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  • Infinite Crisis has shut down.

    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

    Hats off to you all. It was a pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.


    Infinite Crisis builds for Flash

    Nick3570's Gotham Divided Mid Lane Flash

    A Flash guide by Nick3570
    Last updated: Mar 24th, 2014
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/nick3570s-gotham-divided-mid-lane-flash
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    Stolen Powers
    Welcome to Nick3570's Infinite Crisis Guide for Mid Lane Flash

    Before we get started, let me introduce myself. I am Nick3570, I am the mid laner for Feel Team Six, a NA team. Flash is one of my main champions. Flash is currently one of the strongest carries in the game and is a frequent ban in competitive play. His ability to snowball and burst down enemy champions is unparalleled by any other assassin in the game.

    Amplifier Set

    Let's talk mods first. The key mod here is the Lex Corp Medusa's Mask mod to gain its passive effect at level two instead of level three.
    I also use the +15 Power Damage mod on Fatality's Energy Lance. This mod effectively gives FEL the third highest power damage in the game while still being relatively cheap (only 500 each of the first three ranks and 750 for rank four), along with having an incredible activation abilitiy.
    My third mod is for the Psi Scimitar which increases its passive to 50 + 50% of your power damage. This will give you that extra burst in the late game after you complete your first three items (Cosmic Belt, Fatality's, Starheart).

    For augments, I take mostly power damage with a little bit of durability to survive. I take as following:

    STAR Labs Augment: BLAST - Power Damage and Power Penetration

    STAR Labs Augment: ORION - Power Damage Per Level and Power Penetration

    Lex Corp Augment: CRYPT - Power Damage Per Level and Attack Armor Per Level

    Lex Corp Augment: TITAN - Power Damage and Attack Armor

    Since Flash scales into late game very well, it makes sense that he is weak early game. These augments help with the early game damage and the little bit of attack armor helps with being harrassed in lane early as well.

    Stolen Powers

    For Stolen Powers I take Doomsday's Invulverability and Cyborg's Teleport.

    Invulnerability is a great power on anybody just for the amount of protection it gives. It's particularly helpful on assassins who dive into teams to kill people.

    Cyborg's Teleport is a very strong power as well. It's great for quickly turning fights in other parts of the map around so the odds are on your side. Why not Catwoman's Teleport? The extra second or two it takes to teleport in can make a HUGE difference in how a game is decided. In that one second, your team could die or take enough damage where the fight will over before you even get there.

    Why not Survelliance Cameras? Being a mobile assassin in mid, the chances of you being successfully ganked are slim to none. If you do get ganked and killed, you probably need to look at the minimap more or communicate with your team better. The free wards at base should be more than enough vision for you. As Flash, you are fast enough to go back to base, pick up the ward, return to lane, and barely miss anything.

    Item Build

    Start with Medusa's Mask level 2 (DON'T LEVEL IT PAST THIS), Tektite Vials, and Health Packs.

    I then proceed to build Cosmic Belt to at least Rank 2 first. If you really feel like you need the third rank, then go for it. It really gives a nice little bit of durability and damage along with early penetration.

    My second item is Fatality's Energy Lance. I max this item fully before starting another item. With Cosmic Belt and FEL, you should have plenty of damage Early game to destroy people, as long as you remember you activate FEL on your target.

    Thirdly, get Starheart. For obvious reasons, its essential on Power Damage champs.

    Psi Scimitar is the next item I get. With the mod, it provides ridiculous burst damage and you should be able to practically instant kill any carry with your Q-W combo. Try and space out your skills a little to proc the effect each time. It has a 2 second cooldown.

    This is where you can differentiate a bit with builds. If you see them building a lot of Power Armor, build Book of Eternity. If you're taking a lot of damage, build durability. I prefer Helm of Fate over Neron's Contract, just because Helm of Fate gives better Power Damage while still providing a lot of Attack Armor. I'm not a fan of Neron's activation because if you're in stasis, it means you're not moving around, and if you're not moving, it means you're not doing damage. Your skills for the most part have a low enough cooldown where you can get in, do damage, and get out without dying, and then go back in and do more damage when your skills are off cooldown.

    Sell your health pack before you sell your tektite vials or Medusa's Mask. I sell my Medusa's Mask before my Tektite Vial because late game, you won't be leveling up quite as much, so you will need the Vials to sustain yourself.

    I get no Will items, unless it's for my last item. I can typically sustain myself pretty well leveling up with Medusa's Mask throughout the early and mid game, along with the regen from the Vials.

    Early Game

    Let's talk early game. Okay, so you started with lvl 2 Medusa's Mask, lvl 2 tektite vials and lvl 1 health pack. You put your free ward on the entrance to the Upper Pod so you can see if anyone comes through to try and gank you (You're just going to have to trust your bottom lane to ward the bottom half, but most junglers don't gank from there anyway).

    The thing you have to understand is, you are most likely going to get bullied in lane. Possibly a lot. Just let the lane push to your tower so you can level and get experience. It's okay that you will fall behind. Flash isn't an early game champion. You don't need to last hit all the minions. Just take what you can get and don't die. Use those health packs and be aware that you will sustain yourself through Medusa's Mask every time you level up. His high mobility should also definitely help with avoiding skill shots. Just never stop moving in around.

    By level 4, you should start roaming. Now, you might ask yourself, "if I'm being pushed to my turret, how can I roam without letting my tower die?". The short answer is, you can't. The right answer is, push the lane off your tower a bit. Use your Flash Attack (Not your W, it costs too much Will) to help clear minion waves. The strongest part of Flash Early to Mid Game is his ability to roam.

    Being the fastest character in the game, it allows Flash to get to all parts of the map fairly quickly. As soon as you see your opposing mid lane missing, you should push the lane out and start roaming and trying to gank. Teleport comes in handy, because you can push the lane out a bit, teleport to another lane, help turn the fight and possibly get a kill or two, then run back to mid before a lot of damage is done to your tower.

    Mid Game

    By mid game (approximately level 10) you should do substantial damage by using your Q to get in to fights and W someone. Your E allows you to excel at chasing people and killing them down. Especially using your Q to get into teams, FEL someone, then R and blow them up, you should be able to really start snowballing now. Your Q is getting significantly stronger and really starting to be able to push lanes. Just remember to stay on top of objectives and keep warding.

    Late Game

    By late game, you should be damn near unstoppable. Your burst potential should be through the roof with just the core items (Fatality's, Starheart, and Psi Scimitar). Unless their team focuses you really hard every fight, you should be able to massacre their team. And if they do focus you every fight, that should allow your team plenty of time to kill their team.

    Keep in mind, if you find yourself unable to get out of a fight, remember that your R makes you untargetable for up to 2 seconds. It doesn't have an insanely long cooldown, so don't be afraid to pop it to allow your team time to help or allow your skills to come off cooldown. It's better to survive and do some damage with your other skills than be dead and do no damage.

    There you have it, folks. My guide to carrying with Flash in Mid Lane. Go Forth, and Carry everybody.
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