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  • Infinite Crisis has shut down.

    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

    Hats off to you all. It was a pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.


    Infinite Crisis builds for Arcane Green Lantern

    Arcane Green Lantern Support Tanky Tank!

    An Arcane Green Lantern guide by tysser
    Last updated: May 2nd, 2015
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/2831-Arcane-Green-Lantern-Arcane-Green-Lantern-Support-Tanky
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    Ability levelling order
    01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19
    Starter items
    Core items
    Defensive items
    Situational items
    Stolen Powers
    Q: First for the knockdown and escape/engage tactic that it offers. You can go over obstacles and gain great positioning during these times. Just make sure you know when to go in and when to go out at early lvls. The CD for it is high.

    W: is next because of the chains. The chain provide a AoE slow then snares after 3 seconds have past. This is a great way to pull off a Q+W combo for initiating fights. Make sure to stay next to your intended target however, for the range of W is pretty small.

    E: 3rd. In all honestly E is probably just a great escape tool for yourself. However you can use it as a ward or just a good way to finish off your opponent... Slamming a lantern onto his corpse :D. E is generally use in a E+Q+W combo. You want to E at your feet and then quickly Q AWAY from the enemy team for escaping. Once they hover over the lantern activate your W and it will then provide a slow and if you're lucky a snare. Making sure you escape just in time!

    Ult/R: is generally last due to the skill point system but this is one of my favorite ults in the game! If you are familiar with other MOBAs such a League of Legends, then this ult is a lot like Shen's ult. You target a friendly champ and then teleport to them in a couple of seconds providing a shield for them on a way. It's an amazing way to save your teammate and however bait the enemy team to dive into their own death trap! Where you suddenly show up and chain cc them with your combo!

    Passive: Passive is a great lane sustain item for your adc and even you. After you auto attack a enemy a green circle will appear and once a ally or you auto attacks it again it will heal you for X amount! Note: Your passive will apply to all enemy champions in your ult range once you activate it to a teammate. So not only do you ult onto them for a shield, they can also heal and sustain!

    Starting Items: Modular Health Vial (2) and Olympus Gambit (2). Early game the Olympus Gambit (2) is a really strong laning phase item. It gives you extra credits with every credit pick up you receive. So make sure to keep it until laning phase is over. What you start with is how your going to play the beginning and most of the laning phase. During laning phase make sure to secure your credits if your carry or you does not get the last hit on the enemy minions. Be responsible to pick it up with Olympus Gambit (2) passive.

    Core Items: Once laning phase is coming to and end and you're starting to roam and make plays. I would recommend upgrading Olympus Gambit (2) into one of your core items. Olympus Gambit (4). The fully upgraded item is a massive team fight booster. It gives you and your team +15 Attack Armor, +15 Power Armor, and +10 Health Regen per 10s. Which is an aura. Or a passive with a AoE. So make sure you try and get as many people in your aura for the bonus armor and health regen!

    Suit Of Sorrows (4), gives you +150 Health and +50 Attack Armour. The real benefit to this however is the +15% Attack Reflect! But what is a Attack/Power Reflect? A Attack/Power Reflect is when an Attack or Power Damage champion deals damage to you and takes the X% of damage back. So with the +15% Attack Reflect all Attack Damage Champions will take some damage back when attacking you with auto attacks or attack based spells.

    Mirror Master's Prism (4). Just like it's brother Suit of Sorrows only for Power. This gives you +150 Health and +50 Power Armour with a +15% Power Reflect. Which means all Power Damage champions with take 15% Reflect damage with power spells.

    Defensive items:
    Metallo's Heart (3) would be the next best thing. During this time in the game you probably won't be building and finishing your Olympus Gambit (2) but you do need a armor item with some health. Well how about that + Cool down reduction and a Attack Damage carry nerf?! Thats right! The Metallo's Heart (3) grants you +200 Health +50 Attack Armor and +10% Cool down Reduction! Cool down reduction help with your abilites to come back quicker. More knock downs from your Q and more annoying ults for the enemy team! The aura that is given to you with the purchase of said item is -20% Attack Speed for all nearby enemy Champions. So all champs (mainly Attack Damage champs.) Will receive a bit of a debuff when your next to them. So make sure you keep them there!

    Entropy Aegis (3). The item gives you + 250 Health +40 Power Armor. The passive that comes with it is Skill Block 1. Skill Block 1 Grants a Skill Shield that prevents the damage and effects of the next enemy skill, with a cool down of 1 minute. That means the shield negates the first spell hit onto you. It's a great item to pick up if they have a Power Damage champion. Which will most likely be due to the blaster top laners! I would recommend Building this item right after your Metallo's Heart (3) or before if the Power Damage on the enemy team is getting our of hand!

