has shut down.

    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

    Hats off to you all. It was a pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.


    Infinite Crisis builds for Mecha Superman

    Stay alive and wreck the shit out of them

    A Mecha Superman guide by desykd
    Last updated: May 10th, 2015
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/2870-Mecha-Superman-Stay-alive-and-wreck-the-shit-out-of-the
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    Ability levelling order
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    Starter items
    Core items
    Offensive items
    Defensive items
    Stolen Powers
    Ok peaps ill try to explain the best i can this build, have in mind that english is my second language and this is my first guide. Than dont mind the little mistakes and go for the build cause it rocks and its Mecha Super Fun.


    The hole intent for this build is to keep yourself alive and harrass the enemy. At early game you ll want to be literaly on the creeps, know that place where the two lanes meet, there is exactly where you wanna be (preferably on bot for shure). From there your main goal ll be to stomp all coins you see, this way gaining stacks on ruby of life and phantom strangers necklace. Also ull try to harrass the enemy as much as you can with your semi-combo W & Q this ll constantly make your enemy silenced if he tries to get near your adc and slow them down if u manage to hit the longer stun. Keep in mind that your hole combo is E & W & Q, if any squishy (preferably the ones without scape mechanism) get near you and you have an ally to finish the job combo him, and keep following till u or your allies get the kill. Keep in mind in this situations to hold your ult for TFs or when that squishy was a bait and their team starts pushing back.


    -Balanced tanky
    -Good CC
    -Huge TF PD with his area ult
    -Good sinergy with comets droped on the ground and his passive (remember to maintain your lanes crowded with those).


    -Can wall in allies.
    -Needs good wall placement and W placement.
    -Carefull at early game as you arent invincible yet.
    -Got to be very observant off the balance between PD and Health (usually the core items grants you enouth armor).


    Starter Items: My starter items are Olympus Gambit (2) or [[Phantom Stranger`s Necklace (2)]] + Modular Health Vial (2). This last one is essencial at early game as you want to stay in lane as max. as possible for ensuring stacks on [[Phantom Stranger's Necklace (2)]] and Ruby Of Life (4). Olympus Gambit (2) ll help you with sharing credits in this early phase and [[Phantom Stranger's Necklace (2)]] ll help you not get heart as bad by adcs and blasters.

    Core Items: OK here is where the game really starts to get fun. First finish [[Phantom Stranger`s Necklace (2)]] and just after that, try completing Ruby Of Life (4). At this point of the game (usually between 15min) is where u ll have to start making decisions. 1 - If your game is going well and probably you are already helping top get their tower down while your adc farms bot u ll probably want to go big on the PD Items. So if its the case go to Offensive items section.2 - At the other side if u lost bot (what is very odd) you should continue with Atlantean Royal Seal (3) and/or Cosmic Belt (2) till you feel that you found the right ammount of survivability (health) and PD for you not beeing that giant dummy that no one needs to pau attention to.

    Late Items: As i already emphasized, at late game you will be watching your TFs and if you are surviving well, go for offensive, if not go for more defensive and more offensive later. Offensive - Ok this is simple, if you are well farmed go for Cosmic Staff (3) or The Book Of Eternity (2) case you are not felling such a big spender. If your health is swinging too much [[Eclypso`s Diamond (2)]] is a great choice. If you`ve been able to maintain yourself inlane go for The Logoz (3) for more stacking. Defensive - Go for Amulet Of Isis (3) if you are not stomping so well and it ll also help you nail that E with the movement speed. Olympus Gambit (4) and The Medusa Mask (4) for great survivability and team suporting. Unnecessary to say that if you are diving a lot and there still is lots of enemy towers, go for [[Booster Gold`s Power Suit (3)]]. And finnaly, if you havent already salveged that Olympus Gambit (2) finish it up and get more tankyness for yourself and auras.


    Atomic Green Lantern's Consume This will get u some survivability as well as some movement speed for nailing that E on early game. Also it ll give you awesome low health flees at late game. It ll as well activate your passive if you use it on an enviromental obj. (dammit this is some synergy shit). This can be traded for [[Mecha's Super Man Consume]] too as it ll give you more healing.

    Aquaman's Super Strength Also ll give you that movement speed for hitting E.

    Ok think thats it peaps. if you have any questions, sugestions or wanna state something i missed or mistaken plz feel free to coment cause your thoughts on this ll certainly help. By and help protect the Multiverse
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