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  • Infinite Crisis has shut down.

    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

    Hats off to you all. It was a pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.


    Infinite Crisis builds for Flash

    How to Induce Rage; A Flash guide by Thistle (GH)

    A Flash guide by ttsffth
    Last updated: May 31st, 2014
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/how-to-induce-rage-a-flash-guide-by-thistle-gh
    34,129 2


    Ability levelling order
    01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19
    Starter items
    Core items
    Offensive item options
    Defensive item options
    Situational item options
    Stolen Powers
    Modifiers: **All modifiers are based around late game because Flash snowballs quickly and requires late game power**
    1). S.T.A.R. Labs Mod -- Empowered Psi-Scimitar -- Skilled Attack 2: After skill use, your next attack deals 50 + 50% Power Damage or 150% base Attack Damage. (Tier 3)
    2). Kord Industries Mod -- Altered Blue Scarab -- Charged Attack: Basic Attacks deal 10 + 20% Power Damage (Tier 3)
    3). S.T.A.R. Labs Mod -- Enhanced Power Damage Fatality's Energy Lance -- Power Damage +15 (Tier 3)

    Amplifiers: **All Amplifiers are based around penetration mostly because penetration is ridiculous**
    1). S.T.A.R. Labs Augment -- Codename: BLAST -- +4.21 Power Damage (G), +1.8 Power Penetration (G)
    2). S.T.A.R. Labs Augment -- Codename: ORION -- +0.53 Power Damage/Level (G), +1.8 Power Penetration (G)
    3). Lex Corp Augment -- Codename: COBRA -- +0.44 Power Damage/Level (S), +1.5 Power Penetration (S)
    4). Lex Corp Augment -- Codename: VIPER -- +3.51 Power Damage (S), +1.5 Power Penetration (S)

    I'm not sure why this guide system doesn't allow for more information regarding item builds, etc. So I thought I'd go ahead and explain everything here. Before I even start, this is just a build that will almost always stomp in anybody's hands. Flash does not need a specific build because at the moment he is ludacriously overpowered but by following this build you will be able to take advantage of that and perhaps find what you're clearly looking for if you are in a Flash build and that is to make the unbalanced become the unbeatable.

    First things first, this build is centered around Gotham Heights. This build can easily be used for Gotham Divided but is not specifically designed for it. So, because we are playing Gotham Heights we have a starting gold of 1250. This gives us exactly what we need to start our journey to decimation. The first thing you want to buy on Gotham Heights can sometimes depend on who you are agains't but I've found that in almost any situation the best start for Flash is the level 2 version of Cosmic Belt. The reason being mostly for the penetration as well as the health bonus. As Flash, you should be the primary focus of any decent team. So you rely on what little survivability you get from this item combined with your mobility. I wouldn't typically recommend any other start unless you need something specific to counter the enemy team. The starting items for Gotham Heights can make all the difference in the most important fight that happens during any game, the first one. When playing Flash you need to remember that while you may become strong, at level 3 you certainly aren't going to be tearing through champion after champion. The best way to start on Flash is to time your entrance. The first fight typically starts one sided. It depends on the champions you have on your team whether you will be on the defense or the offense. If you can intimidate your opponents out of the capture point top, you will easily be able to essentially all in on the team fight without having to worry too much because you can always drop back to the capture point for protection. If you end up losing the capture point off the start, you should be staying back behind all of your teamates and looking for a champion to drop below 50%. I wouldn't even recommend going in until you see an opening like that. With a little luck and some practice you can easily end the first fight with 2-3 kills putting you drastically ahead of the opposing team and getting you the gear you need to start snowballing that kill score. Make sure you are taking advantage of Flash's mobility. He can easily kite enemies anywhere on the map and take advantage of the health pads. Retreating early to come back for the end of a fight could be the difference between a death and a pentakill. **Please note that Flash is not a team champion at all. When you play, you play to steal up all the kills you can and then rain down destruction on the enemy team. You will be using your allies as fodder most of the early game.**