    But why should I get these two items and when?:
    Well these two items are about a must have on a tank. They give you great armor and health with the return damage. Although I would be careful with them since if there is an all attack damage team you dont want to build [[Mirror Master's Prism(4)]]. Or vice versa where you wouldn't want to build Suit Of Sorrows (4) if it was a all Power Damage team. Another thing is you want to rush these items. Get these early so your harass starts sooner.
    Situational Items:
    Atlantean Royal Seal (3). This item I feel different about then other players on this. Why? Well it gives you +300 Health and +50 Power Damage with a passive where targets damaged by your skills lose 20% Move Speed for 1.5 seconds. And 10% for multi-target skills. Now here is the thing with . His Q knockdowns the first enemy. So doesn't really help there. Your W slows them already. So whats the point? I guess for your E really. But that doesn't help much. I say if you are ahead early in laning phase and you want to roam and help, Go for it. It gives you some Power Damage with a slow. And some health it's not terrible. But I just can't see it being better then the other items mentioned.

    When and how should I build all of these items in a game setting?
    Well lets talk about that. Lets make up a team comp for them. Lets stay they have a Top. Two junglers. A ADC then Support. So it would go in this order Joker Doomsday Atomic Wonder Woman Gaslight Batman Krypto. Well Joker, Krypto are Power Damage. But Joker is really the only huge Power Damage source. With Doomsday Atomic Wonder Woman building Attack Damage and then Gaslight Batman who can build both. But will probably build more Attack Damage.
    So now we know that there is 3 AD to 2 Power Damage. We want to focus a bit more on the AD side. First we start off with our Modular Health Vial (2) and Olympus Gambit (2), This will give us some lane pressure with the coin for pick up. Laning phase is starting to near an end and the Joker got a little fed in the top lane. So first what were going to do is build Mirror Master's Prism (4). It has the Power Reflect we need with the other stats.
    Were going to be a bit squishy however to the other 3 ADs. So lets just finish up our Olympus Gambit (4). We now have the aura from that with the Power reflect. So Joker is handled for a bit. However the 3 other major ADs are kinda hurting hard. Lets go ahead and just build Suit Of Sorrows (4). So we now have 4 items in our inventory. Modular Health Vial (2) Mirror Master's Prism (4) Olympus Gambit (4) and Suit Of Sorrows (4). This is around mid game. We now have both needed Power Reflects. Some add aura for our teammates and just a few health pots.
    Late game is arriving and were losing a bit of our tankiness. Joker has picked up some Power penetration and the 3 ADs have picked up some Armor Penetration. We need to get more Items to withstand them. Since there are 3 ADs were going to focus on them first, so lets add Metallo's Heart (3). There is now another aura on the field to debuff the ADs and you are now once tankier to them again. We still need to focus Joker however because every time we try and initiate, were getting stunned and stopped. Entropy Aegis (3) to the rescue! Were going in on Joker and he tried to stun us. But our spell shield pops that ability and we catch him. Good job!
    So now we still have all 6 items but what if we still need that little bit of kablam to really seal in the deal. Simple! Sell our Modular Health Vial (2) and since there are 3 ADs pick up another Armor item. Fragment Of Mogo (3) will easily seal the deal. This item gives us +250 Health and +40 Attack Armor. With a pretty sweet passive that you can Activate to deal damage over time to all nearby enemies. Deals 20 Power Damage (20 + 4% (X) Bonus Health) and then 10 Power Damage (10 + 2% (X) Bonus Health) each second decaying to 5 Power Damage (5 + 1% (X) Bonus Health) over 10 seconds (90 second Cooldown). So now were full build and tanky to the point of no more deaths!

    Stolen Powers:
    Robin's Surveillance Camera. Robin's cam had two additional charges. So instead of 3 you get 5! As a support your job is to make sure you ward the map, keep track of there jungler and make sure no roams or sneaky DDD's happen! Ward important objectives too, alongside lane or map side entrances. So tri-bushes, Raider, DDD, Power Relays etc...

