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  • Infinite Crisis has shut down.

    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

    Hats off to you all. It was a pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.


    Infinite Crisis builds for Gaslight Catwoman

    Jungle Gaslight Catwoman

    A Gaslight Catwoman guide by Julford
    Last updated: May 22nd, 2015
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/2923-Gaslight-Catwoman-Jungle-Gaslight-Catwoman
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    Ability levelling order
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    Starter items
    Core items
    Offensive items
    Defensive items
    Situational items
    Stolen Powers

    Gaslight Catwoman (Hereafter shortened to Gascat) is a strong single-target assassin, focusing on bringing down a high priority target (Generally the enemy Blaster or Marksmen) with her high burst of damage before backing out of the fight for a moment and waiting for her skills to come off cooldown. She is incredibly fragile so you must be wary in teamfights, but her Q->R combo allows her high mobility if she hits multiple targets with her Q, bouncing from targets to avoid area damage effects, skillshots and/or melee opponents.


    As an assassin, you should be focusing a single target with Gascat and using your burst to either outright kill them or at least cripple them at the start of a fight, then trying to assist in the takedown of any secondary targets. If your team isn't committing to teamfights, make sure you're using your Q to poke the opponents, but never under any circumstances leap into the enemy team to try and get a quick kill in exchange for your life; not only is it unlikely to work, but knowing the assassin is down typically emboldens both opposing carries (who may otherwise hold their escapes back in an attempt to escape you) and opposing tanks (who know they can engage without having to use their CC to stop you).

    Stolen Powers:

    Vision wins games; as the jungler, you walk around more of the map than anybody else on the team and should be making sure to assist with vision as much as possible. Cameras are your best bet here, though X-Ray Vision can be handy if the other jungler and both top and bottom lanes are all bringing cameras already. I recommended Robin's Surveillance Camera above due to this meaning you have to go back to base less often to refill, but Green Arrow's Surveillance Camera is also useful if you know where the enemy is warding and Gaslight Batman's Surveillance Camera has an extended sight radius letting you better watch pivotal spots on the map with a single camera.

    For your second power I recommend Flash's Super Speed to maximize the distance you can cover while stealthed, but you have a number of options available depending on what you prefer or the team needs. Detonate is a key skill every team should have to guarantee Raider/Doomsday Device kills (And/or to enter the Doomsday Device area from below), while Super Strength or Teleport can help your ganks in ways Super Speed doesn't.


    -Passive; Sharpened Claws: A poison passive on a champion meant to burst her opponents to death. Would be great on anybody that pokes (Think Green Arrow or Atomic Joker), but you are a burst champion so this skill is already fairly counterproductive to your kit. It also doesn't do much damage compared to what your skills give you in output, so only level this once you have to.

    -Q; Steampowered Claws: Your first skill to focus, for a few reasons. First, it's your only ranged option available to Gascat. Secondly, the cone damage it provides allows you to clear your camps as fast as possible, keeping you safer as you both avoid damage from camps and are sitting in one location for less time. Finally, of your QWE skills it gains damage the fastest and so is the best skill to level to maximize your upfront burst when ganking.

    -W; Shred: A powerful skill, this will be maximized as soon as your Q is done. Resist the urge to use this while stealth (Just use a regular attack instead) as you want to get the bonus secondary effect whenever possible, and a Q->R->R->W combo nearly guarantees you get this bonus damage.

    -E; Blood Hunt: Core to Gascat, you get a just-barely-long-enough stealth to either initiate a gank or escape a bad situation. Stealth is unique to Gascat and a big part of what makes her function, so this skill above all others you need to make sure you're using properly. The cooldown is too long to expect to use twice in a gank early in the game, so know when you use it you're committing to the situation. Late-game you can expect to use it twice in a fight and maybe a third time during a chase/escape, so don't be afraid to follow a tank's initiation and jump on your primary target.

    -R; Predator's Grace: Amazing skill that emphasizes striking hard with a large burst and then forces the player to make a decision. When used against a target marked by your Q, the skill only has a .5 second cooldown instead of the normal 30 seconds, so you can either make this burst even scarier by double-casting or you can hold back and wait for your Q to come off cooldown to use this yet again. As an assassin your choice should generally be to double-cast this and then leave the fight for the next thirty seconds, but always remember that if you can safely survive the next 10 seconds or so you can get a second nasty burst in on a target.

    Starter Items:

    -Tier 2 Marauder Knife: Fairly standard starting choice for a damage-focused jungler, this gives you safety in the jungle while also ensuring the fastest clears early on when speed is a factor in getting levels/money.

    -Tier 2 Modular Tektite Vials: If you really want the (minor) extra health per vial you can swap this out for the Health Regen vials, but the mana regen from these helps to ensure you're ready for a gank or fight whenever they may occur. A full rotation of your skills can drain your shallow mana pool extremely quick, which a single vial combined with your high natural mana regen can ensure you are full enough on mana for another full rotation within a couple seconds. Generally not necessary to maximize these vials as around level 6 you're not worried about the health restore and you'll be returning to base between ganks to refill your cameras anyway.

