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  • Infinite Crisis has shut down.

    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

    Hats off to you all. It was a pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.


    Infinite Crisis builds for Cyborg

    Cyborg build and tech guide

    A Cyborg guide by LucianDR
    Last updated: Mar 13th, 2014
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/cyborg-build-and-tech-guide
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    Stolen Powers
    Hi fellow players of crisis are you ready to play Cyborg the human arsenal? The guide will telll you how to build, level up, and such. Cyborg is adc/markman which uses his range auto attacks and abilities to put allow  to punish enemy from range.His abilities all benefit each other. The champion can criple a  enemy team with the damge he can dish out if used properly.

    Cyborgs Strenghts and weakness

    High sustain/burst damage, can kite, Has a Strong slow, poke, area of affect damage

    Cons= He is very squishy, suit of sorrows shuts him down,Relies on Q to be able to output more Damage and get stronger slow with W, THE ENEMY TEAM WANT TO SHUT HIM DOWN.

    Skill order= Ultimate>Q>W>E>Passive

    This allows u to output the most amount of damage early but if u feel that u want to have more move speed and attack speed to get away from some gap closer champions like Doom Day and Shazam level up e secon then.

    Skill Explenation=

    Passive= Every 4th auto attack cyborg will deal deal bonus power damage  based on % of enemy max health. its a a decent passive but due to it doing power damage, damage on scales based on the enemy max health its not worth upgrading. its upgraded last.

    Q= Cyborg fire a thin skill shot that attack damages multiple enemy and marks them. the mark last for 6 seconds and  when the enemy with the mark get hit with cyborg auto attacks it deals bounus attack damage. This is your bread and butter skill, this skill allows you to poke and deal exceptional sustain damage. Always max first.

    W=cyborg slows enemy around him and if q mark is on them while they are hit by his w the slow is doubled and they take atk damage. his w can cripple enemy champion if they try to rush cyborg due to them taking damage and reducing their move speed severly. i recomend upgrading second.

    E=The attack speed and move speed steriod that allow you to chase or run away. Its duration increases if you auto attack a enemy that is marked by cyborg until it caps. this ability has a high cool down so use it wisely. it synergizes really well with his q then w combo to chase or run away from bad situations. i recomend maxing this third unless you feel that you need more move speed max it second.

    Ultimate= Cyborg does this long and wide blast that deal massive damage and make your auto attacks hit multiple enemy in a line. This is why Cyborg is a extreme threat in team fights. He can literly cripple the enemy team with this one move. careful though its anamation is about second long and can be interupted but it wont go on cd. but it can leave you vulnerable. Max it every level its avalible!


    Nil weapon= if your new to cyborg i recomend this due ti giving more sustain in lane by giving 5hp heal every time u auto atk a enemy and goes well with flask to survive the early game.

    coda blade= great early game item for attack damage champions! i recomend maxing it to tier 3. tier 4 is only worth it if the other team have some type of strong healer like poison ivy. and the attack damage mod is awesome for this weapon.

     ziess gogles= great item for carries due to giving attack damage and crit, but becareful the active is awesome but can get you killed  use it when the enemy cant hit or used all of his abilities already. 

    joe chill revolver= a great item for markman. the damage and crit from it is insane and the unique ability on it makes your crit do more damage. but it cost a lot of credit to get this item. so unless you are dominating get it as your 5th or 6th item.

    atomic axe=the longer the game goes on the weaker the coda blade passive weakens and the other team is smart they willl get atttack armor to counter cyborg. To make their armor obselete get the atomic axe it will shred their armor. a must have.

    Chetah claw= i love this item when i have plenty of attack damage and crit due giving me what will give me more crits by allowing me to auto attack more and the life steal is a great asset in long fights. if u have a good amount of attack damge and crit get this and its cheap.

    Velocity 9 Implants= this is a great mid/ late game artifact. it gives atk speed, move speed, crit, then in its last tier auto attacks grant more move speed. this allows you to become a speed demon that rain down plasma on his foe.
    but its expensive so get it as one of the last items on your build.

    promethium mace= great early game item that you can sell later for its full price. optional.

    Megarod= this goes well on cyborg especialy if you want to shove lanes in. optional.

    Death stroke claymer= i love this item due to passive but its hard to use for cyborg when u try to use the active due to its low range on it. otherwise its a awesome item due to its passive(anti high hp champ artifact) . optional

    claw of horus= this is great when the opposing team is mostly attack heavy team. optional

    lobo chain= i like this item on mele but when they have alot of burst champs you can put this with sword of beowulf so you won't be melted by a power champion.optional

    sword of beowolf= great against power champions for its shield that blocks power damage. optional

    huntress crossbow= i rarely get this item due to cyborg really dosnt need it but it can help reduce the e and ultimate cool downs since they are long.

    batman utility belt= i would get this more if it worked on zatana and night mare batman ult. still good if they have some type of hard crowd control but it useless on a champion that has lobo chain. optional

    soul taker katana= i feel if you are ahead sure but its expensive and you cant start staking it untill its tier 3. optional

    speed force batery= i only get the first upgrade, 500 credits for 15 move spd is not made for any champ.optional

    What cyborg needs is damage>crit> atks spd> Move Spd=atk life steal

     super powers for cyborg

    supper speed= my most used supper power on fragile carries for chasing or fleeing 

    invulnerability= my most used super power especially since i have doom day invunarbility. it great on any champion really. it allows u to survive some situation you shouldnt. you can activate this if have hard cc on you so use it before that happens.

    trap= i say only good trap is mecha ww trap but it sometimes hard to use in a fight but u can put it near a tower be able protect urself from a dive.

    heal= i prefer invulnarbility but this a good option to be able to heal the rest of ur team to.

    cameras= great to have more vision on the map and be safer from ganks.

    Cyborg tips

    - dont be scared in a lane but be aware.
    - use q to poke down the opponent in ur lane, push and last hit.
    -cyborg is vulnerble when his e or w is down.
    -careful how you use ur ult it has a one second animation on it.
    - keep moving and be unpredictable to be nuisance in lane.
    -last hit creeps! they give alot of credits and lvl you up more so then killing champs.
    -you dont have to kill the champ in the begining but bully him out of lane. make him obsolete.
    -cyborg often is feared so the enemy team may single u out and posibly camp you.
    - in a team fight you dont go in first let ur tank or offtank intiate.
    -abuse your range.

    thank you for reading my guide. this is my first guide and i hope it helped you. i hope crisis players will enjoy cyborg my favorite champion/DC hero. May he lead you to Victory.

    info about guide writer= im protecter level 44 and mostly play gothem hieghts, ive been playing league for 3 years and came across crisis about a month ago and loved the game.

    posible guides in the future= batman, shazam, gas jker, and gotham hieghts.
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