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  • Infinite Crisis has shut down.

    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

    Hats off to you all. It was a pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.


    Infinite Crisis builds for Batman

    Batman Eternal Rampage Guide

    A Batman guide by David560
    Last updated: Jul 13th, 2014
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/batman-eternal-rampage-guide
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    Stolen Powers
    Okay Well in IC players know me by Bat_David560 i have a few other accounts like ONI_David560 named by my team the ONI(ominous nightmare invaders). Well i havent been playing in a while because of some lag problem that comes when my accounts are around 15- 20 which they are but i might come back when IC ends beta.

    Okay lets get to the point with Batman. The only thing you may want to care about with him is attack damage and it has to be really high for batman to become a monster in the field in any map.I dont want to presume anything but ive been a pro with this guy. One time in Gotham heights i killed 27 died 5 times and assisted my teamates with 4 assists with this build and i wanna share it with you guys now.

    Gotham Heights

    Well in Gotham Heights I reccomend starting with Atomic Axe so you could get a good attack damage and penetration in early game. This is what will help you get more credit in early game giving more and more to buy the core items you need. As for Stolen Powers well it doesnt really matter what super strength you have as long as you have it. The way i usually start GH with Batman is that I go top with my other 3 teamates and capture the first point when im in squad (left side) or legion (right side) it doesnt really matter you know what i mean. Before capturing the point at the very top I use my super strength to carry any car near Batman and throw it at the enemy team to give my team the advatage that they losed some hp before starting to fight them normally.Then you could start to defeat the enemy champion starting with a batarang then martial arts and then a cape swoop in order.Personally i would start to try to  defeat the most squishiest enemy champion because this is the easiest way to gain more credit easier and you could proceed getting the second tier of atomic axe.Now lets say you come to a bad start  for example 2 of your teammates go bot and only 3 are top.Thanks to that you come out to a bad start because the enemy team has the upper advantage, well do the same thing start trying to kill to most squishiest enemy champ near to make it a fair fight.For those who dont know the term ''squishy'' its just another word for low hp champions mostly assasins have the lowest hp and some marksmen.Examples of squishy targets are (Joker,Green Arrow,Nightmare Batman,Gaslight Catwoman and Atomic Wonder Woman). If that doesnt go out well thats why you have super speed. The reason you need super speed is not only to escape but to chase as well.Now you might say chasing is a bad idea well it actually depends on the way you play. Lets say your team has the upper advantage you killed most of the other team champions and lets say theres a Joker running away. You could use your super speed and then use your martial arts skill to take him down and i reccomend you do the same thing with other champs with low health using the same method. Now if you cant catch them well i reccomend pressing b and head to base.

    If you have enough credit well you should go with the second tier of atomic axe if you dont have that much then go with the mega rod.and if you do have enough to afford the second tier of atomic axe then go with mega rod later.Now the mega rod helps us farm in a better way because what the mega rod does is make your basic attack damage not only the drone you are fighting but the one's around it as well and thats what you need to do to get more credit because your core items are high in price in thats the point with Batman you need a high credit so the mega rod is perfect for farming.You could just eventually keep playing assisting your teammates and killing is what 
    you would wanna focus on and if there aint a so squishy target to kill early in game well assisting your teamates is most effective way to get the credit you need.Then you could go get either Deathstroke's Claymore or Soultaker Katanna depending on how much credit you have but i suggest you start with the claymore because attack speed would help you more around the first 10 minutes of the match. Now these 2 items is what are really gonna make you unstoppable , like i said attack speed is important  as well as attack  lifesteal.Then you wnat to focus on leveling up those items to their highest tiers.You could go later on with Joe Chills Revolver or Velocity 9 implants later in game.Now if your gonna go bot well i suggest farming more and trying to capture the other capture point near the legion's or squad's base.Well if you already know how to play in this game and never tried batman I strongly suggest using my guide. Now if you havent played alot and your a begginer well i suggest you go through some basics before using this guide like the tutorial link videos in the game and main tutorial with Gaslight Batman