    Once the first fight ends, depending on whether you were on the winning side or the losing side you may be able to continue towards their inner capture point or you may have to recall. When recalling you at this point need to make a choice. If you have 1750 gold on you at this point you will want to go straight into the second level of Blue Scarab. This is literally the best item you will have all game. It allows you to maintain steady damage output and easily abuse Flash's W ability. If you don't have 1750 gold, you can either finish your Cosmic Belt (which I would recommend) or you can save up the gold and potentially buy the first level of the Blue Scarab. At this point the game is pretty open. You can stick with your team if they are reasonably reliable or you can look for openings on your own. Usually at this point I would be looking bottom for a gank if they need one or looking to backdoor their inner capture point. If your team is losing I would definitely recommend one of these options, if they are winning then defending the top capture point is the most important objective. At 6:00 into the game, the first Doomsday Device pop occurs, this is an extremely important thing to remember because that means that in most games, both teams will be heading to the middle to attempt to secure it. By this point you should certainly have finished building the third level of Cosmic Belt and the second level of Blue Scarab at the minimum. This event is important because it gives us an opening to pick up a large number of kills easily. With those two items Flash is already going to be dealing insane amounts of damage to whoever you decide to focus and you will also have your ultimate ability available to you in the event of an actual full team fight. If you find the fight is going poorly for your team I would definitely recommend doing exactly what we did for the first team fight, retreating to potentially pick up a health pad or hanging back looking for kills to level the playing field with. If your team is winning the fight, then it doesn't really matter because you should easily be able to pick up at least a few kills and get the Doomsday Device for your team. In most cases, I would recommend keeping your ultimate open until you absolutely need it (being focused by multiple enemies or a group of 3-5 in a tight area, or possibly when you are about to die). As we continue the game the item path becomes easier to fill because of the number of kills you should have achieved at this point or at the bare minimum the number of assists. The progression I would typically follow in most games would be as follows:

    1). Cosmic Belt (Level 2)
    2). Cosmic Belt (Level 3), Blue Scarab (Level 2).
    3). Cosmic Belt (Level 3), Blue Scarab (Level 2), Fatality Energy Lance (Level 3).
    4). Cosmic Belt (Level 3), Blue Scarab (Level 2), Fatality Energy Lance (Level 3), Psi-Scimitar (Level 3).
    5). Cosmic Belt (Level 3), Blue Scarab (Level 2), Fatality Energy Lance (Level 4), Psi-Scimitar (Level 3).
    6). Cosmic Belt (Level 3), Blue Scarab (Level 2), Fatality Energy Lance (Level 4), Psi-Scimitar (Level 3), The Starheart (Level 3).
    7). Cosmic Belt (Level 3), Blue Scarab (Level 2), Fatality Energy Lance (Level 4), Psi-Scimitar (Level 3), The Starheart (Level 3), ...

    **Big note on Blue Scarab, in most cases I would not recommend leveling it to it's third progression until you have pretty much finished all other items in the build. It just doesn't benefit you nearly as much as progression of the other items.**

    Now the last item of the build varies quite a bit. It really depends on what you need. In most cases the best route at this point in the game is penetration, hands down. However in a game that is not quite as one-sided, there are a few other options available. Now before we look into other options on the last item I would also like to mention a game item to pick up if you are getting extremely far ahead early would be Two Face's Coin. This item is extremely strong if you can build up stacks quickly. Now for a game that isn't quite as one-sided as we would like as Flash, there are other options we can go down. Personally, when I'm being focused extremely hard and disabled often I find that a great item to pick up is Neron's Contract. This item will allow you to become essentially untouchable for 3 seconds. It doesn't seem like a huge advantage on first glance however combined with the cooldowns associated with Flash, this almost certainly (will willing) allow you to escape almost any situation. Not only does it provide you with this extremely useful activate it also gives you quite a large increase to Attack Armor making you much more durable when fighting a bruiser or potentially a carry (if they survive long enough). One other posibility of item choices at this point would be Pandora's Box. It provides you with an activate slow as well as a nice passive movement boost. This item has been nerfed and now certainly would not be recommended over any of the other options stated here.

    From here on, the game is pretty straight forward. Early game stick with your team and steal yourself some kills. Get ahead and stay ahead.

    Please for the love of god don't build this way agains't me if you ever happen to play me. I would be very sad.

    Please abuse heavily so that we can get Flash nerfed. There's no way to lose with this build.
    Latest comments
    I would consider it, however not really so much on Gotham Heights. When I play Heights I'm either cycling through health pads or recalling home for mana so I never really find that I don't have enough. It certainly is a viable option but I just prefer the burst because as I said it really doesn't give me the payout. Flash is mobile enough that when I do happen to recall I'm back in the fight before it matters anyways and it slows down the burst.
    12:39 am, May 26th, 2014
    Great! But you've considered Doc.Destiny Dreamstone instead Fatality Lance for "will balance"?
    2:30 pm, May 25th, 2014