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One of the new features coming with the March update is champion mastery, which offers further rewards for playing a champion and levelling them beyond the solo current reward of a champion's stolen power unlocking as they hit level five.

With the new update, champions will unlock loading screen borders as you level them up — a bronze border at level five, silver at ten, gold at fifteen, and a diamond border at twenty. Hitting level twenty with a champion also unlocks their portrait icon as a selectable avatar for your champion card, as seen on friends lists.

The new patch launches March 4th.

Wrongdoers beware: Deadly assassin Katana is making her way to the trials!

This deadly bruiser likes to dash in close and utilise her mastery of the Soultaker to vicious effect.

In keeping with Valentine's week, champion of love Star Sapphire has received a brand new costume!

You can unlock the Goddess of Love costume for 650.

Accolades are coming to Infinite Crisis! These are post-game callout medals that highlight personal bests and general improvement in your gameplay after every match.

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Fans of Miss Harleen Quinzel rejoice: Not only is she getting a new Bombshell costume, but Turbine are giving away free copies of the costume plus additional goodies from DC Collectibles.

They'll also be showing you behind the scenes examples of bring Harley to life in Infinite Crisis, including in-depth looks at going from concept to implement of her Bombshell and Slumber Party costumes.

The new "Bombshell" Harley Quinn costume will enter the Infinite Crisis store on February 4th.

If you want a chance to win it for free, you'll need to head over to the Facebook pages for DC Comics and Infinite Crisis where they'll be giving away codes for the costume every day in February, starting on the 2nd.

Furthermore, starting February 14th, you'll also find Harley Quinn themed trivia — answer correctly for a chance to win some fantastic DC Collectibles prizes!

You can have an exclusive sneak peek at Harley's new costume on our Harley Quinn champion page.
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