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  • Infinite Crisis has shut down.

    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

    Hats off to you all. It was a pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.


    Infinite Crisis builds for Flash

    CH4_Ron-Burgandy's Staying Classy In Gotham Heights

    A Flash guide by RonBurgandy
    Last updated: Feb 2nd, 2015
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/ronburgandys-staying-classy-in-gotham-heights
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    Good Morning San Diego, I am Ron-Burgundy Recently name Changed to CH4_Ron-Burgundy! You may have seen me on the in game between the hours of 7pm-12am (CST), and sometimes playing with some great streamers such as @ www.twitch.tv.com/hammerreborn. I love Infinite Crisis and  DC. I have been playing Infinite Crisis since this Summer. I know that seems like a short span but I am not unfamilar with Mobas and only found out about the game through tiresome facebook ads that I eventually clicked on. Here I am. Why should you listen to me and my guide? Well because I love Flash, Aka Barry Allen, Aka Wally West, Aka Jay Garrick, Aka Bart Allen, Aka the Scarlet Speedster, and finally aka The Crimson Comet. My office is dedicated to the flash and he is definately one of my favorite DC characters. So inevitably the reason I started playing infinite crisis was to play with the flash. I played for 2 months with only the flash to become better with him and I believe that I have become extremely successful with him. I have played him since he was PD and I needed to establish this guide to help newer players who might want to give him a go. This is my first guide so hopefully the feedback from this will help me in developing new guides as well.

    I Also added an image of one of my games but  I usually end with less deaths...most deaths I think I ever had but the game was extremely long.

    This guide is specifically for Gotham Heights even though I play a lot of Gotham Divided. I am looking forward to adapting this guide to a GD specfication at a later time. This guide will focus on going top as flash with 3 other protectors. In this, I will cover extensive strategies in order to not only get you fed as an individual but also the way to help your teams cap points to Flash's best abilities.

    If you have any questions send me questions via the forums @ Ron-Burgandy   or add me as a friend and ask me in game I will do anything to help.

    1.Skill Breakdown
    2. MODS
    3. Augments
    4. Items
    5. Strategies


    FLASH ATTACK (Q)The Flash rushes to target location, dealing 60 Attack Damage to all enemies he passes through. The cooldown of Flash Attack is reduced if he rushes less than Flash Attack's maximum range, down to a minimum of 40% at half range.If Hyper Vibration is active, this skill changes to a dash and can pass through walls.
    Damage:60/95/130/16590% Bonus Attack Damage

    This is one of Flashes greatests assets in that it enables you to kite.....hard as well as escaping sticky situations. It is not as powerful as it used to be since it was PD and is now AD and most champions stack up the Armor now. The best way to use this skill is for getting yourself fed.Yea People will get mad at times because it seems like you are getting all the kills but when you guarantee a win most competitive players will not object. It is also a great skill for escaping. Coupled with a great CDR you can escape from almost annyone in conjunction with your E.(Which enables you to sprint through objects.  Another strategy that I use is baiting people with this skill. Once flash gets sub par health and you run the enemies ineveitably follow. For some reason people still fail to realize that they cannot catch you coupled with your super speed skill even if they have it.

    They will chase you and you can lead them right into your team which at that time
    its too late for them. Another thing i do is usually use it to burst back into an enemy champion who is chasing in order to help my team burst them down. Sometimes i even use it to  help secure mid until teamates can arrive by continuing to dash through the middle which delays the enemy team from capturing it. All in all this skill has to be the most versitile skill flash has. Did i mention it helps you chase enemy champs down hard.

    F = MA (W)Resets Basic Attack cooldown. The Flash's Basic Attack speed is set to 3 per second for 3s or until he uses 4 Basic Attacks. During this time, the Flash's Basic Attacks deal only 25% damage, but each hit deals an additional 20 Attack Damage.F=MA's attacks apply Hit Effects, but the bonus Attack Damage does not apply to structures.
    Damage:20/30/40/5020% Bonus Attack Damage
    Cooldown 13/12/11/10

    Okay W is Flash's main damage output now. ITs unbelivable especially with a critical flash.
    It enables you apply it on effects which includes critical damage. Just know it hurts.

    HYPER VIBRATION (E) For 3s Flash Attack changes to a dash and can pass through walls. Damaging or touching an enemy Champion grants him a stack of Speed Force, and his target loses 20% Move Speed, which decays over 2s. Champions may only be affected once.

    Okay E is useful skill but since the armor has been removed it definately needs to be
    maximized last. Mainly i use this skill to help slow my enemies for either my
    team to kill them or myself. It can also be used to slow people who
    are trying to take your capture point where you can hit
    E dash with q to hit them , couple with W they are most likely dead or running for
    dear life because the capture point is also dealing damage. Overall use this ability strictly for slowing either to get away from someone or to chase them down.

