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  • Infinite Crisis has shut down.

    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

    Hats off to you all. It was a pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.


    Infinite Crisis builds for Mecha Wonder Woman

    dignitasCris Mecha Wonder Woman Guide

    A Mecha Wonder Woman guide by Cris
    Last updated: Feb 24th, 2015
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/dignitascris-mecha-wonder-woman-guide
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    Ability levelling order
    01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19
    Starter items
    Core items
    Offensive item options
    Defensive item options
    Situational item options
    Stolen Powers
    1. Introduction
        1.1 Why Mecha Wonder Woman

    2. Amplifiers
        2.1 Mods
        2.2 Augments

    3. Abilities

    4. Stolen Powers

    5. Items
        5.1 Starting Items
        5.2 Core Items
        5.3 Late Game Items
        5.4 Optional Items
        5.5 Item Build Order
        5.6 Complete Build

    6. Gameplay
        6.1 Early Game
        6.2 Mid Game
        6.3 Late Game
        6.4 Kiting and how to play teamfights correctly

    7. Matchups
        7.1 Marksman
        7.2 Controller

    8. The End

    1. Introduction

    Hello folks, my name is Cris and I'm the Marksman for Team Dignitas.
    We are the current Season 1 EU Champs.
    This will be my 2. Infinite Crisis Marksman Guide.
    You can follow me at https://twitter.com/dignitasCris.

    1.1 Why Mecha Wonder Woman

    Mecha Wonder Woman is one of the stongest Marksman.
    She is really easy to play and is strong in every situation and excels in Teamfights.

  • easy to learn
  • strong early, mid and late game
  • good Autoattack animation
  • escape
  • strong AOE Ultimate
  • Attack Speed steroid

  • there are no Cons

    2. Amplifiers

    2.1 Mods

    Enhanced Attack Damage Shade's Cane
    +10 Attack Damage (Tier2)
    Having +10 Attack Damage in the early game makes last hitting easier and also gives you a decent damage boost for early teamfights. You want to have stats like that early in the game, since it falls off really hard later on. 

    Enhanced Attack Speed Huntress' Crossbow
    +10% Attack Speed (Tier2)
    Having 10% extra Attack Speed is always good, I value it over 10 extra Attack Damage on the Crossbow. It also has good synergy with your E - Celerity.

    Enhanced Critical Chance Velocity 9 Implants
    +10% Critical Chance (Tier3)
    The 10% more Critical Damage on Tier 3 , makes it a really good mid and late game Item without needing to upgrade it to Tier 4 untill later on.

    2.2 Augments

    +2.41 Attack Damage (G)
    +1.5 Attack Penetration (S)

    +1.8 Attack Penetration (G)
    +2.01 Attack Damage (S)

    +2.41 Attack Damage (G)
    +2.81 Attack Speed (G)

    +2.81 Attack Speed (G)
    +1.5 Attack Penetration (S)

    Augments are meant for you to boost your early game.
    These Augments allow you to have a strong early game and easier time with last hitting.
    The extra Attack Speed will also be usefull in the late game, due to her Attack Speed Steroid E - Celerity.

    3. Abilities

    Passive - Implaceable Judgement
    Implaceable Judgement gives you additional damage every 3. Autoattack. Hitting an enemy with your Q - Glaive Storm also applies 1 stack of Implaceable Judgement. You either max her Passive after Q - Glaive Storm and E - Celerity or if you want to be very aggressive, directly after Q - Glaive Storm.

    Q - Glaive Storm
    Glaive Storm
    is a skillshot that splits into 3 directions. It goes off very fast and is her best poke tool during the laning phase. 
    Later on always try to use Glaive Storm between Autoattacks. Autoattack + Q + Autoattack will also proc your Implaceable Judgement, resulting in doing a lot of damage in a short amount of time.

    W - Afterburn
    Afterburn is Mecha Wonder Womans escape ability. You can use it defensively to get out of sticky situations or aggressively to chase down an enemy. 
    Be aware of that CC can interrupt Afterburn.
    Nightmare Superman's W - Vortex
    Wonder Woman's R - Blocking Bracers

    E - Celerity
    Celerity is her Attackspeed Steroid. This ability makes her a real threat in the late game. She gets an insane amount of damage just from Celerity. For every Implaceable Judgement you proc while Celerity is activated, the duration goes up by 1 second. The duration of this skill can go up to 8 seconds. 
    Celerity also helps her to take down turrets and Objectives really fast.

    R - Tempest
    Tempest is her ultimate Ability. It does a high amount of AOE damage, specially in the early and mid game. 
    You can combo Tempest well with other AOE Abilities from your Team.
    Never use it in a 1v1 situation, unless your enemy is almost dead and runs away.
    You can't reposition yourself during the duration for Tempest, but you can cancel it incase the situation gets to dangerous.
    In the late game your Autoattacks probably do way more damage than Tempest. Only use Tempest in the late game, if you can hit 4 or 5 Enemy Champions while being not in danger of dieng.
    Tempest can be interrupted by CC.

