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  • Infinite Crisis has shut down.

    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

    Hats off to you all. It was a pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.


    Infinite Crisis builds for Shazam

    Shazam build and tech guide

    A Shazam guide by LucianDR
    Last updated: Mar 13th, 2014
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/shazam-build-and-tech-guide
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    Ability levelling order
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    Starter items
    Core items
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    Stolen Powers
    Hi fellow crisis players.Shazam is a champion that i like to play that is under used. he can be built as a tank, power bruiser, or nuker. This guide wil explain how to build him into these 3 roles and how to effectively use him. Shazam has allot of potential that most players are unaware of.

    Strenght and Weaknesses

    Strenghts= he uses energy instead of mana, has high burst, has a stun, has a shield, converts his bonus power into health, converts his bonus health into power, scales well.

    Weakness= has no sustain damage, require auto attacks to replenish energy quickly, his E ability is useless, has long cooldowns, item dependent.


    Passive= Shazam gains more health based on his bonus power and more power based on his bonus health(bonus power or health gained from both of these abilities dont scale of each other it would make it over powered). it also allow shazam to replenish more energy by auto attacking enemy drones, monsters, and champions.

    Q=Shazam dashes to an enemy and stuns him and deal power damage.

    W= the way manage use this ability make the diffrence between a good shazam player from a great one.This abilities switches between 2 modes. when shazam is in goes into power mode his next basic attack will deal bonus power damge and hit aditional 3 enemies and gains passive power pen. Then when shazam go defense mode he gains a sheild for few seconds and gains passive power armor. this abilities is on a low cool down.

    E= does a small area of affect power damage for a few seconds that does a weak slow. dont even bother putting a point into this skill.

    Ultimate= Shazam blinks to a location and deals power damage to enemy around him that scales based the amount of distance he has traveled. this move cost no energy to use has alot of damage if it is used correctly and can be used to escape a bad situation. the ability in early game has a long cool down.

    Abilities order= Ultimate>W>Q>Passive>E

    This is the best way to level up shazam. always level up your ult when posible, max Shazam  W first soyou will be able to spam his shield and power damage move and the power pen most useful in the early game. Next is his Q which scales well and lower on cool down per level put into it. Then max his passive which recover more energy with auto attacks and give more health or power based on both his bonus health and power.Last is his E, dont bother putting a point into it. it cost too much energy to be used with your other spells tilll late game. it does low amount of damage and the slow is weak.


    Cosmic Belt= Awesome item on any power champ for early game. For shazam this item turns him into a early game fiend. tank, bruiser, nuker

    fatality energy lance= this will allow shazam to instantly kill any squishy with the active. the cool down reduction helps alot. nuker

    star heart= this is awesome on shazam  due to boosting his power stacking that will also give him more health. bruiser, nuker

    atlantean royal seal=great item on shazam giving health and power. can stop upgrading it till its tier 3 unless you need the slow.tank, bruiser, nuker

    the book of eternity= necessary on all nuker. give alot of power damage and the passive shreds power armor. bruiser, nuker

    psi schimitar= awesome item especially if you have the mod for it. after a use of your abilities the nect auto attack you do will deal bonus power damage.bruiser, nuker

    blue scarab= this give shazam some sustain damage and power armor. its expensive good in some situations. bruiser, nuker

    nerons contract= great against attack damage team and the sheild is awesome to go into the whole enemy team kill the squishy instantly and then sheild while they attack you the enemy get mauled by your team. nuker

    eclipso diamond= their better items for shazam but if you feel they have allot of power damage go ahead pick this up.

    pandora box= great for chasing and running away.tank, bruiser

    radion shard= good item that can be sold latter for a better item. bruiser, nuker

    two faces coin= great if you are on a early lead. but only buy this item early game so it can get the stacks fast enough. bruiser, nuker.

    hawkman vest= get a ton of health for cheap and can be sold for bought price.tank,bruiser

    ruby of life= great item if you can stay alive to stack it especially if you have 2 stack per coin collected mod. tank, bruiser

    lobo chain=i get this item when a my team dosnt have much crowd controll. tank

    batman utility belt= good item on shazam to allow him to auto attack faster to gain energy fast while still making him tanky the cool down reduction helps. tank, bruiser

    suit of sorrows= great when the enemy team has allot of attack champions. this item is great when you have allot of health. tank, bruiser

    helm of fate= is a good item when  your facing attack damage enemies. tank, bruiser

    entropy aegis=i really like this item even against attack nukers like gaslight catwomen. gives hp, power armor and skill shield. tank, bruiser, nuker

    crime bible= great for when have a early lead and want to become a hp beast. tank, bruiser

    phantom stranger necklace= get this when you have enough health to take make you unkillable. tank

    mirror prism= cheap item that give health and power armor.tank, bruiser

    ra a ghuls robe= great when you are a high priority target. bruiser, nuker

    metalos heart= great against attack dammage/speed champions. tank 

    Shazam tips

    - dont put a level point in shazam E, he only has a hundred energy his Q uses 50 while his W uses 30 the his E uses 30. he dosnt have enough energy be able to use it.better to spam his Q and W
    -Stay in shield form so that you can activate power form(W) then dash to a target with your ultimate then Q for max damage and make it so that you can use shield faster. can do the same thing without ultimate.
    -use fatality energy lance before you use your abilities for max damage(INSTA KILL)
    -stay in power mode to switch into defense mode if enemies are going to engauge you under turret.
    -use Shazam Q to go through walls if you have vission of an enemy or run away from enemies in lane by Q a drone.
    -becareful using artifacts that stack by using coins because you die you lose half stacks.
    -shazam is a great ganker or assist in ganking by stunning the champion.
    -shazam only reliable is his escape is his ultimate but in early gamr its on a long cool down so you never really want to use it to escape.
    -in my oppinion nuker shazam is the most fun to play but i recomend going bruiser or tank so you ca n get a feel on how to use his abilities and his energy consumption so you can become efficient enough to use shazam as a nuker.

    i hope you gained some insight about shazam in this guide and hope enjoy playing him.

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