    SPEED STORM (R)The Flash becomes invincible while he runs around an area for 2s. Every 0.5s, he gains a stack of Speed Force and deals 40 Attack Damage to all enemies in the area. At the end of this time,or if the skill is triggered again to end early, 60 Attack Damage is dealt to all enemies still in the area.
    Damage per .5s:40/70/110/13050% Bonus Attack Damage  
    Final Damage:60/100/140/18070% Bonus Attack Damage

    Okay SPEED Storm is the Best ability flash has to offer especially since that added an extra initial pulse. It has great synergy with WW ultimate its like Buying a New Car with 0% APR. Its Fantastic. Its a great skill to use on any capture point to scare the crap out of any enemy on the point to run away allowing your teamates to chase them down while you also recieve no damage. ITs also a great escape since you can use it take no damage while your building up will and then dash away from the opposition. With CDR its even better because you can use it about every 60 seconds in PD i used to be able to get it down to roughly 50 but now its AD. Only fall back is that enemies usually only get a couple of hits before they run away or die. That why you need to try to bait them or conicide with you team for maximuim output.

    SPEED FORCE (PASSIVE)When the Flash uses a skill he gains a stack of Speed Force. Speed Force grants him 2.5% Move Speed for 2.5s, and can stack up to 5 times.
    The Flash gains Bonus Damage based on his Move Speed (+1% per 10 Bonus Move Speed).Move Speed:2.5%-3.5%-4.5%-5.5%

    This is an okay skill you will never get too much damage from it but its great to help chase down champions or to escape. If your low and are gonna die just start spaming your abilities and you will easily make it away and safely back home.



    Okay first of all Mods and Amplifiers are extremely important for any level of competitive gaming. They do cost a tons of Merit when you first start out but they are worth it. I recommend that you focus on one champion at a time when starting out on IC as I did. This way you can maximize that characters potential and once you are finished you no longer have to worry about rebuilding the character mods or becoming familiar with them. In this manner you will learn about every character and how to counter them more effectively, as well as being able to play with them at a higher level.

    First to the Mods. The mods you can use with flash can vary. It depends on if you want a attack damage Assasian with high penetration or you want to run a critical flash. I prefer the Critical flash and i will tell you why. Critical damage attack Flash is the best a nuking enemy carries or squishys (Whats a squishy if you might ask if your new to the game? Well.....flash....and sinestro, basically any assasin or ranged carry that focuses on damage output with no sustain.) When you compare Flash's abilities with these other carries his 1v1 potential now since he has been changed to attack damage has been highly reduced. Mainly due to the retraction of his armor bonus from his E. If you go up against a MWW or AWW 1v1 you will most likely loose unless you are already fed. Even fed I sometimes see myself going down to one of these characters because of the squishyness of Flash now. Also you have to remember that Flash's Abilities are meant for hit and run approach. He is built to run in, spam his abilities to do tons of damage and then escape. This is key. So if you build a Critical Flash his potency to do more damage at a faster pace is amplified. Also if you get caught in a 1v1 a critical flash is the build that I have had the most success in surviving along with getting the kills. 

    The 3 Mods I use for a critical Flash are 

    1. Empowered Joe Chills Revolver   +75% Crit
    2. Enhanced Time Hunters Timepack +5%CDR
    3. EMpowered Deathstroke's Claymore +Terminate which allows you to deal 10% of targets max health with hits for limited time

    Two other mods I have been using on occasion is the Mod giving Atomic axe 10 more damage. The armor penetration is almost a must any more with enforcers stacking tons of armor. This not only allows you to get some more damage but to help you burst down carries faster as well as being able to do substantial damage to these enforcers before suit of sorrows tears you up. The other is Critical Chance Implants +10 % the reason I usually dont go that route is the coding for randomization of critical chance is out of whack and when I get this item I tend in most games not to see the increase in critical chance stacking comparbly to games without it. Its about the same. Another route is the Suit of sorrows mod giving 25% reflect its great for sustainablility if your fighting a mainly melee attack damage team.  Usually I subsitute Empowered claymore for one of these others in that if your basing your damage on crits and key on bursting down carries the activation is almost fruitless. Just depends on the game. But if you like how it plays especially for bursting tanks you should keep it.

    The Augments that I use are specifically tailored for Crit Flash because you can get up to 25% extra critical DAMAGE with these. Which I believe is the most bang for your buck.

    1.MANTLE 6.25% Crit DAMAGE 
    2.HEX 6.25% Crit DAMAGE

    3.BULWARK 6.25% Crit DAMAGE
    4.BEAVER 6.25% Crit DAMAGE

    Here recently I have been running a different set of Augments:
    Vengence- 2.11 Movement 19.43 Health
    Earthquake-1.75 Movement 21 Health
    Tsnami-1.62 Movement 26 Health
    Kord- 3.02 Move 1.8 attack pen.

    Not sure if these are the updated numbers from the patch but are the ones listed on this site. The reason for the switch is that flash needs to be fast to get in and out of situations as well as quick to get to points. By adding roughly 8 extra movement speed it helps youll notice a difference. Also it provides some added health which gives you about 70 health which could help you survive one more auto attack in the early game especially when going top. I like these augments alot. Strategically speaking. The other Augment set is still good if you want to focus more on damage and your critical burst potential.