    Gotham Divided

    Well for GD I usually go with a Blaster,Marksmen or an Assasin but there is a way to play well with Batman as well.I would start with the Mega Rod because not like in GH which farming helps you get more credit to get your the main build, but in GD its way more important than in GH because you dont start the same way and you only have 750 credit to go with so the Mega Rod gives you enough attack damage to start with because not like in GH the rest of the player's start the same way and every player is pretty much weak in early game and its a perfect way to gain credits. I strongly suggest you try to raise the Mega Rod to its third tier but you could also get the Coda Blade,Cheetah's Claw and Zeiss Goggles to their second or third tier for meanwhile. Later you could salvage them and get any of the items from the GH core build or get the 3 items i mentioned before to their highest tier which also helps. The only thing I would strongly suggest is like i said before is getting the Mega Rod at its third tier because eventually you will push at some lane with your teammates and need to elimainate enemy drones faster so you could carry more of your drones to help you push.

    Now you could jungle and kill the jungle creatures and rotate around  the map and help your teammates when needed which what i do if i use Batman in GD but if your gonna go around a lane go anywhere you want but always go with a partner because they will help you out with the drones and enemy champs you just need the help. Why you dont go alone?  Because   you could get ambushed when you are destroying a turret and maybe the enemy team might want to stay around their turrets and attacking them in that area is suicide. The reason you go fight in the lane is to push and carry your team and drones to the enemy base and destroy it. If you are going to lane dont change lane's and stay where you are. If you went top you stay top, if you go bot you stay bot unless if all of your teammates are gonna push mid in case of a bad situation then its okay to go mid and then back top or bot depending where you were or if you were already mid you just stay there.

    Be very careful at the start of the match i reccomend using the batarang more than the other skills in early game so level up your 3 first main skills at the start then level up batarang all the way to level 4 and level up martial arts to level 4 around mid game and then eventually level the other 2 skills up but always levling your ultimate skill when you can.Why well because it helps you attack from a distance when needed. When your already in mid game you could fight normally just like in GH. If your gonna jungle i suggest you could help by doing the same in GH, you get a car and throw it at your enemys team by suprise help em out a bit and go jungle somewhere else in the map. If your going to a lane do the same but hide before you attack and always stay with a partner. Dont use your super speed to chase in GD. Lets say Green Arrow comes up and you get him beat up to low hp and he's starts running well you dont chase him  like in GH. You let him go because he could lead you to another enemy champion and his teamate will be the one assisting him making you bait instead of the fisher.Believe me it happens and I learned from that, dont chase its a stupid idea its better not to have to have so much deaths. You want to eat not feed. You only use super speed to escape.

    This is how I would use Batman in lane and in jungle.Just attack wisely. You could use the same build for GH, but i reccomend using the Mega Rod and the last 3 items in the core build to its highest tiers, but both methods are effective.

    Coast City Marina

    Well actually since CCM is basically a fusion of GD and GH you could start with the some of the last 3 items of the core build or imediatley get the Mega Rod like in GD and if oyu want you could get the 4 items of the GH core build. I reccomend the same advice i gave for the GD paragraph but you dont exaclty need to be with someone in CCM you just farm awhile and go with the game it doesnt matter if your alone or not.

    Well I hope this guide helps each and everyone of yall get better with Batman please comment on this guide and say if this helped you or not i would really apreciate it. If anybody wants to play with me sometime you could friend request either Bat_David560 or ONI_David560. Im just gonna say one thing however. The only way to become a real pro is to learn from the best and make your own build. Im not saying you cant use this guide, but the build Im sharing was made by myself. I didnt go through guides to make this build I learned making it by seeing how other people played with him.I wanted to share this because i wanted other people to get better and i do. I love helping others. But you cant help others if you cant help yourself.

    Good luck Playing

    Latest comments
    Well Vesper its not necesary to take damage really its optional i reccomend you use it on CC and GD really.The velocity 9 implants are optional as well for you to use. Tell me how this build worked out for you. Good Luck with Batman
    10:42 pm, Jul 17th, 2014
    Basically you want some of everything attack has to offer thats just the way i use him and im a monster.
    10:31 pm, Jul 17th, 2014