    Core Items:

    -Tier 4 Marauder Knife: Probably the most controversial choice of this guide, I forsake the traditional Coda Blade for an augmented Marauder Knife; +10 Pen at Tier 4, does not stack with Coda Blade's Penetration but does stack with other Attack Pen items. Tier 4 Marauder Knife, in conjunction with your Tektite Vials, allow you to quickly heal up in jungle thanks to lifesteal, the Marauder Syphon effect, and the health pack dropped by the mob. If a gank goes poorly and you both fail to get the kill and are injured, you can quickly heal up in the jungle while you wait for your ult to come off cooldown, and immediately go back in for a second gank. Thanks to Marauder Syphon you'll also ensure you're never low on mana for a gank, allowing you to use your Q/W in jungle camps with little worry.

    -Deathstroke's Claymore: Absolutely amazing item for Gascat, this item brings you everything you want to make your burst even scarier. Just Tier 2 (With the recommended mod) gives you 35 damage, another 10 attack penetration and 10% cooldown, and further upgrading it to Tier 3 gives a total 60 damage, 15 penetration, 15% cooldown reduction and an incredibly active ability. Activating this active right before using a Q->R->R->W combo can often outright destroy an opponent with little time for them to even react to your presence.

    -Zeiss Goggles: Generally a poor choice on builds due to having low attack damage and a passive bonus less effective than other options like Joe Chills' Revolver or Shade's Cane, the Zeiss Goggles have a chance to shine on Gascat due to her high focus on upfront burst. Her W procs the passive effect from this as well, so even if you initiate the gank with a Q->R->R->W combo you still get the proc without needing to get an extra physical attack in. If however you find yourself in extended fights more often, consider skipping this item and getting Shade's Cane or Joe Chill's Revolver instead.

    Offensive Items:

    -Batman's Utility Belt: A nice item to further increase your boost, this item also helps by granting further cooldown reduction and some health to better take an extra hit or two during bigger fights. Generally only recommended if you're already doing well and the opposing team isn't stacking armor to stop you, otherwise go for...

    -Atomic Axe: Moderate to high damage with a high price tag to go with it, this item is only worth purchasing if you need to get around an opponent stacking armor. Even then, that person is usually a tank and not your primary target, but it does help somewhat with getting the frailer carries you target as well.

    -Soultaker Katana: Generally redundant for out-of-fight healing with the lifesteal you're already getting from Marauder Knife, but this item can help you win extended fights as you heal back 22+% of the damage you deal. The +Damage from the item isn't bad either, especially as you can very quickly rack up stacks by pushing a lane or killing a couple jungle camps while moving into position.

    Defensive Items:

    -Lobo's Chain: Acceptable damage bonus with a powerful chasing mechanism in the passive, this item is mostly if you want to stay on a target after your initial burst puts them low and they try to escape. The health it gives is always handy to have too, so this is generally my first defensive purchase if I find myself needing to survive better.

    -Claw of Horus: Defensively you get a decent chunk of health and armor, helpful when dealing with Atomic Joker or Cyborg who deal a lot of AoE damage in a fight. As far as its' offensive capabilities, you get some attack damage and an armor steal effect that helps to finish a target, but you won't utilize the armor steal effect much unless you stay in a fight and continuously auto-attack/W

    -Sword of Beowulf: Counterpart to the Claw of Horus, this item gives you a good amount of power armor and damage, as well as a passive shield that activates when you fall below 30% hp and only protects from power damage, but blocks a significant amount (200 at Tier 2, 350 at Tier 3). Recommended whenever the opposing Power Damage carry gets fed, or if the enemy team has a lot of AoE damage (Gaslight Joker, Shazam, Star Sapphire, etc.)

    Situational Items:

    -Coda Blade: An alternative start to Marauder Blade, you can build Coda Blade to Tier 3 faster than Tier 4 Marauder Knife but you sacrifice both safety and speed in the jungle as you take more damage and do not heal at all. Starting Marauder Tier 2 and then rushing Tier 3 Coda Blade is another alternative, spending 2500 compared to Tier 4 Marauder Blade's 2250. You lose your ability to quickly recover in the jungle after a failed gank as well as clear time on Raider/Doomsday Device though, which can be big factors in a game.

    Joe Chill's Revolver: Powerful +Attack item with both critical chance and a critical damage modifier attached to it, this item can be great at helping you eliminate a target swiftly. Other offensive items tend to do this as well though and with other benefits, and due to a low reliance on auto-attacks the critical chance and bonus damage on crits tend to be wasted on Gascat. Still useable if you end up auto-attacking a lot, and not a bad replacement for Zeiss Goggles if your burst becomes less needed and sustained damage is in demand.

    Shade's Cane: Similar to Joe Chill's Revolver and Claw of Horus, this item offers a powerful passive you're unlikely to use much. If you find yourself in a situation where you're auto-attacking your opponents a lot though, this item is amazing for its' cost. Unlike the other two you do build stacks on skill use with this item too, so you may end up with full stacks in a couple auto-attacks.

    And I think that about wraps up this guide! If you have any questions/comments or even just different item recommendations, you can either leave a message here or on my profile. Happy hunting, fellow Gascats!
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