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  • Infinite Crisis has shut down.

    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

    Hats off to you all. It was a pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.


    Infinite Crisis builds for Batman

    The BAHNMAN!!!! 10-24-13 *UPDATE*

    A Batman guide by UhnDun
    Last updated: Nov 25th, 2013
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/RTmiOjPr
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    Ability levelling order
    01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19
    Starter items
    Core items
    Offensive item options
    Defensive item options
    Situational item options
    Stolen Powers
    Note: Any updates here will be put on hold until for now. It remains to be seen if they will give batman back a slow on his E, if they don't then i will adjust accordingly. Batman got a huge nerf, meaning he is no longer a W,E burst champion. Also, since his E damage was nerfed as well as the slow removed, Batman is not a very good chase champion anymore. Lobo's chain is now a mandatory item. If you do not build lobos or take psychic assult, you will have a difficult time "sticking" to enemy champions.

    Table of Contents
      - Intro
      - Stolen Powers
      - Skills
      - Items

       Batman is a very diverse hero and you can build him tanky, pure damage, or off-tank and he can fill any of these roles very well. This guide builds an off-tank DPS machine. Batman's damage early game mostly comes from his flat damage skills. A W,E  alone does 450+ DAMAGE when MAXED. Meaning at level 8-9 you do your combo, wait for CD, combo again and kill anyone. Later on in the game it transitions into his auto-attacks where attack speed becomes tremendous.

    Stolen Powers
    (Consume, X-ray)
      Consume: Amazing for jungling and laning. Gives you sustain and clears large jungle creeps fast. Also, it helps secure a kill on an Elite minion.
       X-Ray: The best power in the game hands down. Reveals a large AOE radius on the map that prevents stealth assassin ganks, enemies from hiding on steatth pads, and reveals how many enemies are in the area. I think it's better than cameras because you can take it with you making it more situational. Plus you don't have to refil it at base and it has decent low CD.

    (Trap, Invulnerability) - Laning specific
       Trap: Place these on stealth pads and wait for people to aimlessly walk to their death. W,E combo and then should be dead.
      Invulnerability: Good for diving towers or fighting somone to the end with a slight advantage. Pop this on a low HP enemy and have them cry out "THE BAITSSS!!!." I personally would still choose consume over this.

       If you jungle and don't gank you will fall behind on income and experience. The only time jungling and not ganking is acceptable is if you just want to rush to 6. If this is your strategy, go for Elite minions whenver you can and either pick top or bottom and farm your butt off. After 6 though you need to visit lanes or you will simply fall behind. Even though it's hard to justify considering Batman is a snowball champion.

      Q - This is not as useless as it use to be since now it actually returns energy when you use it, but if you do level it only put 1 point in it. It is still the weakest skill in batman's package. It's most useful function is it turns your W into a Stun/Knockdown making a chase easier. This skill also has a longer range than W. WITH THAT SAID, however, it has a stutter on cast meaning if you werent in range to W to begin with you will be even further behind on a chase. It is good for stopping a channel skill - Wonder Woman, Nightmare Batman Ultimate, etc.. but other than that don't bother with it. Anyone that says max this first doesn't know how to play Batman.

     W - MAX THIS FIRST. This skill makes you dash to the enemy dealing a flat damage plus a mini stun. The CD on this skill is reset for every auto-attack you throw. Meaning you will use this a LOT. Additionally if you max this skill you will have your highest flat damage skill maxed. I will state this again, a W,E COMBO DOES 450+ DAMAGE. Meaning get to that place as fast as possible, but still level your R

     E - MAX THIS SECOND. This skill slows the enemy's movement speed AND attack speed PLUS it deals AOE DAMAGE. Great for fast jungling, dueling, and escaping.

     R - Max this whenever you can. It gives you an escape, a heal, an attackspeed buff and it blinds enemies in the cloud. This skill alone is what makes you transition from a skill damage burst champion to a high DPS champion. Get attackspeed and fight in your ultimate and it makes you very hard to deal with.

    Coda, Katana, Velocity, Revolver. These items are your bread and butter.
       Coda starts you out with a HIGH FLAT DAMAGE, plus ARMOR PEN,and 50% HEALING REDUCTION. To be honest I think this item is borderline OP at it's current state, so really there's no reason to not get it on any AD carry/bruiser.

    Soultaker Katana:
       Katana is a god item. It's basically Bloodthrister in LoL. It gives you base damage + lifesteal and the more creeps you kill the more damage and lifesteal you get. Only level Katana to [3]. That's when you can start collecting Damage/Lifesteal. You can finish off [4] later. They did nerf this item a bit, but it is still good. You don't see the full benefits until [3] or higher though.

    Velocity 9:
       This item makes you a DPS fighter. Your attackspeed, crits, and movement speed are insane and all things that work good on batman. Your attackspeed resets your W and works well with your R. This means that you will proc your W like crazy allowing you to chunk almost anyone and furthermore with the movement speed it allows you to chase down for a kill or escape a fight.

    Joe Chill's Revolver:
       Must have item If you go for a high DPS build. It's the single highest damage item in the game. Any carry that does physical damage should buy this item. It is the LoL equivlent of Infinity Edge. No brainer.

    READ THIS!!!!
       The item listed above are your core. Once you have them your build can vary.

    Hawkmans Harness:
       This is the go to HP item. It's fast cheap HP and to top things off you can sell it at level [4]. I normally max this item and keep it in my inventory until i have enough money to buy my next item. It's a way to start Ruby of Life [3], since you don't get full benefits of Ruby until level [3]. [1] and [2] gives you less HP than Hawkman's so there's really no reason to get it unless you can afford [3].

    Ruby of Life:
       This is borderline core on this character. I almost ALWAYS get this so that i have a nice HP pool. A good alternative to this is the Crime Bible. The upside to crime bible is that it gives you free hp passivly. The downside is that it's not as good as Ruby. Another good alternative is Hawkmans Harness. You get that item because it gives you the most hp for the price.

    Spear of Destiny
       I rarely get this item, but when i do it's usually after i get Ruby of life. The only time you get this item is if the other team has a TON of Power damage. Atleast 2 heros that are dishing it out and can chunk you. The reason you get this after Ruby of Life is because it's passive gives you damage based off a percentage of the HP you have. If you don't build any HP items and you buy this then you aren't maximizing it's potential

    Suit of Sorrow:
       I don't get this item that much, but if there are carrys of the other team that are fed like crazy and can outdamage you this item is a must have.

    If other team has a lot of HP items, get this item.

    Atomic Axe:
    if the other team is stacking armor get this item.

    Batman's Utility Belt:
    This item is okay... They nerfed it and buffed it a little. It doens't have as good of hp, move speed, attack speed etc.. as it use to.. BUT it does have the only cleanse in the game right now. Get this item if WW keeps locking you down with her ultimate. Otherwise there's no real reason to get it.

    Don't get crime Bible or Joker's Crowbar. They were nerfed and are no longer good items. They no longer allow you to snowball with fast stats, and they generally take the whole game before you will get the full bonus from them.
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