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  • Infinite Crisis has shut down.

    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

    Hats off to you all. It was a pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.


    Infinite Crisis builds for Flash

    Flash, flash Everybody! (Assassin)

    A Flash guide by bboybabyv
    Last updated: Apr 8th, 2015
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/2424-Flash-Flash-flash-Everybody-Assassin-
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    Ability levelling order
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    Possible Starter items
    Core items
    Offensive items
    Defensive items
    Stolen Powers
    Flash, The fastest man alive.

    I've played Infinite crisis since the day of release to the public and as an experienced MOBA player fell into it quite quickly. Love my DC comic heroes and so fell in love with this game. The flash is the first Champion I bought and also is one of my favourite heroes. I have played him a fair amount of times and feel comfortable enough to share what I have learnt about him and suits him best. I have only tried him on the Coast City map so I may put up another guide on him later for Gotham heights once its opened.

    Stolen Power
    So to start of you wanna obviously use Flash's super speed as a stolen power aswell as a shield. You can either use Doomsday's shield or Supergirl's shield, depending on whether you wanna be more aggressive or defensive. The speed gives you more speed than others which will not only grant flash speed but also attack damage because of his passive. The Doomsday's shield will grant you a bigger shield so that you can last longer and take more hits. Supergirl's shield will grant you extra AD while the shield is up so allowing you to do more damage while having the shield up.

    Augments and Mods
    In terms of Augments I'm not too familiar with them yet so I've just used ones that sound most sensible with him for now but may change in the future. I have given him a lot of movement speed augments as the more movement speed you give him, the more AD he receives. Aswell as that I have given him some CD reduction so that he can receive his abilities faster which is his main source of Dmg, lifesteal so that he has some sort of sustain during laning aswell as late game and I've also given him more armour penetration so that your abilities have a better affect on tanks with high armour as well as carries. In terms of mods I have used ones that are part of the build I have provided. I have mainly looked at crit Dmg (which I shall explain later why its good on him in the build section), CD reduction and movement speed which makes batmans utility belt the perfect item for flash as the passive on it stack very well with his W.

    Ability Leveling
    Now I'm an experienced LoL player so in terms of leveling abilities I have done a similar thing I would do in a LoL game. I have maxed out the Q first as it does the most dmg at max output. Then I max W as it does the second most Dmg output. Then you can either max your passive first or E next as W doesn't really give you much when maxing it except for extending the duration of it which isn't really much and the passive gives you more movement speed when receiving a stack of your passive which isn't required too much during laning phase but does offer more utility than your E. Your R should be maxed out as often you can so whenever you can put a point in it do it.

    Now the build is what most of you want to know about I'm guessing. So my build mainly consists of AD items as Flash is an AD assassin and so requires a lot of dmg to quickly kill people. You don't really need a lot of defensive items as his mobility is very high and so is hard to target especially when you use ultimate. I have used AD items which have a damaging effect as his W applies on hit effects which is a very powerful tool. The perfect item for this is batmans utility belt, especially if you get the movement speed mod for it. Because of this I've have also used items that crit as it will amplify his Dmg with W immensely. I have built claymore as it has an active that allows you to output more Dmg to your target for 3 seconds and as an assassin you want to get as much Dmg out quickly to kill them faster and escape without taking too much Dmg. It also gives CD reduction which is useful for your abilities especially for your W as it will allow you to use it again faster. Armour penetration is also needed so claymore gives that aswell as atomic axe. Lastly you can build either more Dmg with Soultaker katana with sustain or a more defensive item such as Ras al ghul robes which will also revive you when you die as long as your shield isn't destroyed on it which will probably allow you enough time to escape certain situations after you revive.

    Play Style
    Now to use your abilities in the right order is fairly important in order to get the most Dmg out and escaping easily. Simply I use the abilities in this order: E, Q, R, W.
    You Do not always need to stick in this order, you can use W before ulting but the reason why I have put it like that is because when you dash in With Q you can use your claymore active and then ult which will amplify your ult dmg by 5% and it wont be hard to chase them down as you will have a full stack of your passive and your Q will probably off cooldown so using your W afterwards will be no problem. Early on in the game its best not to try and get into any fights with opposing champions as flash is weak early and hasn't got very strong poke. If you do want to trade though then I suggest using using your W on them and aim to get behind them so that you can q straight through them and away from any more danger. Once you have ultimate you can start to play more aggressively by using this poking technique and once they are low enough use the suggested ability above to finish them off. Flash do consume will fairly quickly but regenerates fairly quickly aswell so every time you poke make sure you give enough time in between to regenerate enough back. Luckily your ultimate doesn't cost anything so no need to worry about that one ;) Using your stolen spells aswell during fights, especially flash's speed, will increase your chance of winning the fight but save them for when you need to escape aswell as they do have a large CD and can't be used as often as other spells. In team fights using the recommended ability order is pretty crucial as your ultimate will output a lot of Dmg on them, especially if they are all bunched up and busy focusing a team mate you can hit most of them, maybe even all with your E and Q and them once your in the middleish use your ultimate for massive Dmg!!! Then finish off anybody, focusing carries and squishes first, with your W, E and Q. Remember if you start getting focused, especially after your ultimate, then you can easily dash out with Q or even just run off because of your speed and run or dash back in to finish people.

    Well I hope this guide helps, I have only played about 10 games with him but have won generally with a high KDA score so I feel comfortable to share what I think is best on him. If I do learn anything new I will update this guide as often as possible. I will aim to be THE BEST FLASH PLAYER EVER!!! so I hope to help others to on their quest ;) Enjoy the champ as he's extremely fun but be patient too as he isn't the easiest champ to use. Good Luck and have fun!!!

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