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  • Infinite Crisis has shut down.

    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

    Hats off to you all. It was a pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.


    Infinite Crisis builds for Superman

    Anth's Guide to playing the Man of Steel

    A Superman guide by Anth895
    Last updated: May 22nd, 2015
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/2098-Superman-Anth-39-s-Guide-to-playing-the-Man-of-Steel
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    Hi guys. I guess I will start with explaining the ability choice. With Supes at that first fight in the invade a good slow/root from your W can change everything. That is why I prefer to start that over the damage from his Q. I would then evenly space out your level ups among your W,E and passive with occasional points in your Q.

    You want to sell your Marauder Knife (1) as soon as you can to get Lobo's Chain (2). You will want to get Lobos to T3 and then move on to Claw Of Horus (3). After that, you should start with either [[Batman's Belt (2)]] if their power damage is not a problem or Sword of Beowulf if it is and then get which ever one you did not pick up next. I usually like to build Superman with a couple of tanky items like Suit of Sorrows next or Entropy of Aegis because with this build Supes is meant to be a sort of off-tank. The items after your core build is really up to you though. I know a lot of people like building him as a heavy damage champion and he can be successful in that role.

    As far as play style, you basically play similarly to any other jungler, clearing camps and ganking when need be(You can see a guide on the specifics of jungling here: https://www.dawnbase.com/guides/472-General-SoundBytes-Jungling-Guide-for-Beginners-on-Coast ). You can be very aggressive with counter-jungling as you will win early 1v1s. Once you reach 6 and you have your ultimate, you can become even more active with your ganking. I would not suggest using your ult as a a way to enter the lane as the enemy can easily run under turret. In fact, I prefer to use my ultimate as a way to gank the opposite lane when your team's other jungler is ganking. Make sure to communicate with your team when you are going in with your ult so they can follow it up with some cc and damage.

    Once you get to the stage of teamfights, you can play Superman in a couple of different ways. The way I prefer to use him is as a peeler for your carries when they get dived by an enemy. Once the biggest threats are gone in terms of diving your carries you can join the rest of your front line in taking out their carries. The other way of playing him is to dive in with the front line right away and leave your support as the peel for your carries. If you are gonna do this, I suggest you use your E (Heat Vision) to pick out an enemy carry and separate them from their team. Follow this up with a basic attack and then a Q. Then hit them with your W to prevent them from running away/back to their team. Then basic attack and Q and you and your assassin/enforcer should have deleted the carry. You then focus on the next high-priority target and follow the same combo.

    I wanted to do a little match-up section here suggesting any alternate builds or strategies for when you are facing certain champs. If you want me to add anyone leave a comment below and I will post what I know. I know that Dawnbase has a suggested match-up section but it is very vague and doesn't explain why certain champs are good or bad match-ups.

    Supergirl- She is insanely strong right now with enough CC to lock down a single target and the damage to finish them off easily. Early game you can force the issue and try to force fights with her as you are stronger early game. Most Supergirls build heavy damage with Huntress' Crossbow and V9s. I would suggest building Metallo's Heart to slow down her attack speed and lower her damage output. Late in the game, even if you are the same level you NEED to take every advantage you can when engaging her. Use your Super Strength to grab a meteor and knock her into the air. Follow this with your E and your E again to fly to her and then W. Follow up with basics and Qs and if she built mostly damage (most do) you should have finished her. If she is not almost dead... run! She has a ton of crowd control and unless you build very tanky her damage along with CC WILL END YOU! In teamfights, beware! A good Supergirl can pickup Speed Force Battery and flash in behind your team then ult a cary and push them through your team popping everyone up and isolating the carry. This is extremely tough to counter. Just try to keep an eye on her late game and hit her with her E as soon as she pops out to either force her ult early (avoiding the team knock-up) or erase her completely.

    Doomsday - Interesting champ in that he is an innately tanky bruiser and can play similar to Supergirl with his E(Charge). You can fight him at all stages of the game but be wary that he will probably build tankier and that you will probably not be able to finish him when fighting him 1v1 as the game progresses unless you build a lot of damage. Be wary of where you are engaging him. You do not want him to have the opportunity to E you into a wall which increases the damage significantly and knocks you down. He will probably grab a Speed Force Battery and attempt to flash in and E your carry into his team. Same as Supergirl keep your head on a swivel and watch for places where he may engage. He wants to be in the midst of your team so that he can get off some of his AOE damage. Do not let him! Push him out with your E and W to keep him there. He is still a bruiser so he does not want to take as much damage as an enforcer so he will probably run and try to engage with Speed Force Battery again.

    Aquaman - Oh man! Aquaman has seen a resurgence on CC. #1 rule for this matchup do not try to 1v1 an Aquaman. You could be 3 levels ahead and still lose the 1v1. He is all about his passive. If you see him coming in and you do not have more health than he does then just E him away and continue about your business. If he gets in melee range he can be a nuisance. His W is a knockdown and his E is a great chase tool. After every skill he gets an AA that does more damage and restores some health to him. In teamfights he can be very versatile like you. If you can keep him off your carries he will get bursted down by your carries pretty easily unless he is full tank. If he is then just E him away and ignore him.

    Superman - Ah , the classic mirror match. He has all the advantages and disadvantages that you have. One thing to keep in mind is that 90% of the Supermen you will face will go for a full damage build. This means they will out damage you in a 1v1 situation. Try to avoid fighting them if possible. They could be diving your backline but Superman is not really that efficient at that so remember your standard E and W peel and try to keep them off of your squishies.

    - AWW has to be the most annoying assassin in the game with her massive damage and global ulti. Luckily she has less of an impact on teamfights than you do and you have all the tools to shut her down early so that she can't wreck your carries in the mid-game. If she is on your side of the jungle (ie you are both bot jungle) you want to make sure that you go into her jungle whenever you can before level 6 as you will win early 1v1s against her and doing this is one sure fire way to slow down her clears and prevent her from ganking as much as possible. Once she reaches 6 you have to be aware of where she is and where she is ulting. Try to make sure you save your ult for this as you are 1 of the few champs who can stay with her when she ults. As far as teamfighting goes try to just W+E her away from your carries as that is the only way she has of impacting fights. In conclusion, remember that like all the other assassins she can only make an impact late if she gets fed early. So make sure you are taking her down whenever you can.

    So that is my guide. If you like it make sure to give it thumbs up so that the best guides are easily recognizable for people. Any questions leave them in the comments and I will either change the guide or answer you directly.

    Wow 2K views :D

    Update Log:
    April 21st
    - Created update log
    - Added Aquaman matchup

    April 22nd
    -added link to Soundbyte's jungle guide

    May 5
    -just noticed abilities weren't showing up(Fixed)

    May 6
    -added Superman matchup

    May 22
    -added AWW matchup
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