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  • Infinite Crisis has shut down.

    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

    Hats off to you all. It was a pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.


    Infinite Crisis builds for Superman

    OHNOitzLuke's Gotham Heights Superman Guide

    A Superman guide by OHNOitzLuke
    Last updated: Jun 20th, 2014
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/ohnoitzlukes-gotham-heights-superman-guide
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    Ability levelling order
    01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19
    Starter items
    Core items
    Offensive item options
    Defensive item options
    Situational item options
    Stolen Powers
    - always build lobos chain first(do not wait to max ths out before you buy armor items tier 2 and 3 are ok to start)

    - always build the mace. its refundable and you need to keep buying it all the way up and selling it to get your full value back. trust me it helps buy better and more expensive items. even if u have it tier 1 when you come back and you can afford the next item you want to build finish buying the mace and sell it, now u have an extra 1500 to spend on items

    - i usually build deadshots visor, simply because i survive and run out of will and it gives you more will so you dont have to buy a vial or go back to base

    - always remember that you dont have to build joe chills revolver, you can substitute it with shades cane to help add power damage for your W. now i dont reccomend this but you can do it.

    - i always build psi-cimitar over shades cane simply because of the more power damage and the activated ability. now you can build them both if you build less armor or health.

    - remember superman only needs items that add both power and attack damage at the same time (DO NOT BUILD STARHEART!). i can not say this loud enough or with enough emphasis, it is a complete waste of an item for you simply because this is only helping your W and nothing else.

    - Dont forget that you can build straight health and armor items, just make sure to prioritize the ones that give you attack damage. also dont be affraid to build Helm of Fate for armor and power damage that would not be a waste since you are also getting armor from it.

    - Most importantly you are never going to be a killing machine if you dont build health and armor. you last longer in fights, yes you dont do as much damage per hit but you survive longer. Supermans role is to be a semi-tank, semi-damage character. he is meant to have lots of assists with some kills. This is not always true as you are able to get a ton of kills with him especially if you build him right. Building straight damage will caus you to fail 95% if the time.

    - the optional items are in random order and are situational
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