    Blue Beetle's X-Ray Vision Blue Beetle's X-Ray Vision. I like this one personally due to the 30 credits per cam kill and when you kill one, it reduces this cool-down by 5! 5 may not seem like enough. But lvl 1 your X-ray is a 90 second cool-down. One Cam kills gets it to 85 and it will help in the long run. Especially with the extra gold. Just makes things more worth. X-ray lets you see cams, stealth units, stealth pads. And is really a great tool. If you don't have cams left just pop a x-ray clear their cams with the X-Ray and also make sure there is no ganks happening to you where you don't have a cam!

    1st Mod: Olympus Gambit (4) Resonant. With the mod it gives you +20 Attack Armor, +20 Power Armor, and +10 Health Regen per 10s! That is a big difference! Makes your team tankier with you! So make sure you stay near and get as many people as you can in your circle!

    2nd Mod: Suit Of Sorrows (4). Empowered. This gives you 25% Attack Reflect instead of the normal 15%. A 10% difference is huge! More damage to the enemy team for hurting big ol' you!

    3rd Mod: Mirror Master's Prism (4). Empowered. This one gives you 30% Power reflect instead of the normal 15%. So this is a 15% difference. Blah blah blah tankier tankier blah blah blah you know the theme by now :P

    1st Augment: Castle. Castle gives you +24.06 Health and +3.25 Attack Armour. Great boost of health and a little bit of added Attack Armour.

    2nd Augment: Giant. Giant creates you +3.9 Power Armour and +20.05 Health. Boost of Power Armour and Health.

    3rd Augment: Vangaurd. Vangaurd applies +0.39 Power Armor/lvl Max 7.41 and +2.51 Health/lvl Max 47.69. This is a great scaling augment for power and health.

    4th Augment: Oak. Oak allows you to have +0.39 Attack Armor/lvl Max 7.41 and +2.51 Health/lvl Max 47.69. Just like Vangaurd but with attack armour and healt.

    Why these Augments?
    I choose these Augments because I believe late game, is the best game. Tanks thrive for the late game. Getting to the point of an unstoppable, unkillable force is like any other. It feels so right. With the base and scaling health with attack/power armour you will have more defenses and health hopefully by the end of the game. Beginning could be rough however. With the default amplifiers that the game starts you with you get generally more base stats then scaling. But you will become more tankier the later. So just hold out! Never surrender!

    But how do I really play Arcane Green Lantern?
    This final question I will answer into different parts. Laning phase w/wards. Mid game w/Wards. Late game w/wards.

    Laning Phase:
    So Laning phase can be quite simple. Were level one. Have some good base stats with our starting items Modular Health Vial (2) and Olympus Gambit (2). So all we do is rush level 2 and secure our pressure in the lane. To rush level two help your carry in the bot lane by attacking the minions and killing them quicker then the other team. IF and WHEN you hit level 2 first before the enemy team. That is where you put the next point into W and go into the closest person. Preferably the carry. You go in with Q and quickly activate W. If done correctly and your lane carry follows up you will have either killed them or made them waste some pretty important Stolen Powers!
    Wards are simple here. Ward the Tri-Pad above the lane and then one of the stealth pads below your lane. You also want to make sure the below cam gets vision of Raider in case they try and sneak it!

    Mid Game:
    Mid Game is a little trickier. This is where you start roaming and you have to be able to tell what items you need to build next or soon. All you have to do for items is just hold tab and see. Who has the most kills? Who has the most credits? For the enemy team. If you notice that your top lane is not doing so well. Then go top quickly and help him try and kill the other laner. Be quick though! If the enemy bot duo notices your bot carry is alone they will try and kill him! But luckily you have a ult to save him!
    Wards are placed usually at DDD right when it spawns and then the last one can be right at your jungle entrance or theirs. All depends if your team is losing and has to play defense. Or is winning and is looking to push into them and secure their camps.

    Late Game
    Late Game is so important. This is where plays are made. Where the tiniest mistake turns into the biggest loss of your life... But no pressure!
    You have two options with Arcane Green Lantern, You can peel for you carries which means make sure they live and fight anyone who tries to get into their way. Or dive their carries and be a nuisance to them! You have to read the game though. Do you have any divers on your team? If so then peel for your carry. Protect them with everything you have. Don't forget ult and items too. If you have 0 divers and your team is mostly a stand back and shoot team. Then you want to dive in. If you can distract their carries with your huge big ol' body then they have no damage output unlike your team who is beating the others down.
    Wards are generally the same as mid game, just make sure you keep those wards up!

    I think I covered about almost everything. Please comment and tell me if you liked it or not. Too wordy? Not thorough enough? Questions? Concerns? Maybe you just want someone to talk too?! I will answer any and everything and will do my best to make it logical! Thank you for checking out my guide!
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