    Okay the Items speak for themselves

    Timepack- I usually finish first gives you 15% cdr or 20% depends on your mods. And 50 attack damage. Also it has a great active which can help you make bad judgement call by warping back to a point before you engage. You Might be saying as Ron Burgandy..... Milk was a bad choice.....I immediately regret that decision... Now you can correct your wrongs in 2 simple clicks.

    Deathstrokes claymore- I usually finish this second because it gives me terminate (now I tend not to use terminate as much) as well as 10% cdr along with 50 attack damage and 15% penetration. A great AD item Recently noticed that slayer was moved from this item to huntress crossbow. Still a great item for CDR which is a must on flash.

    Joe Chills Revolver- I ususally rush this 3rd but remember never waste a B. Always buy whay you have enough for if you dont have enough to finish start another item if you can afford it. But with the critical and damage its great. 50 Attack

    Implants- Great item on flash in that it increases your attack speed, movement speed, and critical chance. Helps escape and do tons of more damage. I max it 4th

    I usually go
    Huntress Crossbow 5th---- THis gives you more damage , which is great since flash can escape quicker, also it gives you some added attack speed great item. This has been updated to a must item since the slayer passive was added to this item and taken away from Deathstokes claymore. Its a Great Item to have still reccommend 4 or 5

    UPDATED 12-31-14: I now usually instead of huntress Crossbow as my 5th item I tend to run Batmans Utility Belt as my 5 item but build it before Implants. The main reason is it gives us the final 10% cooldown reduction (40%) that is needed to spam abilities to run away or do damage. IT also gives purge(as of now) to alievate slows as well as more attack speed as well as 300 health for sustain. This item will be a must once it is changed in the new updated scheme. Thanks!!!!!

    Another item i seem to be grabbing more and more of is Deadshots Visor it gives you a another burst of punch as well as extra attack speed. The big reason I grab this more frequently now is because of the will bonus. It gives you just enough will to help cast a couple of more skills (as many of you flash players will notice flash can be drained very quickly and have no will left at all. This helps solve this problem. It also has a great toggle which when toggled (makes your hands glow with yellow which notifies you) Basic Attacks and single-target skills cost an additional 4% of Current will and deals bonus attack damage equal to 150% of the will consumed. When toggled off, basic attacks restore 0.5% of Max Will on hit.

    The Next Items are up to you

    Last is usually up to enemy comp. If they are stacking Armor i might Go
    Atomic Axe, gives you more damage and more attack pen. However If i want more sustain I will usually build horus because it gives you damage, armor, and health, it even allows you to steal armor. And with the attack speed of flash's W its a great item to have.


    Okay flash's job in teamfights is to dive in and burst down carries as fast as he can and get the hell out. Remember flash is super squishy now. I recommend going top with the rest of the team. I do not like flash's bottom in that you usually face a ranged carry and they can burst you from distance. Now when you start a great thing with flash is you can spam your abilities and beat everyone to the top node before they can get there you can almost capture it. The downside is you miss out on 100 gold from not capturing the first point. I usually just stay with the team but either way works. I also usually  crash in when the team fight starts letting my enforcers/ bruisers inittiate, i single out one champion who is getting bursted and try and quickly dispose of them by focusing. As soon as my abilities are spammed i immediately head top using Flash's Super speed to get to the health pack first and head behind the enemy team who are still in the heat of battle and I flank them. This usually causes an enemy team to panik unless they are just rocking your team. When they scatter chase at them for a second and long enough for your team to cap the point.

    Once this is done hopefully you have 2 or more kills so you can back and buy. Then you need to rush bottom or opposite top because more than likely the other team will be focusing top node. On most occasions you and your bottom can catch their bottom too far pushed out and gank him securing the bottom node as well. 

    All and All remember that FLASH is a hit and run champion. Use that to your advantage. Dive in burst, dive back out, look evaluate the odds, then dash back in and clean up. Flash always has an escape so remember this.

    Thanks For Reading Guys if you have any comments let me know hope to see you guys playing thanks!


    Latest comments
    Can Flash ult when he's crippled? Just wondering since you probably have more experience. Great guide btw.   
    10:43 am, Feb 9th, 2015
    Yes. The last patch gave him that ability. 
    10:10 pm, Feb 9th, 2015
    I question why you mod both Joe Chill's and V9s with the Deadly Mod, since they don't stack, and will only apply the highest keyword (In this case Deadly 3 from Joe Chill's) meaning that the other is absolutely useless.
    11:22 pm, Oct 2nd, 2014
    That is just one of the strange questions I asked myself about this guide.
    3:33 pm, Oct 3rd, 2014
    Duh wtf....lol thanks for pointing that out I did not realize i put that, thanks for the heads up I changed it in the guide.
    4:39 pm, Oct 3rd, 2014
    Great Guide really helped me develop Flash and understand him.
    12:10 pm, Oct 1st, 2014
    Thanks Zeo
    7:00 pm, Sep 30th, 2014
    Pretty good guide! Needs a little touching up but very well done and thought out currently!
    5:20 pm, Sep 30th, 2014