Infinite Crisis builds for Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn: Pie in your Face

A Harley Quinn guide by UhnDun
Last updated: Nov 25th, 2013
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 Harley is an interesting hero with a nice kit that can be a asset to any team. She has one of the strongest heals in the game (even stronger than ivy) that provides a speed and attack speed boost on top of the heal, a Q nuke (it will be really good once they allow it to target hero's over minions), a utility stun/knockback W, as well as an AOE knock up R that is great for reseting a fight or initiating. Additonally her W pro She scales off of Will, Power Damage, and Attack Damage. This guide is focusing on her as an AP caster/Support healer, meaning the more will, cdr, and AP you have the better.

Stolen Powers
(Heal, X-ray)
Heal: Great for supports in general. Even if you play Harley as a blaster, this is still a great power to pick up on her. The only thing i would recommend over this would be camera.
X-Ray: The best power in the game hands down. Reveals a large AOE radius on the map that prevents stealth assassin ganks, enemies from hiding on steatth pads, and reveals how many enemies are in the area. I think it's better than cameras because you can take it with you making it more situational. Plus you don't have to refil it at base and it has decent low CD.

Q - This is your one and only ap nuke. It should be maxed first to give you tons of poke in lane. Right now it targets only the 2 closest targets, but they are going to fix it so it targets champions over minions. Right now it's not as amazing as it could be. Still very useful for team fights, it just takes a lot of positioning in lane.

W - This skill knocks back any enemy champion it hits, stunning if they hit a wall. It provides peel for yourself and any carry you are trying to protect. Sadly, it scales off Atack damage, so only put 1 skill point in it early for it's utility.

E - This skill should be used with thought. Not only does it give a heal, but it also gives a speed buff AND an attack speed buff. Leveling this skill only buffs the amount of heal, however, not the buffs - thats your passive. Max this 2nd, after your Q so you have max sustain for you and your team. Any time you use it, try to prioritize based on needs.

R - Max this whenever you can and use it to engage or disengage, or finish somone off for that matter. I've found that the cone of damage is slightly further than what the screen shows as well.



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