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  • Infinite Crisis has shut down.

    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

    Hats off to you all. It was a pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.


    Infinite Crisis builds for Flash

    The Fastest Man Alive - Mire's Basic Attack/Critical/Attack Speed Focused build.

    A Flash guide by Mire
    Last updated: Mar 30th, 2015
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/2132-Flash-The-Fastest-Man-Alive-Mire-39-s-Basic-Attack-Crit
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    The Fastest Man Alive - Mire's Basic Attack/Critical/Attack Speed Focused build.

    To begin with i have played Gotham Heights since the alpha testing began!

    This was the build that i constantly used on Gotham Heights prior to the March Update.

    I know it may seem a bit late, but i thought i would show a build that i had numerous matches which i obtained success with over a several month period, when flash changed to attack damage.

    First to note is that there is a direct line of pattern to follow for the build to essentially work as per the core items.

    1. Huntress Crossbow.
    2. Joe Chills Revolver.
    3. Velocity 9 Implants.
    4. Zeiss Goggles.
    5. Deadshot's Visor.
    6. Can be optionally used for two items, Mega Rod or Kryptonian War Armor.

    You might ask why build this way? It has no defense!

    With flash you benefit greatly by adding anything to your build which focuses on basic attacks or on hit attacks. His W skill will triple hit and reset you basic attack. With the increased attack speed he almost functions like a marksman but a melee version. Increased critical means great basic attack damage, which by-passes armor. With the decreased cool down and movement speed from your augment, not many champions can out run you, bar a few here or there early in the game. Your able to run them down or run away if it gets dangerously close to a death. Only use you Q for escapes and dart in and out jousting with you W. Follow you tanks lead and initiate when they do! Don't dive turrets. Watch supply lines in the jungle if you see a single cut off from the group, capitalize on you speed.

    Now importantly you don't want to waste the skill ups on Q or E early on in the match. You should build up W and the passive and grab the ultimate when it is available.

    Also pivotal to this build is the focus which is required to farm drones early game, in both top and bottom lane, but most importantly don't let it get your group killed. If the group needs you dart to there location with Q, W, and E. You should be with them in a matter of seconds if you use the speed pads and you skills. With flash speed pads also boost your damage potential. Once you have got ahead in credits and levels snagging a kill should be a lot easier, as well as the fact with attack speed you should be last hitting on champs quiet often.

    Try and play smart, don't offer up silly deaths to the other team as with this build that is very easy to do if your don't stayed focused. If you limit there kills and capitalize on your basic attack damage potential you should do exceptionally well.

    Never have left over coins. Fill in the spaces when you can't upgrade a core item with promethium mace for added attack damage.

    This build is one for sticking with the larger group and not going solo bot, but you can do your part at bottom lane by capping at the start and running straight to top for a 5 man push, ain't that what we mostly do these days folks! :)

    On average this build for flash allows me to get 15+ kills each match, along with being fun and fast paced. To me that should be the way flash is played, running down those limping away or luring people into a bad situation. Using ult for initiation of fights, to break up larger groups on orbital or turrets.

    One thing to not is that you ult will not be the main part of your build, it become just an added bonus. The strength come from your will conservation, movement speed,constant damage and low cool downs. Deadshot's visor in late game will allow for more skills uses for escaping or more frequent skills uses late game.

    I hope you enjoyed my guide. Some will like this play style others not so much! Also note this build works with most champs that focus heavily on high attack speed, basic attack and critical damage, such as cyborg and superman.

    I hope you enjoy playing Gotham Heights the way i do!

    Have fun in Infinite Crisis, when Gotham Heights returns to the regular cues or when you get custom matches for now!

    Peace out, from Mire!
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