    4. Stolen Powers

    Doomsday's Invulnerability
    Doomsday's Invulnerability is a temporary Shield, that lasts 2 seconds.
    It helps you to absorb good amounts of damage, when getting ganked or in teamfights.
    Don't hesitate too long to use it. Using it early can absorb a lot of the initial Damage.

    Arcane Green Lantern's Healing Wave
    Arcane Green Lantern's Healing Wave is a Heal for you and your Team in a small area.
    You and nearby allies also gain Power Armor and Attack Armor for 3 seconds.
    You can safe allies with it and also give your Team the Aura in teamfights.
    In teamfights try to use it early, when you are at 50-70% HP to make use of the Armor buff.
    It can negate a lot of damage, when used with good timing.

    5. Items

    5.1 Starting Item's

     Nil Weapon
    Nil Weapon is a strong early game Item. You always want to begin with this Item. It gives you sustain and 75 Health, which allowes you to trade with the enemy Champions. You can sell it later on.

     Modular Health Vial Tier 3
    Modular Health Vial gives you sustain during the laning phase. It's a Health Potion that refills everytime you port back to the base.

    5.2 Core Items

    Coda Blade Tier 3 (Mod)
    Coda Blade is one of the strongest early game Items. Since Mecha Wonder Womans Glaive Storm got changed to only scaling with Attack Damage, Shade's Cane isn't good on her anymore. Coda Blade gives you a lot of Attack Damage and flat Armor Penetration, which is particularly strong in the laning phase. Tier 3 should be enough, only buy Tier 4 if the enemy Team has a lot of heals. You might want to sellit in the late game for a defensive Item.

     Huntress' Crossbow Tier 3 (Mod)
    This will be your 2. Item. It gives Attack Speed, Attack Damage and has a really good passiv on Tier 3.
    Since most of the crit Items got nerfed pretty hard, Huntress' Crossbow is one of the best Items for any Marksman right now. It specially helps you with taking down tanky Enforcers and Objectives like Raider and Leviathan.

     Velocity 9 Implants Tier 3 (Mod)
    Velocity 9 Implants is the 3. or 4. Item you are going to buy, depending on the Enemy Team. If the Enemy Team is stacking Attack Armor, Atomic Axe will be your 3. Item. If that is not the case you will buy Velocity 9 for the mid game Crits. Don't buy Tier 4 too early, since it only gives 5% more Attack Speed and 5% Critical Chance and a mediocre passive for 1000 Gold. 

     Atomic Axe Tier 2
    Like I just metioned, you are going to buy Atomic Axe as your 3. or 4. Item depending on the Enemy Team.
    Atomic Axe is the must have Item against an enemy Team, that focuses heavily on Attack Armor. 

    5.3 Late Game Items

     Joe Chill's Revolver Tier 3
    Joe Chill's Revolver got nerfed quite heavily in the last months, it's not as good anymore as it used to be.
    You still want to buy it as your 5. Item, it will boost your late game damage heavily.

     Soultaker Katana Tier 4
    Lifesteal feels really weak, but you still want to have atleast one Lifesteal Item later on.
    It takes some time to stack up, but with full stacks it's a really strong item in the late game.
    Soultaker Katana is also way better than the other Lifesteal Item, Cheetah's Claw. It gives more Lifesteal when full stacked and also let's you Crit for more damage.

    5.4 Optional/Defensive Items

     Batman's Utility Belt Tier 2
    Batman's Utility Belt is a counter to single target CC spells. It removes the crowd control of one spell.
    Nightmare Superman's R - Condemn
    Nightmare Batman's R - Feral Embrace
    Wonder Woman's R - Blocking Bracers

     Entropy Aegis Tier 3
    Entropy Aegis allowes you to block the first spell that's going to hit you every 90 seconds.
    It decreases the chance of you getting caught in the late game, and also let's you survive burst from Blasters thanks to the Power Armor.

    5.5 Item Build Order

    Nil Weapon
    Modular Health Vial Tier 3

    1. Shade's Cane Tier 2
    2. Huntress' Crossbow Tier 3
    3. Velocity 9 Implants Tier 3 / Atomic Axe Tier 2
    4. Velocity 9 Implants Tier 3 / Atomic Axe Tier 2
    5. Joe Chill's Revolver Tier 3
    6. Soultaker Katana Tier 4

    5.6 Complete Build

    6. Gameplay

    Mecha Wonder Woman is played in the bottom lane as a Marksman together with a Controller

    6.1 Early Game (0-15min) 

    Depending on your playstyle, you can trade very aggressively or just farm passively. Mecha Wonder Womans kit allows you to do both. Concentrade on last hitting, while throwing Glaive Storms at your Enemys. Her best combo during the laning phase is, Autoattack + Q + Autoattack and immediately backing off after that. Try to push the Enemys into their turret, but be aware of where the enemy Jungler is. If you are getting ganked just use Afterburn to escape safely or help your Controller with a Healing Wave to also safe him. You can also follow up ganks from your Jungler with Afterburn.
    Try to secrue the bottom Destroyer Camp together with your Jungler at around 3 or 4 minutes.
    Mecha Wonder Woman shines at small early teamfights after reaching level 6. Tempest can do an insanly amount of damage early on. Knowing that, you can force the Raider aggressively on the bottom side of the map.

