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Total Cost:
Deathstroke's Claymore (1)

+ 15 Attack Damage

+ 5 Cooldown Reduction

Total Cost:
Deathstroke's Claymore (2)

+ 25 Attack Damage

+ 10 Attack Penetration

+ 10 Cooldown Reduction

Total Cost:

Deathstroke's Claymore

+ 50 Attack Damage

+ 15 Attack Penetration

+ 10 Cooldown Reduction

Terminate 1: Activate to deal 5% of your target's maximum Health as Attack Damage (Max 600 vs creatures and drones), and increase further damage you deal to them by 5% for 3s (120s Cooldown).

A master of many weapons, Slade Wilson (aka Deathstroke) still favors this massive sword made with a near-invulnerable alloy of titanium, vanadium, and depleted promethium.

Modifiers available for Deathstroke's Claymore

Empowered Deathstroke's Claymore
Artifact gains Terminate: Activate to deal 10% of your target's maximum health as Attack Damage and increase further damage you deal to that target by 5%. (90s Cooldown). (Tier 3)
Enhanced Deathstroke's Claymore
+10 Attack Damage (Tier 2)
Optimized Deathstroke's Claymore
+5% Cooldown Reduction (Tier 2)


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