    6.2 Mid game (15-30min)

    Comming in the mid game at around 10 or 15 minutes, you hopefully should have Coda Blade on Tier 3 and Huntress Crossbow Tier 3. Her mid game is one of the best from all the Marksman. She does insanely high single target damage and can also do a high amount of AOE damage. Group up with your Team, if they want to go for Objectives like turrets, Raider or Leviathan.
    If your team doesn't want to group, just keep farming up your Items.
    Mecha Wonder Woman can also be a good split pusher. Celerity allows her to take turrets down very fast.

    6.3 Late Game (30min+)

    At around 20 and 30 minutes in the game, the late game begins. Time to group up with your team.
    Teamfighting and going for Objectives is going to be your goal. Don't use Tempest to often anymore specially if you are only going to hit 1-3 Enemys. Your Autoattack should deal a lot of more damage by now.
    Get Vision around Leviathan to secrue it. Together with Huntress' Crossbow and Celerity, Mecha Wonder Woman can take down Leviathan faster than any other Marksman. Always try to get the AOE Shield drop. You are the most important person in the late game, try to do everything to survive and to do as much damage as you can. While pushing Dempeners be always careful to not get engaged on. Use Items like Batman's Utility Belt to get out of the first CC that hits you.
    Deathtimers are really high, getting caught can cost you and your team the game. Don't overextend and walk alone without having vision.

    6.4 Kiting and how to play teamfights correctly

    The most important rule for any Marskman is to always attack the closest enemy, while slowly kiting backwards.
    Autoattacks have a Cooldown, you want to use this Cooldown as effectively as you can. Either you use an Ability or you reposition yourself directly after it, just don't stay forever on the same point.
    Only use Tempest when having a good position for it, cancel it incase it's getting to dangerous.
    A Teamfight should look like this.
    Tempest -> Reposition -> E -> Autoattack -> Q -> Autoattack -> Step/Afterburn -> Autoattack -> Step/Afterburn ->
    Autoattack -> Step/Afterburn -> Autoattack

    7. Matchups

    7.1 Marksman

     Cyborg  Difficulty: Easy​
    It should be really easy to lane vs Cyborg. You outpoke him very easily with your Q and Autoattacks. He also has no escape. Only in the late game, Cyborg can be able to 1v1 kill you.

     Atomic Joker  Difficulty: Hard
    Atomic Joker has the highest range from all Marksman. During the laning phase, don't hug your ranged drone. He can use his Q - Hot Potato on the ranged drone, which then bounces of to you dealing a lot of damage. You can try to poke him with Glaive Storm. Atomic Joker doesn't have any escapes, follow up on ganks by your Jungler with Afterburn for easy kills. At level 6, Atomic Joker has a lot of burst potential don't overextend.

     Green Arrow  Difficulty: Easy
    Green Arrow normally shines in the early game, but vs Mecha Wonder Woman he has some problems. Just watch out for Green Arrows burst/poke combo, which is  Thermite Arrows + Bullseye. You can trade him easily back, if he walks up to Autoattack you while is Thermite Arrows are on. Be aware that he can shoot his Bullseye from Stealth Pads and from out of your vision range. Green Arrow falls off really hard into the late game.

    Gaslight Batman  Difficulty: Easy
    You can play very aggressive vs Gaslight Batman. Your early game combo of abilities do more dmg than his. Just be careful after 6, Gaslight Batman gets a lot of burst potential with his ultimate.

    7.2 Controller

     Harley Quinn  Difficulty: Medium
    Harley Quinn is the best Controller in the game. She has everything a good Controller wants. She has good poke, a good heal and high CC. Depending on the Controller you are playing with, you can still trade with her. Nightmare Superman or Zatanna are the best laning partners for Mecha Wonder Woman when playing vs Harley Quinn. Be careful as soon as she hits level 6. Her Ultimate is an instant CC, which can lead up to you dieng pretty easily.

     Nightmare Superman  Difficulty: Medium
    Nightmare Superman denies any aggressive plays you might want to do. He can easily trade with you due to his shield and counterdamage. He carefull after he hits 6, a good R - Condemn from him can lead in you dieng pretty easily.

     Poison Ivy  Difficulty: Easy
    During the laning phase, it's really easy to dodge Poison Ivy's Knockup. She also has a blind, which negates your Autoattack damage for a few seconds. If she gets a blind on you, only use Glaive Storm and wait untill the blind goes away.

     Zatanna  Difficulty: Medium
    Zatanna can be really annoying to deal with. She is a high poke Controller with sustain and a lot of burst potential. She will try to poke you as often as she can with her Q - Skewer. This basically means that you should always move and never stay on the same spot for a few seconds. Be aware of her burst combo E - Punish + her Q - Skewer. Zatanna is really squishy and should be an easy kill on a gank.

    8. The End

    Thanks for reading my Mecha Wonder Woman Guide.
    You can find my Gaslight Batman Guidr right here: https://www.dawnbase.com/guides/BWdAUbbi
    Follow me on twitter.com/dignitasCris for updated on the next Guides.
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